Ascension Energy Wave Update!
Ascension Energy Wave

Ascension Energy Wave Update!

ascension energy September Ascension Energy

We've come along way on our path of life through the third dimension and we've learned so much in the classroom of duality. Now, a huge vibrational shift is happening and we transition into the higher dimensions of love and integrating 5D consciousness into the physical.

Moving into the fifth dimension isn't about leaving the planet… It's about stepping into the full perspective and awareness of your higher self in the present.

Integrate the ascension energy and shift in the high vibrational perspective of LOVE, through presence, opening your heart, and entering the void within, in this new video energy update!

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About the Author Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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Vanessa Griffin says November 30, 2015

thank you so much – this was truly beautiful

OswaldNdanga says October 25, 2015

This is truly amazing and powerful. Thank you Melanie.

RobinCastro says September 25, 2015

Thank you Melanie… You have helped me so much over the past several years… I am Blessed to be a part of Ask-Angels… Sending you tons of Love and Light….

Lici Torton says September 25, 2015

Thanks Melanie. Namaste

Sylvie Robert Stanley says September 25, 2015

Beautiful! thank you. Namaste

DaleMichaels says September 24, 2015

Truly wonderful video! So grateful for you Melanie ? and all the angels! having impacted my life so amazingly connecting with the Divine ❤️

Brenda Bregeron says September 24, 2015


Bernadette says September 24, 2015

That was so beautiful and uplifting.
Thank you

Wes says September 24, 2015

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know that your help has accelerated my ascension. I am honored to have you as a guide in this dimension. My pure Love I send to you with all my heart. ??????

Kristen haugh says September 24, 2015

Dearest Melanie,
Thank you and all of universe for the gifts that have been bestowed on me and I have been open to receive- indeed there has been a shift within me and I see this in my outer interactions. I am honored and humbled to be apart of this and continually send my gratitude out ward to you and all that is .

Alan says September 24, 2015

Melanie,you mentioned 5th dimension.3 letters are
known in this dimension STL.This means Service to
Love.The time for transition has come.

jim says September 24, 2015

Beautiful Melanie Thanks x

Angelina says September 24, 2015

Oh.It sure is happening to me☺. I have trouble with my mucles,eyes.Last week i had a strong coñection with other Galaxies.I felt healing, essues jumping of.

Blessing and mercy to everyone.

Maye says September 24, 2015

Really good up lifting

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