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Archangel Metatron- Manifesting

Archangel MetatronIndeed beloved, I am here. I am Archangel Metatron, and it is as always, an honor. I am so pleased to connect with you this evening. Take a deep breath, and relax further into your open heart, for it is within your open heart that you may experience my energy and the energy of your Higher Self and of your own guides and angels who also are called in to surround you, and make their presence known to you now. Know that throughout this message they will be with you. From within your open heart, you may begin to see or hear or sense or even just know that they are with you, and this is good. Allow this, embrace this, and enjoy this, because you are never, ever, alone. So next time you feel lonely, remember this. That simply thinking angels, surround me now calls your angels to you and we will answer you every time. But you must ask, for as you know we will not interfere with your free will.

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Yes, take a deep breath, and now above your head you may see or just know that there is a golden pyramid of light. It is through this pyramid, that you will lift. Around you now is a swirling vortex of love energy unconditional love energy. Feel supported by this. You are supported in accomplishing all your dreams, your desires, and your goals. And one goal prosperity, abundance, money. Yes! Feel now, what it would feel like to have all the money that you desire. All the abundance. To buy anything, do anything, travel anywhere, give any gift. Feel this now. Feel good. Paint a picture in your mind. Youre sailing on the water. Taking that trip, buying that car, feel your hands wrapped around the steering wheel and embrace this joyful feeling in you. Allow this emotion, this experience of abundance to be here with you now. Feel how close it is.

And now, I ask you, could you release this? And know that you are now supported in releasing any attachment that you may have. For as you release your abundance, it may seem counterintuitive, but really you open yourself up to truly receive it. Ask. And it is given. But in order to receive, you allow, you must detach from the outcome.

So practicing. We have practiced release with negative emotions and experiences, and I see that many of you have taken this on your own, and been working with it, and I commend you. You are seeing progress. Do not give up. Continue on your path of release. There is much to sort through but you will make it. And you will be able to stay in the higher dimensions, vibrations of love, joy, bliss, and peace always.

Know that releasing your attachment to positive vibrations is also key to your true advancement, and your true opening to the higher realm. I do want to continue to talk about your abundance and all of you are abundant you have unlimited prosperity available to you. There is no desire that you have that you cannot accomplish in your life. There is no thing that you desire that you cannot have.

Now this being said, I want to point out, that a large reason in why you as humanity are out of alignment with connection with earth, and connection with self is due to materialism and due to the belief that things will bring you happiness. This is simply not the case, and, part of your evolution is moving beyond this and recognizing that as you detach, as you release detachments to needing things, to having the next best and greatest thing, you are able to co create together, to reach out with compassion and love towards your neighbour, build a relationship instead of sitting in front of your TV or playing with your latest gadget. There is nothing wrong with these things. They can bring enjoyment and can create fun, and even create bonding with your neighbor. But if you think for a moment that you will be happy when you get this, that you will be happy when you do that, you are wrong. The happiness you desire, the prosperity you desire, you already have right now. You are unlimited in this very moment. Realize your unlimited nature. You see, what you perceive, is what you experience. As you express your thanks for all you have, for your job, for your family, for your friends, for your abundance you feel good. You recognize that all of these things are great, are grand, and that attracts more to be thankful for.

When you focus on your lack, a much different vibration is experienced by you attracting more of this. You are in control. As you focus your conscious thoughts on what you are thankful for, on what you want, on what you love, you get more of it, period. This is law, and this is truth. Express your gratitude for all that you have, for your current situation. Many of you are in a position where you are wanting to change jobs, to change location, to change whom you interact with. I tell you that until you are able to truly appreciate expressing your gratitude for where you are right now, you will not see the desired changes that you want. And if you do see change, it will not bring fulfillment. Where you are right now is presenting you with an amazing lesson. A lesson to love, to accept, and to enjoy this very moment. Happiness is a choice. It is your choice, and I urge you to choose it now.

When things come up in your reality that you do not want, you may be thinking that it is hard to express your gratitude when you're experiencing illness, or conflict, or disease. But I say to you, regardless of who you are and where you are, you still have so many things to be thankful for. There is so much going on around you, that throughout your day, you are unconscious of, not realizing the higher realms. This is when you are limiting yourself by only experiencing the third dimension. And I remind you now that when you go within, when you open your heart, turn away from your ego mind. Focus on love. You are able to experience the higher dimensions and specifically, the fifth dimension. Fifth is where you are headed. And it is important for you to know that you are able to fully live in the fifth dimension now. So right now, open your eyes and look around you.

What do you see? You see third dimensional objects. Some of you see people. Your home, or your office. And now from within your open heart, what does your fifth dimensional self see?

You see, everything around you is energy, and it vibrates, and you can choose to perceive the fifth dimensional version of it filled with love. Allow your imagination to run wild. As you do this, and practice this, you'll understand on a deeper level that as you allow your imagination to come forth, as you connect with your inner child, these thoughts, these mental images, these dreams, are real. So allow yourself to experience them. Do not hold yourself back. Set yourself free. You're ready. And remember, within your open heart, are all the answers that you seek. Within your open heart, consciously choosing love, you will experience tremendous growth, joy, passion, opening to spiritual gifts and abilities. These all come to you from inside of you. There is no thing, no person, and no place that will create happiness for you. It is you and only you who can perceive these things for yourself. I wish for you to take a moment now to silently and inwardly honor yourself and love yourself. No matter where you are, you have come far on your journey.

You have grown tremendously from the time when you first entered this earth. And while this is true, the amount of growth you are opening to now, is amazing. Where you are going, you deserve, you are ready for and each of you truly are able to experience your heaven on earth in your life. There is no need for death before you experience heaven. This is what the ascension process, as you call it, is all about. It is learning to perceive your reality in a way that you experience love and joy always. And there is no date that need happen for you to succeed. There is no global event, tragedy, or blessing. You have all you need right now and from within your heart, from within your open heart, you can remain in the higher dimensions. The fifth dimension, always. Choose this for yourself. You deserve it. You deserve love. You deserve your love. Honor yourself, love yourself, and take care of yourself. Treat your physical body lovingly. Make healthy choices. Love. Love.

And now I draw your attention once more to the pyramid of light above your head. And notice a swirling beam travelling downward from this golden pyramid. First surrounding your body, physical and etheric, dissolving any negativity. Dissolving any psychic cords, or cords from other people. Anything that is not serving you is released now into this golden light and is dissolved. And now this light pours in through your crown chakra at the top of your head. Breathe in deep as it enters. And feel it pour down the spinal column. And on your out breath, see it leave through seven energy centers that lie within your physical body, your seven chakras. The colors of the rainbow beginning with red at your base. Breathe in the white light and see it leave your body. Pure, vibrant, beautiful. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue at your throat, and violet, exiting through your third eye between your eyebrows. And now white from the top of your head and your crown. Your open chakras, will assist you in having confidence in dealing with others, courage in choosing love, and willingness to experience joy and to follow your true calling and true path. Your energy has been cleared and lifted. And your higher self is now here and very present with you now.

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Honor yourself. Love yourself. Commit now, to putting you first in your life. Yes, it is good to focus on service and serving others. But until you love yourself, you are not able to. So love yourself, honor yourself. And go forward into the world, sharing the message of love with others.

Now breathe in the white light again, pouring in through your crown chakra, and see it exit through your heart. A beautiful and pure green. Emerald green. And this light goes out now, stretching far and wide. And when we send this love from your heart, this light of love to your earth, to Gaia, cleansing her, healing her wounds, honoring her body, assisting her in lifting her frequency. Again breathe in white light, and see this light on your out breath exit through your heart, sending out your love to your earth. Dear one, you are so loved, and now at this time, I shall pass.

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