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Archangel Metatron- Cleansing and Protection

Cleansing And Protection Cleansing and Protection

Indeed I am here. I am Archangel Metatron and as always, it is my honor to connect with you. For you see, yes, I am a high vibrational being. Yes, I exist in a dimension that is above yours, that is lighter and more love-filled than yours. But you see, I honor and thank you for you were willing and you were brave and you were bold and you stepped in to an environment, to an earth going through many changes, and going through many shifts. And so I thank you for this, for your service and your willingness to grow. For this is what you are doing. You are opening like a beautiful flower. You are unfolding, and you are reconnecting with your true nature, your divinity.

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This is who you really are. And as you open, as you become more aware of your higher self, of your soul, of your own guides and your own angels who are very present here with me and with you now. You are becoming more sensitive to energies and this is good. There is great benefit in this. But you must be aware that you also become more exposed as you become more sensitive to subtle energies. The negativity of those around you will affect you on a greater level. The toxicity of certain environments will affect you more than it used to, but know that youre supported in dealing with this. I urged Melanie to call upon Archangel Michael and El Morya before this channelling, and this is something she will continue to do. It is important to ask for protection, and also to cleanse. This is the topic of this evening, and so we will begin with a cleanse. Although you all have the purist intentions, throughout your week there has been negativity that has clung on to you. Or from other people that may still be affecting you.

And so at this time, visualize above your crown chakra, your seventh chakra, which lies at the top of your head. Begin to allow yourself to imagine, to see with your minds eye, a golden pyramid of light. Feel the energy pulsating and now allow the light from it to pour down and enter in through your crown chakra. As I speak these words, it enters, and feel yourself begin to lift. Know that you are safe. You are protected in this, and it is OK to lift higher than you ever have. As you lift, focus your awareness, your consciousness, on your heart. Allow your heart to open. Breathe in. And open your heart.

Know that you may feel emotional in this, and that is OK. It is OK. It is OK to cry, and it is OK to be overwhelmed by this love that is radiating in you and around you now. This is truth. Love. Its true. And now again, breathe in, open your heart, look forward and in front of you, notice the waterfall of light glistening, shimmering, flowing. White light. The mist from the waterfall sprays off and leaves particles of light begin already to dissolve anything that is not love that has grabbed onto you. Any limiting thought is now dissolved. And now when you are ready, visualize yourself taking a step forward, and step into the waterfall of light. As you do so, you are surrounded by this light and assisted by cleansing angels, whose specific purpose is to assist you in cleansing. Step into the waterfall of light and feel the light rush around your body, in through your crown chakra, down through your spinal column, out through your chakras, cleansing, opening, lifting. Continue to allow yourself to focus on this waterfall of light for the duration of our time together, and know that as you do so, you give your ego mind something to do. To focus on the waterfall of light. And as your ego mind is able to achieve this task, you enable it to serve you and to serve your higher purpose. For ego will now focus on the waterfall of light, opening you up to hear, to sense, to connect with your higher, your highest, your divine self. And you do this from where you are now, within your open heart. And now you are cleansed.

We will move on to shielding.

Around you, we now place a sphere of light. A mirrored ball. This ball of light is able to be penetrated by love and nothing else. Angels, your guides, and your own soul energy can get through, but negativity, dis-ease, and anything that is not love will bounce off. And will be dissolved into light.

Now I will urge you to do these two things for yourself on a daily basis, and twice a day for you see, as you experience channelling, you become more sensitive. It is important for you to cleanse, and you may do so by simply asking, and visualizing the waterfall of light, and stepping into it and asking your cleansing angels to surround you. And then it is important for you to shield. The mirrored ball is one way. Archangel Michael is an angel of protection. He will shield you. El Morya, who is also here with us now will shield you. Call upon them. Call them into your consciousness. Doing so will help you to know that they are with you, and you will be safe. For you see, you are safe. You do live in a plane of duality, and so there is light, and more light is each day pouring into your earth. Your earth is undergoing great, great change. No moment will ever be the same again. Change is the only constant, so embrace this. And do not allow yourself be caught up in the past and what could have been, or in what was that you so loved, and you now miss, but know that anything that was good in your life that you have experienced, there is so much more coming to you.

But as this light pours into earth, darkness needs somewhere to go. You see, in your past lives, and even in this life, you have experienced events, situations, circumstances that were challenging, that were devastating, that were difficult and hard. You have experienced grief, destruction, and death. Think of this, this life is not your first life for anyone listening on the call, and every other life in which you have had, I tell you now, you have died. And often these were not pleasurable experiences, and your soul is holding on to emotions from this that are less than pleasurable. So as light pours into you, as you increase your frequency by calling in light and surrounding yourself with light, these outdated patterns, thoughts, experiences come up. And they come up so that you can release them. But they come up in the form of unpleasant emotions. Unpleasant thoughts., feeling bad, feeling pain, injuries, illness, dis-ease.

These are not things that happen to you that are outside of your control, but rather, they happen to you to get your attention. Your soul is trying to get your attention. And know that as you release, what needs to be released, as you recognize this is tied to abuse in my childhood. As you recognize this, you will allow yourself to release this.

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We have done much work on this already, but know there is more to do. As you release, you enable yourself to connect with more light. You have a physical body. You have an auric body. And you are also beginning to build a light body. And so now, you may see beams of light coming towards you. These are building your light body, and allow them into your awareness, into your vibrations. Yes, it is good. You are safe. Dear one, you know that change is happening on earth. This is why you are here. Because you knew before being born that you would be able to remember. To wake up to the truth of who you really are. To reconnect with your purpose of serving others, of loving others, and loving yourself.

For change can not be brought about by any politician. Change can not be brought about by anything that is outside of you. Great change will happen, and will only happen when each of you look within, quiet your mind, open your heart, and love.

There are many theories that are situating your globe. Predictions of what will come to pass in the coming days. There have been predictions of great earth changes, tragic earth changes, and that many lives will be lost. I want you to know that as you focus on service, and focus on love, and focus on fully expressing increasing your vibration, living from love, and living in peace serving others, loving yourself, you will be protected. Change is coming. It is the only thing that is guaranteed. Know that your thoughts and your intentions are powerful, are created. And know that the most important thing that you can do for yourself and for your planet, and for your species, is to honor and love you. Great change begins and ends within you. Make you your number one priority. Raise your vibration. Activate your DNA. Love yourself. Follow your bliss. Realize your passions, and act on them. And know that the experience of heaven on earth is possible, is real, is truth and is yours. Believe this. Rejoice in this, and take a step towards this by committing to open your heart, respond with love. Cleanse yourself. Protect yourself. All is well.

Beloved, I thank you for your participation in this exercise of energy. Tonight you have reached a new heights all from within yourself. A new light for your world. Go now in peace and serve one another, honor yourself and remember, to choose love. As you do, you will be rewarded. Good bye for now.

Archangel Metatron

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