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Archangel Metatron & Archangel Azrael

Angel Message on the Topic of Death~

Archangel Azrael, Archangel MetatronGreetings! Indeed beloveds, I am here. I am Archangel Metatron, and as always, it is an honor to be here this evening. And I come with a very special guest, Archangel Azrael, who I will be introducing shortly.

The topic this evening is death. Now do not let this overwhelm you, though it may, for death is a subject that is often overlooked in Western cultures. It is met with fear, but this is simply not necessary. For you see, birth is not the beginning, and death is not the end. But rather, each and everyone of you are limitless eternal Divine Beings. Your soul, your inner essence, has lived many lives in many different systems, and will live many more. The aspect of yourself that you know as your personality, your physical body that you wear now, yes this body may die. But when it does it is not the end of you. So do not fear it. But rather, death is something that can almost be looked forward to, for when you die, you reconnect with your unlimited nature. You reconnect with your guides, your soul family, and your Higher Self fully. Now I would like to point out that although you will reconnect when you die, there is great benefit and great advantage in increasing your own vibration, and strengthening your connection to your Higher Self, and your soul, and your guides, and your soul family… in your life, for this growth that you experience carries on with you into the after life, and into your next incarnations, if you choose to have them, or your next work. The reason you are here on Earth is to grow. We have discussed before that life is like a classroom. Yes, you are presented with lessons, and opportunities to grow. Know that focusing your attitude on “How may I serve”, is the way to experience the most growth in your life. And therefore when you exit this life, and pass on into the higher dimensions, the afterlife, the reconnection with oneness and with spirit, you do so calmly, effortlessly, and you are able to help many others.

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Now without further ado, I introduce to you Archangel Azrael who you may have heard of, for she is an angel of death. One who greets those who have passed over, assisting in the passage,reviewing your life on Earth, and on planning the next incarnation. So I leave you with my blessing and my love, but know that I will still be here as Archangel Azrael communicates with you now.

Welcome, I am Archangel Azrael…
I want for you to know that it is not necessary that you die in order for you to experience Heaven. Metatron mentioned that I often assist souls in their life review. In their journey from the physical world into the reintegration of their entire being and spirit, and I am willing and able and happy to assist you with this reintegration now. This thing that I recommend doing during life, for you still have time to make changes, and you still have time and life left in your body. So for a moment now, I will show you what I mean. Look back at your past, on your life up until this point. I often say that life is like a book. Pages on the left have writing. This is everything you have ever done. All of your experiences and circumstances and manifestations. And the pages on the right are still blank. They are open and ready for you to write them. But now we look at the pages on the left that have already been written. Your past. How have you lived your life up until this point? Have you been kind? Have you been focused on service? Have you been following your inner callings, and living your life in joy? Have you been quick to judge, or quick to love? Think about this now, and look at your life practically. How have you lived? And how can you improve? Know that it is never too late to make a change, and know that any notions you have of guilt, or of grief, are simply not necessary. You are able to turn the page now, on your past. Release all the hardships, all the hurt, and open to the blank page. This is yours to write now. You are not your past any longer. So now we released your past into the light, and know that you have a fresh start. You do not have to die and be reborn to have a fresh start. A new body does not mean a fresh start. It is simply a change of perception that is needed from you now, to create a new beginning.

So now, from this evening forward, where will your focus be? It is my recommendation that you follow your inner joy, and your inner guidance. Do what makes you happy. By doing this, you open yourself up to unlimited abundance. If you are working a job that is strictly a means of earning income, now is the time to look for a new job. Find something that is enjoyable to you, in line with your ideals, in line with your passions. Life is too short things to be spent doing things that you do not love. So love each other. Reach out in kindness towards your fellow human beings, and know that by coming together, recognizing your oneness with each and everyone around you… you truly are able to change your life, and through this you can change your world for the better. Lifted. Much change is going on now. I see that you are aware of this. Time is speeding up, and I say to you, your role in this change is to increase your own personal frequency. This is the most important thing you can do for your species, and for your planet, and for the entire universe, and yes it does stretch that big. How do you increase your frequency? You respond with love in all situations, including with yourself. Listen to the thoughts you are running in your head. Are they in alignment with what you are creating? If not, observe that voice of ego and let it go, and then refocus by writing out affirmations of what you want and by telling yourself that you love you. You do love you, right? If you don’t, there is much work for you to do. You deserve your love. And now we surround each of you with angels of love to assist you in opening your heart further. Allow these angels to work with your energy. And know that opening your heart does not make you vulnerable. But rather, it opens you to a level of bliss, joy, and life that you have yet to experience. You have so much available to you, by opening your heart, you tap into it. You tap into the unlimited power and knowing of your soul. And so I urge you now, do not wait until your life is over to review it. Take an active inventory of how you have been living and know that right now is the perfect time to change. It is the only time to change. If there are things that you are guilty about, that you feel bad about, do not dwell on them a moment longer, but rather release them and change your thought and change your behavior. You are so loved. I leave you with my warm embrace, and I invite Archangel Metatron again once more, to close.

Indeed, I am here. And now from within your open heart, we invite in the energy of your Highest Self, in a form that is gentle and loving that you can now hold. Allow this connection to be made. And as you connect, feel the expansion of your energetic body… And now from within your open heart, we call upon the energy of The Creator, God, Goddess, Source, Energy. Call what you like, but we invite this energy in it’s gentle, loving, and supportive form. And feel this connection. And know that always you are able to directly connect with the energy of The Creator as you are now. And now on your behalf, we offer forward this prayer: How may I serve?

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Be willing to take the first step forward. You must always take the first step before you can take another. Before you can run, you must walk. Direct connection with source energy is who you really are. And though you were born into the physical body you are now in I remind you again this was not your beginning. For before you were born, you were completely connected to this source energy which we now reconnect with now. And know that after you die, you will once again return to the full connection to this, and I urge you strongly to increase your connection, your vibration… during your life. It will bring more fulfillment than you could ever imagine. And it is simple. It simply takes quieting your mind, experience silence, and asking, however you wish, for God, for Goddess, for Creator, to connect with you….

And it is done. For beloveds within each of you, lives the light of the Divine, and as you recognize it, honor it and nurture it, it grows. We urge you to do this now. Treat yourself lovingly. Make your changes now. Live your life now. For now is all you have. Do not wait until death to review your life, but review it now. And adjust accordingly. You are supported in doing this. And you are so loved. We leave you now with many blessings of light. May you go forth in service, and experience the growth your soul originally planned when incarnating onto Earth. Growth comes through service. Remember this. Serve one another. Give, enjoy and share. Good bye for now.

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