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Archangel Michael Meditation – Golden Crystalline Light Shield!

Meditate with Archangel Michael! This high frequency transmission with Archangel Michael will guide you through a powerful light meditation that's perfect to use to start your day or anytime you're ready for a high-vibe boost to cleanse and protect your energy and recharge your inner light.

As you simply relax and listen you will connect with Golden Crystalline light to cleanse your energy centers of lower emotions, fear, and negativity, while you protect and uplift yourself with powerful help from Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael Meditation – Golden Crystalline Light Shield!

Channeled by Melanie Beckler and set to the Meditative Music of Thaddeus by Sanaya Roman


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Read this Golden Crystalline Light Shield with Archangel Michael transcribed for you here:

At this time, I invite you to join me in beginning to shift your awareness within. Take a deep relaxing breath, and as you exhale, let go.

Let go and release whatever's been happening leading up until this point in time… Whatever is on your to do list later today…

Just for now, allow yourself to simply breathe, focus your awareness within and become fully present here and now, as I now call in and forth each of our teams of guides, angels and ascended masters of the highest Christed light…

Enter in, surround us with love, blessings and healing frequency, support us each in quieting our minds and opening our hearts so we can feel experience and know your presence and the incredible light love and blessing available herein.

As you breathe and relax, allow your awareness to remain focused within as Archangel, Michael now steps forward to directly connect with you, to directly support you to guide, love and assist you. And so it is.

Greetings from Archangel Michael. Know, that at this time, in this space, in this very moment here and now you are surrounded with the light, you are uplifted by angels, you are supported in filling yourself up with light and raising your vibration to shine these energies of love, goodness and light forth throughout your day.

And so focus inward and consciously relax. Become aware of the light and angels in your presence and become aware of a brilliant orb of light glowing above your head. The light of the central sun, the light of the divine, the light of love shining down upon you.

Visualize the golden solar light moving down now through the top of your head, lowering down to activate and clear your third eye, throat, and heart centers.

Allow it to continue to move down through your being until it rests just below your feet in your earth star chakra illuminating your divine connection with the earth and all that is.

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And now visualize above your head, another orb of light, glowing like the sun. Let it lower down all the way to the area of your belly button and just below.

Let this light orb expand around this center shielding your legs, feet, and abdomen with golden crystalline light.

Now direct your awareness upward as another orb of light lowers down into the area of your heart.

Expanding around, shielding uplifting, and protecting your abdomen, chest and neck, opening your throat center and filling your heart and throat with divine gold and light.

Direct your awareness upward as another orb of light, lowers down, golden crystalline light moving into the area of your throat cleansing, purifying, activating your throat and protecting this energy center and upward in to your entire head, and down to your heart with golden crystalline light.

And now once more from above an orb of golden solar light lowers down into your Pineal gland, filling your mind, your mental body, your head with golden light and expanding out around your head to cleanse, shield and protect all the way from your shoulders and neck, and up above your head.

Now once again, direct your awareness on your heart tuning into golden light therein.

And now let this your heart light effortlessly expand around you. An orb of golden light surrounding your entire heart, mind and being with a golden egg of light protecting you, psychically raising your vibration and cleansing out anything within this orb that is not in alignment with your highest interest with your divine awakening, with your embodying love.

Breathe and be aware of this orb of light as each of your angels, shine, light and frequency upon it. Strengthening this shield. Elevating its vibration even higher so that your shield of light is glowing with the most vibrant crystal clean diamond, gold and platinum Christ consciousness, light protecting you on every level with the energies of love and joy.

So that love and light and codes of awakening are able to enter in, but any negativity is automatically filtered out and released into the light of the Divine.

Breathe and focus upon your heart. Let your heart light brilliantly glow. Let it shine forth into your day, into this moment, bringing light and love and joy into every area of your life.

As you return your awareness now to your physical body, keep shining, keep glowing from within. Keep this shield intact around. And know that you are loved, blessed and supported here in now and in every moment. And so it is.

~channeled with Archangel Michael by Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler



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