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Archangel Metatron- New Beginnings

Archangel Metatron New Beginnings Angel Message

Archangel Metatron

Greetings. Indeed, I am here. I am Archangel Metatron, and I rejoice at this opportunity to connect with you now. I am happy to assist you on your path and indeed, now is a powerful time for you to begin again.

Yes, the thoughts and the beliefs and the memories you have, including your job, your bank account balance, the relationships you have, who you are, your personality. I say to you now that this is your past. All that you have done, all that you are, is actually past. For right now, begins a new day, a new cycle. And with this, you are encouraged to use your mind, connected with your heart, to align yourself with the true will and the true purpose of your higher self. For now, dear one, it is the time for you to step into living your life authentically, living as your higher self, including accomplishing the highest purpose, living as your true divine self.

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Notice above your head now, a point of white light and extending down from this point and around your physical body. Indeed is a pyramid of light. This light pyramid is here with the benefit of elevating your frequency, your energy, and your aura. Tune into it and allow the light to begin to flow in through your crown chakra, the top of your head.

With this light, comes a cleanse for you. Anything that no longer serves you, including beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and energy blockages are dissolved in this light and released. Tune into your heart, and lift in this energy. Indeed, you are becoming more and more aware of the power of your heart. And why this works, why your heart holds so much power, is through its connection to your higher self and with this connection, you become aligned with your higher purpose.Now I do wish to discuss will, and your will center. For a great deal of time, the will center of humanity, of your species, was in your solar plexus chakra. This is your third chakra beginning from the bottom, your root and going up. Right above your belly button, your solar plexus chakra. We cleanse, elevate, and open this chakra now. Envision with your in breath, the white particles from the pyramid and from the light all around you, forming a sphere around this power center. And on your out breath, notice this light energy becoming even stronger.

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You can use your will in multiple ways. Many of you have had experiences in which you have tried to force something that you have wanted to happen, into reality. This is using your will but it is using it forcefully and through force, you tap into the lower vibrations. This is why what you force often resists back, and it can be even more challenging for you to create what you want using force.

And so I will present you with another perspective. Another option for you to use your will in order to accomplish your highest good, and this is by anchoring your will with the love and the power center of your heart. Combining your will with the motivation, the love, the light energy of your higher self. You see, as you do this, when you set intentions that indeed are in line with your higher purpose, they will begin to manifest effortlessly and easily. A master on Earth uses the will center tied to the heart center, and with a simple intention, the process of manifestation begins. When you are manifesting the desires of spirit, then you are able to turn yourself into a magnetic center, your will being a magnetic force.

However you visualize this is fine. It is beneficial for some to actually see their power center as being a magnet, and then the relationship, the money, the job, the fun that you want to create is attracted by your magnetic force. This force allows your manifestations to come into reality easily and effortlessly, and this is when and how you know that you are indeed manifesting what is in line with your highest self and your highest purpose. It is when you encounter resistance, that you will want to redefine what you are going after. Ask your heart, tune in to your feeling, and ask; Is what I am trying to create in line with my highest good? Ask your higher self to align you with manifesting what you desire in a way that is simple, easy and enjoyable.

If it is indeed for your highest good, all will come into alignment to bring this that you desire into your life, and if not in line with your highest good, know that your higher self will put blocks in your way. You can choose to meet these blocks with force, and try to push through and force things to work. Or you can release attachment to what you want, detach from the outcome and trust that the highest purpose and what is in alignment with your highest self will manifest. By doing this, that which you initially wanted may not come. But indeed, a higher and better alternative will manifest.

When there is something that you want, that you are not getting, do not grieve or be sorrow-filled. Instead, recognize that your higher self does not see this as something that is for your highest good. Release attachment, and allow the highest and best alternative to come in. Indeed, when your will center is activated and aligned with your heart center, your true purpose and your path will be easy for you to follow and you will open to the power, to the good, to the abundance and the love, that you truly deserve. Aligning your will with the will of your higher self is the path to experiencing fulfillment. Joy is an important aspect of your physical life and your reality, yes. This is simply the truth. But one can choose to live an enjoyable life and ignore the higher and inner promptings of the soul. When this happens, fulfillment is not found. There will always be the thought that something is missing. Tune in now to your heart, reminding your mind to become still and calm, and focus on your feeling, focus on your energy, and now from within your heart, we invite the full presence, the full power of your higher self, to come into your energy and connect with you now. Feel this connection as your vibration increases even more, for you are in your true state of being, a powerful, indeed magnificent, spiritual being, and yes, you have access to this full power now, from within your heart. Feel this connection.

And now notice or visualize, that from where you are sitting or standing, there is a path that leads up to the top of the mountain peak. This peak represents your highest potential, service in life. The highest and best possible outcome of what you can contribute and what you can accomplish. Tune in to your heart, and to your higher self, and by resonating with the energy of love, you will find that you automatically begin your journey up this path towards accomplishing your highest potential, towards reaching the highest elevation, the peak of what is possible for you. Feel yourself moving along this path as you are connected to your heart, and notice that although this is just a visualization, you move easily and effortlessly. This is important, for this is a metaphor for how your life can flow when you remain connected to love and to the higher realms.

By releasing any attachment to how things turn out, you're able to simply go with the flow and allow your highest self to manifest good, positive and enjoyable experiences on your path that help you to create what it is you truly came here to do. Continue to move along this path, connected to your heart, your energy expanded and raising even more as you approach closer and closer to this mountain peak of your highest potential.

And now I invite you, still tuned into your heart and your higher self, to invite in a desire and intention of something that you would like to create in this new energy and in this new cycle. I remind you that you are unlimited and the past, the past versions of you that have been limited, are in the past and now is a new beginning. So set your intentions high and large, for this is how your higher self works. There are no small deeds or small actions, but do not sell yourself short. Intend what you truly desire. And simply ask your higher self now is what I am desiring in line with my highest potential? Again, tune in to your feeling and you know the answer to this question.

For those of you that have found your intention is not in line, I invite you now to release it, to release attachment for it, and even if the answer you received was yes, release any attachment. For by releasing attachment, you release the opportunity or the possibility of suffering. Suffering comes from being attached to the outcome. When you are completely open to what manifests, when preference is less important to you, whatever happens in your life, you are able to meet with joy and understanding. So release attachments, tune back into your heart, and feel yourself continue to move upon this path until you are at the top, aligned with your true purpose and full energy of your highest self, this spiritual, divine aspect of you.
In this place, fully connected to your heart and to your higher self, we bring your attention once more to your solar plexus chakra, your will center. And now feel the connection from your power center, your will center, your magnetic will if you desire, to your heart, to your full power, to love.

Release your attachments to what you want to create, and know that indeed, yes, this motion is set underway. Use the energy of this new moon today to allow yourself to journal, to daydream, to write exciting, profound visions of where your life can go. You're supported by the energies of this moon, in coming into alignment with what your true desires are. Return to the simple exercise of connecting it with your heart, opening your heart, and quieting your mind, and ask your higher self what is your true desire. What did you come here to accomplish? Allow this to be in the form of small things, of huge accomplishments. Write them down. Ask for angelic help, and then take the next step on the path leading up to the peak of your highest potential and know that so long as your intention is in line with your highest self and your true purpose, as you stay connected to love, your will center will automatically manifest, will magnetize what you desire to you.

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No longer is force needed. Release attachment, connect with your authentic truth and what you desire, and allow it to manifest in your life. This is simple. And this is what you deserve. Each of you have the opportunity to become the integrated masters on Earth. To effortlessly create what you want, and when you grow, and achieve a new level of experiencing your divinity, and your higher self, those around you are automatically elevated in consciousness. So this is the most powerful work you can do at this time. Your evolution does not end with you, but indeed, affects all of humanity. And you are here now because you have an important contribution.

Check in with your higher self to assure that what you are wanting is indeed in alignment and when it is, ask your higher self to help you to effortlessly follow this path. Struggle is not necessary. Intend that your lessons come to you gently and easily and then move forward anchored in love, connected to your higher self, and create the life you desire. The past has past. And it is over. There is only now. Right now, choose who you want to be. What you want to create. And move forward with this. Now more than ever, you are supported in this. Remember to call upon your guides and angels who are always near you and ready to help, but will of course not interfere without your permission. Ask for help. Trust, allow, release any and all attachment and go with the flow. Magnetize into you what you want, living authentically, following your heart and reaching the peak, accomplishing your purpose.

I invite you at this time now to begin to return into your physical body. You may want to move or stretch or breathe, but remember even as you enter back into your physical realm, any time you tune into your heart, you're able to access your full power, your light, your spiritual truth, your authentic self. Do this to experience and to align with the growth and evolution that is the desire of your soul. Know that you are supported in this, and deeply, deeply loved. Good bye for now.

Archangel Metatron ~channeled by Melanie

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