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Archangel Metatron| Awakening

Channeled Message From Archangel Metatron

Greetings, dear one. Indeed, I am here with you now. I am Archangel Metatron, and as always, I am honored to connect with you now.

EarthOpen your heart. Quiet your mind. Focusing inward and focusing on your breath, allow yourself to feel. Yes, there have been blockages created. Many of you have cut yourselves off from feeling in an attempt to avoid the experience of pain, but know that you are safe now in feeling, in opening your heart, and allowing the experience of the divine into your life. The energy of unconditional love swirls around you now. Indeed, cleansing your energy and assisting you in lifting, in raising your vibration and in expanding your consciousness so that you might lift, all from within, and begin to experience the higher realms – the realm in which angels dwell, in which the powerful and love-filled being that is your soul also dwells.

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Tune in now. You're opening your heart and allowing your energy to lift. This raising of vibration is nothing new to you, for it is what you and what your Earth are going through at this time. This has been named the ascension, and truly you are lifting and expanding in vibration. You are ascending, and this is a powerful and exciting time for you. For the illusion, the veil that separates you from your truth and from the higher realms, has thinned and indeed is lifting, allowing you the opportunity to truly connect, as you are connecting now, to expand and to open to a new experience.

Thus far in your life, you have no doubt come to learn that you are living in a plane of duality where there are experiences of great joy, as well as experiences that cause sadness and pain and grief. Where you are now, as an individual, a species, and truly the entire planet, you are at the brink of a new era. A New Earth you might say. You are evolving and you are moving into experiencing the fifth dimension. Not all of humanity will make this shift along with Earth. But because you are here, because you are opening, this is an indication given that you indeed are ready and willing to lift and to ascend with your planet, into the experience of the fifth dimension. Experiencing lightness of being and unconditional love. Yes, this is where you are headed. There will be changes on Earth as this shift happens. Physical changes of land mass. And changes in feelings and emotions, as that which no longer serves you bubbles to the surface to for once and all be released in the light.

Many of you have been working with this, and you are achieving great progress. For those of you who are just beginning on your path, know that when you experience emotions that are uncomfortable, when anger or pain or doubt comes up for you, it is coming up because you are opening to more light, and the light can not exist in the same place as the emotions with heavy vibration. Emotions that weigh on you. And still these emotions come up. They bubble up to the surface as you become light filled. You have the option to suppress them again, only to deal with them the next day or hour or week. Or you can once and for all move beyond, by allowing yourself to feel your emotion. Noticing what it is tied to – a past life, a past experience. What was the trigger? Observe this. And once you have allowed yourself to feel what you are feeling, choose to hand this emotion over to your guardian angel, or to me, Archangel Metatron. Simply choose to release your emotion into the light, and when you do this, it is replaced with unconditional love, with compassion, and with lightness.

Indeed, as you continue releasing that which no longer serves you, you're able to open your being up to receive more light, more energy and as you do this, you become more closely aligned with your true state of being and that is that you are a spiritual being. You are energy and you are consciousness. Yes, you have a physical body but throughout your lifetimes and before this life you have had many bodies. And this body is your temporary home, your vehicle for accomplishing your life purpose and your specific mission. And for all of you, a large part of this mission, perhaps the most important part of this mission, is reclaiming and stepping into living, being, and expressing as the spiritual being that you are. As the divine being that is truly unlimited.

At this time, invite in this all powerful, all knowing spiritual being that is your higher self. Invite your higher self to connect with you now. And if your ego comes up saying that you do not know how to do this, simply turn away from that thought and refocus on your heart, opening your heart, and allowing yourself to feel. For your higher self is present with you now, and however you perceive this is fine. It is good. You may feel a lightness of being, a warm loving sensation. Whatever you are experiencing, let this be okay and let yourself remain open to feel, to hear, to know, the presence of the divine spiritual being, your higher self. Feel this now and as you do, let your vibration lift. An incredible lightness of being washes over you. The unconditional love energy continues to swirl around you. Light energy, dissolving all that is not love. Dissolving any and all negativity that may have been absorbed into your aura, or into your thoughts, this is now released into the light, replaced with love. Your true state of being. Feel this love now and know that dear one, love is truly your path at this time.

As you evolve, and as your life changes, and unfolds before you, as you focus on serving others, serving humanity, and serving Earth, reaching out with compassion and love towards all beings, you are in alignment with your divine blueprint, with the plan that you came up with before you were born. Now, love is your path. But know that as you choose love and as you express love, the details of your life's mission will also become apparent and known to you. Open your heart towards yourself, send love to yourself. So many of you judge yourself fiercely. You're so hard on yourself. Resolve at this time to treat yourself with love and respect, for dear one, you truly do deserve this. And as you love yourself, you open yourself up to the ability, to the opportunity to truly love another, but self love must come first. There is no lack of love in the world, but it takes your conscious choice and your conscious awareness. For as you focus on it, it expands.

What you devote your energy to manifests in your reality. You are the creator of your reality. Every thought is an act of creation. Throughout your day, where are your thoughts focused? Are your thoughts focused on your dreams and aspirations for your future? On your growth, and your opening to your unlimited power and ability? Are you focused on serving others, serving your planet, and loving unconditionally? Or are you still focusing on events from the past, choices you made, decisions you regret? Know that in this moment, regardless of what you have experienced in this life up until this point, you have the opportunity to start anew, to start fresh, to call light into your being, to lift in vibration, and to truly serve your planet, and to truly serve your path.

Use this moment now as an opportunity to review your life up until this point. Do you treat others with love and compassion? Are you eager to help, to share and to give? If not, there is no judgment. There is only opportunity, and in this moment, you have the opportunity to serve and know that this is the desire of the spiritual being that is you. For it is through service that you truly experience growth. It is through service that you evolve and you open to your truly being and your true power. Throughout your existence of the soul, you have lived many lives and had many experiences. You have developed power, and skill. And by simply opening now by looking inside of yourself, and through spirit, through the inner realms, reconnecting with your source energy, with your soul. You are able to tap into the knowledge, the experiences, and all the wisdom. Truly all that you need to fully ascend, to fully build your light body you have access to this inside of you. Will you choose to tune in? To choose love, and to lift?

Yes. Yes you will.

At this time, dear one, allow yourself to take in a deep breath, and as you breathe out, allow yourself to release any lingering doubt, negative thoughts or beliefs, frustrations. Release these now. Hand them over to your angel who eagerly wraps them up and release them into the light, returning them to source energy.

As you do this, you open yourself up to start anew, and this is what you are doing today.

Every thought creates. And therefore, it is quite important for you to learn to take control of your thoughts and of your mind. Know that your ego is not you, and so when thoughts of ego come up, take a step back and observe these thoughts. Release them, and return to consciously choosing love. It is truly amazing the vibration of love, and the many benefits love offers to you. As you choose love now in this moment, allowing the unconditional love all around you to be absorbed into your being, you are activating your DNA. You are allowing more light into your physical body, and you are undergoing evolution. You are evolving so that you may benefit the new Earth, so that you may give and you may contribute in this time of shifting awareness.

There are many who are just beginning to awaken, to a world, to a reality beyond the physical. It is your duty, dear one at this time, to reach out with love and compassion towards these newly awakened humans, to share your experiences, to lend a helping hand, to assist, to share. It is so important at this time for you to join together. And it is through this coming together that you will realize that although each of you are in separate bodies, you come from the same source, from the same energy of love, and by choosing that love in every moment, you again return. You open, and you experience your power, your spiritual gift.

Indeed, now is the time for action. Now is the time to share what you have learned, and to open to a new level of learning. Remember that all you need is inside of you. The simple act of looking inward, quieting your mind, and allowing yourself to feel your angels around you, the energy of higher self, your soul, and of your guide. Through allowing this feeling, you enable yourself to raise your vibration. You have the opportunity now in every moment to choose a thought of love that raises your vibration, and assists the Earth in raising vibration as well. Or you have the option to send a thought from ego, judgement, doubt, scarcity, and this slows your vibration. It is through your ever returning to the thoughts of love, that you are able to become an integrated spiritual master on Earth.

As you continue to open yourself to light and love, you open to your multidimensional nature and you open to your ability to stay calm and centered and glowing bright, regardless of your surroundings. And as you are able to do this, you are assisting, and you are helping in this time of change. You are connected with me now because you are a leader at this time on Earth, and this is a large part of why you chose to be here. You knew that you could remember your truth.

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Remember your true nature as a spiritual being. Dive into this. Feel this on every level. Let yourself experience it. Your experience will become even more real. Take time to be silent, to be still. For it is through this silence that you will hear, and you will know the presence of your soul, the great love.

Love yourself. Honor your past. And consciously choose in this moment. Love, consciously choose in every moment. Love, this is your accelerated path. Love is your answer. It is simple, and yet as you open to it, as you embrace it, you will feel its truth. Follow your joy and follow your inner voice, and know that as you do, all that you need will synchronistically appear on your path. The right people, the right lessons. You have a spiritual team of guides and angels working with your soul to align your reality, to give you the opportunity to learn what you came here to learn and to serve in the manner you wanted. Take advantage of these opportunities by choosing love, and you will accomplish your purpose. This is clear, and this is true. You are so loved and you are supported. In this now moment, and always.

Remember that the increased vibration that you feel now was accessed from within your heart, and you are able to open your heart always and return to this magical place. Do this, and you will be glad that you did.

I leave you now reminding you that I am only a breathe away, a thought away, and will answer when I am called. You are so deeply loved. Good bye for now.

Archangel Metatron

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