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Archangel Metatron- Channeled Angel Message

Channeled Angel Message from the Spring Equinox 2010

Circular RainbowGreetings Beloveds, I am here. I am Archangel Metatron. Focus inward on your heart, allowing your heart to open and as you do, notice your energy, your frequency, begins to lift. You are supported in this by me, Archangel Metatron, by your own guides and angels, and by the powerful surge of energy on your earth at this time. This exciting time that you live in.

The Spring Equinox of 2010. Today, crystalline energy is being activated and released into your world at locations across the planet. From inside your heart, visualize this now, imagine this. Imagine how this looks to you, crystalline energy being activated and released from deep in the earth. Entering the lower world, the world of your dreams and your subconscious. The middle world, the world of your physical waking life, your reality and your experiences are now filled with crystalline love energy. And the upper worlds is also filled with this unconditional love, the realm of unlimited possibility for your life, the realm of spirit.

Lower, middle and upper are all filled with the crystalline glow of love. Allow yourself to breathe in deep again, and as you do, feel your lungs filling, your spinal column filling, and your entire aura filling with crystal white light, pure light. Yes, breathe in and feel yourself lift. Allow yourself to fly or to float. And know that this is the energy that you are moving into. Today, your life changes. Today, you are truly opening to your unlimited possibility. To a life filled with unconditional love and joy and peace. For you, and also for your planet Earth. You are made from Earth, and while this change is greatly affecting her, it affects you also. And it is good.

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Over the past few days, you may have noticed that there is much coming up for you. This is divine. That which is not in alignment with this new, lighter, higher you is coming up for release. And you are doing good in releasing the old, and replacing with love.

Continue this over the next few days, and you will begin to face significant shifts in your life. You are stepping into now, a period of great fertility, great opportunity, and tremendous potential for growth. How big can you dream, dear one? Do you allow yourself the opportunity to imagine your life in grandiose form? Now is the time to focus in. To set your intentions on what you want to be created for you, and for your Earth in this next stage. I urge you to affirm I live in the state of conscious co-creation with mother Earth. We are one, and we experience joy, unconditional love, and peace. As these words are spoken, you are lifted again in vibration and the crystalline energy around you begins to swirl. Assisting you in rising beyond, rising above limiting thoughts. Outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. Into the realm of infinite possibilities. Some call this zero field. Oneness. Yes, you are here. Breathe in deep. Focus on opening your heart, and feel your energy lift into the realm of unconditional love.

Dear one, this is the truth of who you are. Your higher self has existed in this realm always. And now the gap is being bridged. A bridge of light, a bridge of crystalline energy now connects you to your higher self. And at anytime you are able to return to this place of expanded frequency, of open heart, and of unconditional love, you do this, yes. You know the answer. From within your open heart. A white light of crystalline energy pours out through your crown chakra originating from in your heart and reaches up through the universe into the realm of unlimited possibility. The realm of oneness where your higher self dwells. As you reach into these realms, bring down the positive aspects of your higher self, allowing these aspects to enter into your physical body now. This will assist you in clearly knowing your divine blueprint. The path, the plan, and the specific steps to take in your life, to create the reality you came here to experience. To serve your fellow human beings. To consciously co-create in love, and in joy with your earth, to live a happy, fulfilled, and balanced life, to grow. These things are all possible for you, and you are supported now on this day in stepping into and in claiming this power.

Light consciousness. The unconditional love energy of the crystalline realm is activated.  This energy of consciousness is present on your earth. It is true that not all will notice these changes immediately, but you will. As you imagine them, as you focus on perceiving your reality, so that through new eyes of love, through the new crystalline energy of the higher dimensions, you are able to change your life and in doing this, you assist others in reconnecting to their hearts. And to their love. A grid is being formed around your earth. A grid of this unconditional love energy. As you breathe in the crystalline light once more, see this energy go down your spinal column, completely dissolving any and all negativity. Filling you, lifting you. And now on an out breath, see it leave through your heart chakra in a wave of light, stretching across your Earth, and across the Universe. Meeting all with love, with oneness, and with outrageous joy.

We will do this again, breathe in deep. The crystalline energy of the equinox has been activated from deep within your earth and across the globe. Breathe in, and as you breathe out, see it magnified through your energy and scattering across your earth. Know that in doing this, you've claimed for yourself a shield of crystalline light around your aura. Yes, this is a part of your light body, and as you embody this, you do great service to your world, for crystalline is love, and you are love. And by embracing this, and living this, all things are possible.

Dear one, now is a fertile time for you. The only limit is how big you can dream. Stay focused on serving others, on serving your planet. Living as one with your neighbor. Holding a friends hand or talking to someone who is in need, who is struggling with these energetic changes not knowing why so much from the past is coming up. Help them to release. Encourage them to look within themselves, to choose love.

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Dear ones, reach out with compassion. Live your life in joy and take action knowing that now is not the time for stillness. This time has passed. Now is the time to act, to create change, to follow the guidance of your higher self, and take that first step and then take another. Create. Express. Enjoy. You are your planet. Love yourself. Love one another. And practice speaking and thinking these words I love you. I'm sorry for anything I may have done consciously or unconsciously to hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.
Indeed you are deeply, purely, loved. Your angels support you in taking action. Look deep inside of yourself now, dear ones. And reconnect with your desires. Stop following the dreams of others, living a life inspired by the media, or by society. But tune in, and reconnect with what it is inside of you. What are your desires? What did you come here to earth to accomplish, and what is your next step? You have access to this. Act upon this.  It begins now. The crystalline energies, the unconditional love and light that now dwells upon your planet, support you on your mission. You are on a spiritual quest, a journey. Service. Love. Compassion. Joy. Abundance. Bliss. Peace. And so it is.

I leave you now with a reminder to focus on your love, focus on your intentions, remembering that every thought is creative. So when you have a thought that is not in alignment, when you tell someone about your troubles, stop and replace it with new thoughts of who you really are at soul level, and what you are becoming. You are becoming your higher self. You are becoming the divine being that you were before your birth. The veil is being lifted. There is a crystalline cord connecting you to your higher self, a bridge of light. Walk along this bridge. Live. Express. And be the divine being you are. Indeed, it is time. The ground is fertile. The flowers, the trees, the plants, animals, minerals, and angels support you on this path. And you are so deeply loved. Remember to ask for assistance as needed, and remember to love yourself fully. You deserve your love. You deserved to be loved. I leave you now, though I am always with you, simply a thought away. I am Archangel Metatron. Goodbye.

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