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Archangel Michael Message – Become All That You Are

Archangel Michael Message

A Short Message and Frequency Transmission with Archangel Michael

Channeled with Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light 

Archangel Michael speaks in this short channeled message and frequency transmission with the Legion of Light… What is standing in the way of all you really are?


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Become All That You Are

We invite you now to experience the true peace, and bliss, and wonder of this moment Now.

Stepping back from the battlefield of duality, to return to certainty within.

To return to the divine neutrality…

The center path of presence and peace.

Allow yourself to relax….

Your awareness to enter within. Allow your heart to open.

Allow yourself in this moment now, the gift of letting go of striving.

Letting go of striving for being further along…

Let go of yearning to shine light, more like another…

You are here now.

And you are an essential puzzle piece of All That Is.

You are essential. You are meant to be…

So be.

And breathe…

And through this neutrality, more of your higher divine truth can shine through you.

Relax, be at ease, and allow the inspiration, light and peace of the Divine to reach and comfort you. The miracles to align for you.

Choose to be at ease.

Returning to the choice and energy of love, peace and presence.

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With this, these you magnetize around.

Your humble service, and willingness is all that is asked.

Simply choose, intend, allow … The full expression of Divine Consciousness through you in your own unique ways…

Yes, your own unique lessons, experiences and style.

Rather than striving for a certain experience or event… Be present now to know, feel, receive, and yes experience what is truly available for you on this path of peace, presence and love now.

And so Breathe.

Focus on your heart center, and behind your heart…

Allowing yourself to simply observe, feel, and know…

That the divine love vibration within and all around you, is not separate, and with your willingness, with your conscious intent …

Infuse your present personality, your mind, your body, your emotions, with the Infinite Light, peace, neutrality, of Divine Consciousness now.

Become the divine love being you authentically are through letting go, releasing the grip.

And be, breathe, become…

All That You Are.

~Archangel Michael, channeled by Melanie Beckler




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