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Archangel Michael Clearing Meditation

Cleanse Your Energy with this Free Archangel Michael Meditation

Archangel Michael connects to assist you in clearing your energy and releasing, illusion, distortion and dense energy from your mind, body, and spirit so you can more effortlessly shine and embody your highest light.

Clearing your energy is an essential step on your awakening path so that the true, harmonious, bright truth of your divine essence can effortlessly shine through all you do.

This free Clearing Meditation with Archangel Michael is channeled by Melanie Beckler.

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13 Minutes Set to the Meditative Music of Thaddeus


Archangel Michael Clearing Meditation – Transcribed

Archangel Michael Clearing Greetings from Archangel Michael – I am, indeed, present with you in this point in time. Meeting you outside of time and space in this moment now, surrounding you with love, with light, with clear divine energy and healing frequency to cleanse your energy…

Empowering you to brightly shine with the truth of the divine being you authentically are.

So, let us clear through illusion, distortion and dense energy cluttering your field… So that the true, harmonious, bright truth of your divine essence can effortlessly shine through all you do…

So that who you are becomes a powerful gift and contribution you make to the collective, to humanity, to the present moment, through simply being, shining, embodying, and living as the fully embodied divine light being you authentically are… Anchoring this light and presence through your open heart, your clear mind, your focused will, through your entire being.

And so, at this time, become aware of a pillar of light around you, about six feet out around in every direction. This cylindrical pillar flows all the way down to the crystalline core of the earth and all the way up to the light of Source, Divine, God, Infinite.

And you are at the center of this pillar which is surrounded by angels and infinite love.

And yet, inside this pillar, this space… Clear divine light and frequency flow in, so that this sacred container, the sacred cocoon begins to increase in frequency and you along with it, vibrating higher, shining brighter.

You are in this bright pillar of light, which is assisting your every cell in returning to resonance with divine love, harmonizing the highest levels of your spiritual being, harmonizing your mental and emotional fields, harmonizing your very etheric life force energy, harmonizing your physical form.

Every level of the physical, material, spiritual, Divine I Am being you are is blessed, touched with this light, with this love, with this frequency, lifting your resonance, lifting your vibration, elevating your frequency from all around you.

And now, tune into your own heart light, the light glowing within your heart, the center of your multidimensional being, the anchor point for your soul. Let your heart light expand, so that golden light, Christ light, infinite light fills you.

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You are receiving light from the infinite, light direct from Source through simply focusing upon your heart center and allowing your heart to open.

The light flows in, streams in, pours in, lifting you. Lift up, expand, receive.

Receive the light in through your heart center and let it flow into every cell, so now that from within, the light, the light within pushes out any incoherent energy stored in your field, pushes out any tension, density, negativity, drama stored within your field, pushes out distortion, fear, trauma, pain… Pushes out all that is out of alignment with the highest divine blueprint for your embodied physical expression.

Release from your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being. Release and know that as you let go, this energy is met by the clear light all around you in the pillar of light and it is effortlessly released above into the light of the Divine and through this release, you are now able to more clearly resonate with the truth of your Divine I Am beingness, with the truth that you are an infinite divine being in physical form.

Let yourself expand to tune into this infinite divine perspective, to tune into the confidence, the joy, the clarity, certainty, harmony, peace and love.

Free Archangel Micahel Clearing to support you in shining with crystalline love and Divine harmony. And now, through your willingness, through your “yes”, you are able to receive the blessing available to you in this moment of harmonization with Divine I Am coming into perfect harmony with your soul, with love, with the truth of the infinite divine being you are.

Just feel this.

Feel your resonance restored, so that your energy shines with the crystalline qualities of divine love and harmony and so that through your thoughts, through your actions, through your intentions, you are love, you shine as love…

Which has so many blessings for your life, for your individualized expression, for your radiant joy and yet, which ripples out far beyond you, elevating the frequency of your surroundings, flowing forth through your awakened heart, out through the awakened heart grid of humanity, the blessings of love, of healing, of the light of the infinite to truly benefit, uplift, rewire and rewrite the collective playing field. To restore a greater love, harmony and divine truth which has always been available, but which you now, becoming embodied beings of light, are able to consciously call forth and manifest through your love choice, through your love vibration, through your open heart, through your very energetic signature, harmonizing, shining, vibrating with perfect love, clarity and truth.

And in this field of love and joy, density and negativity cannot remain, so let it go.

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Let it go and allow your brilliance to shine through all you do, who you are in every moment.

Remember that you are so loved and supported and in any moment, you are able to shift out of a spiral of negative thinking, out of a spiral of negative feeling, back into alignment with the love, with the harmony, with the truth of who you really are and the expanded perspective, the knowing that all is well and through love, holding the field of all is well and actively, consciously, through your energy, through your intention, through your thought, through your action, through your beingness, calling this forth.

We love you. We bless you.

Step forward now, cleansed and recharged and shine the light you are. And so, it is…

Melanie Beckler



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Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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