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Archangel Azrael- Connect with Lost Loved Ones

Connecting With Lost Loved Ones In Heaven

Archangel Azrael is the Archangel who guides souls of the departed into Heaven. Learn from Azrael how you can safely connect with your lost loved ones who may now be supporting and guiding you in your life from the realms of spirit.

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Archangel Azrael channeled by Melanie Beckler

I Archangel Azrael greet you now in the presence of your guardian angel and with an infinite supply of divine love, light, healing and replenishing energy.

I connect with you now, in this present time and space, to reassure you that, indeed, your loved ones in spirit, your loved ones in heaven are well, are watching out for you, are aware of you, and are present with you. But they exist now in spirit, outside of linear time. And so, your connection and communication is much different, but is still possible.

Know that when souls leave the physical realm through death, they continue on. Much of the personality, indeed, is retained, and learning, growth, life after death continues on. Some souls do choose to reincarnate, to enter back in to life as physical beings. And others choose to continue their growth in spirit. Perhaps becoming a sort of guide for those still present in the physical realm, or simply learning, growing, healing themselves from within the expression as pure spirit.

There is a time of transition after death. When communication with your loved one, who is now in spirit, is challenging, for they are occupied with their life review, with their soul healing, with their recovery; we will call it, recovery from life in the physical.

Archangel Azrael- supports souls in journeying back from the physical to spirit During this time, they may want to give you a sign they are okay, that they are well, that they have made it to the other side, to the light, and to heaven. This type of sign is accomplished with assistance from their guides and angels who will deliver you signs, nudges, feelings, knowing that they are well, that you are loved, and that their soul and spirit live on.

And then after some time, your loved ones may learn to connect with you for themselves. Just as connecting with spirits while you are in the physical realm is a skill that can be learned and developed, so too, is connecting with the physical realm from spirit, a skill that must be learned and developed.

Connecting with those in the physical is challenging for some spirits who have little experience in this area. For others, it is natural, and it has been practiced many times.

And so, your loved ones connecting with you a physical being, while they are in spirit, is often assisted by your guardian angel and by their team of guides and angels.

Yes, souls who are present in the spiritual realm, indeed, still have guides and angels. Who do you think works with them to plan their next life, guides them to grow, or teaches them how to reach out towards you in the physical? Indeed, the guides and angels of your deceased loved ones continue to serve them, even once their physical life ends, as their soul life very much continues.

So while your loved one can learn to connect, it does require a great deal of energy to reach out towards the physical realm. Getting through to the physical realm in certain ways requires a great deal of focus, concentration, and persistence. Many souls will choose to reach out with signs, with signals, or electrical currents that are easier to navigate from spirit. You can become aware these signs from heaven as you pay attention, quiet your mind and become aware.

Just as learning to sense your angels requires presence and awareness, the same is true for becoming aware of the guidance, and presence of your loved ones who are now in spirit.

The difference between connecting with angels and deceased loved ones is simply a matter of vibration.

Archangels and even guardian angels vibrate at a much higher rate. But your loved ones in spirit can and do still serve as guides. We use this term “guide” in a specific way, because not all spirits and not all entities are worthwhile for you to connect with. Not all beings who exist solely in spirit form are automatically qualified to help you in your life.

And so, taking advice and listening to the guidance from those in spirit who are your guides, means that you are choosing to only listen to the guidance of those beings who are committed to helping you for the highest and greatest good without a personal agenda.

A spirit who is a guide is one who serves according to Divine will to help you in your life of accomplishing and aligning with your soul purpose, and remembering your full soul light.

You do have free will and so you can consciously choose to connect with entities in spirit whose intention is not to serve. Some people make this choice and indeed trigger increased obstacles and challenges on their path. I share this not to scare you but to simply inform you that your intention to only connect with guides, to only connect with your loved ones who are guides, will empower you in connecting only with spirits who do serve your highest purpose.

Again, using the term “guide” is a sort of prerequisite to gauge a spirit’s intention. Guides in spirit have the intention to serve, to love, to assist without a personal intention, without a desire to be a cosmic trickster, to seek revenge, or to cause hardship, or any of these things which is the agenda of some lower vibrational entities which you would not benefit from connecting with.

When you ask, I Azrael, along with Archangel Michael, along with your guardian angel will assist you in connecting with your loved one in spirit, with your ancestral guide, your deceased loved one in heaven.

If there is a particular loved one you would like to connect with, you can make this intention, but be open to who appears, be open to who connects. We will assist you in invoking your loved one who is a true guide, who can most serve, and who you will most benefit from connecting with.

When you ask, and focus within you will be surrounded with love, and light so that you lift into a special sanctuary, found within you, to make the connection. And from within this place, call your loved one in, your ancestral guide in.

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After you have asked and made an initial connection, pay attention, look for the signs, and look for the signals. Before you go to sleep, invite your ancestral guide, or your loved one who is a guide, to connect with you through a dream. For when your conscious mind is turned off in the dream space, you become more receptive to receive communication from spirit.

And if you are open to this, simply ask, and communication and connection can be received. To protect yourself from any unwanted entities or spirits, your guardian angel is present.

Your intention also plays a significant role. Intending to connect for knowledge, wisdom, truth, for love will help you align with positive results, as will releasing any fear, or negativity before you proceed.

To prepare you to make the connection with your loved ones in spirit, we surround you with divine white light and encourage you to focus within.

Clear your mind, relax and enter in. Become aware of the presence of your guardian angel. Feel the divine light around you. Breathe, let go, and through relaxing, through letting go of the filters that block you from the spiritual realm, your vibration naturally elevates and increases.

We place an orb of divine light above your head. Focus on it now. Look up and look into the light, which opens your intuitive receptors, which opens your ability to perceive beyond the physical realm, which begins the process of opening you to connect with your loved one in spirit, who may be someone you have known in your lifetime, or who may be an ancestor guide further along the lines of time who is with you, loving you, helping you, and guiding you in your life.

Look into the light. Breathe, lift, relax, let go, focus within.

Now you’re ready, at this time, to invite in your loved one in spirit, who is a guide, who desires to serve and love and assist. Or with your ancestral guide who is with you, guiding you, encouraging you, supporting you from beyond the veil.

I, Azrael, will be supporting you, along with your guardian angel and Archangel Michael for the highest and greatest good. And so, it is.

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