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Angel Message for New Beginnings

Angel Message

Create positive changes in the forms of new beginnings in your life. The energy now may feel a bit unpredictable, but the key is to simply stay focused on what you want to manifest, and in doing so anything is possible moving forward toward living your life inspired, and aligned with your passions, and Divine Love.

Connect with your heart and open, to know and experience your true desires as you listen to, or read the words from this channeled angel message with the Guides and Angels of the Light. Learn how to use the energy of the now moment to manifest your true intentions into reality.

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Greetings beloved one. We are here, we are the guides and angels of light and we greet you in this now. You are indeed surrounded with energies of love, light, and peace. Take a deep and relaxing breath, as you calm your mind and allow your awareness to focus within.

Relax. Tune into your feelings. Tune into your imagination, your psychic awareness and sense, feel, and imagine light energies of the higher realms (accelerated energy of love) all around you. Feel this love surrounding your body, cleansing your being… and breathe it into your being. Bring yourself into full awareness in this now moment.

Release thoughts as they come up, and drop further inside yourself. This moment now is your incredible opportunity to connect within your higher self through opening your heart, connecting with love with light and let these energies fill you, lift you, and illuminate your spirit.

Take a deep breathe in, and let the light all around you enter into your body. Relax and let yourself lift in this energy, and float in the light. Simply be present, aware, in this now.

Beloved one you are now truly at an incredible point of opportunity. Know that this now, is an incredible opportunity for you to refocus, to readjust your course, and to bring yourself into alignment with the reality you truly desire to create. Now there is great power for you to consciously step up and step into your role as conscious creator.

Your every thought, feeling and belief about your reality allows the physical realm to take form and shape and in this now where you sit, connected to love, connected to light, connected to your authentic power (through your open heart) you are able to send out your vision to the world. Send out your intentions.

Moving forward from this now, what is it that you ultimately want to create and experience in your life? Know that you are in no way limited, you are no longer limited. You can have whatever you desire if you are able to bring yourself into alignment with it.

This process of bringing yourself into alignment with what you truly desire involves being present in this now, being aware of your physical body, your feelings and your thoughts. Your awareness empowers you to re focus, to release the fears and doubts and worries about whether or not you will be able to experience the things in life that you truly want. Let go of these worries, hand them over to your angels, release them into the light, and now use your magical gift of words to affirm and to intend what you are creating in this year. What you are in the process of becoming.

Set your intentions. And in this moment, this moment of new beginnings, the start of a new cycle, give yourself the permission to experience radical growth and positive change in your life.

If it is challenging for you to know what you want. If it is challenging for you to know where you want to head in life, you can write down the things about your reality where you are not currently completely happy. Write down the aspects of reality on a personal and on a global scale, where you see that change is needed.

And then after you write down everything you negatively perceive about your reality, know that this is just what is it is not what can be. And so rewrite all of these things, into the positive form. What is the opposite of what you want to change, what do you really want? Use this day, this now moment to get clear in your mind where you are going. What you are creating, and have fun with this, be bold and brave and open to the fact that you are unlimited.

Dream on a large scale, on a global scale, and focus on what you want and what you are becoming.

Once you have this image, this feeling, clear in your mind… once you clearly know your intentions… ask for help. Ask your guides and angels, the universe, ask the divine energy of love, whoever you are comfortable asking … ask for help accomplishing your goals.

Believe, that you are able to create what you want, and love yourself in this now. Love yourself enough now to let go once and for all, of limitations you think and believe about yourself.

Let go of self judgment, love yourself fully in this now. Add, I love myself, to your affirmations and this love, combined with focused intention, are a powerful combo for you to bring what you want in your reality into being.

You can do it! You are at the beginning of a new phase of your life a new cycle. Take advantage of this. Be present in your now, breathe, honor the light in you and open your heart to allow more light from the divine, from your angels, from your guides to flow into your life.

Light and love empower you to create these great changes, to manifest what you truly want in your reality.

Release any thoughts of victim hood, thoughts of doubt, thoughts of can not, and simply love, be, elevate and trust that your desires are manifesting they are possible.

Love yourself enough now, to begin moving in the direction of your goals. This can be with thought alone, staying in a vibration of love and peace and clear mind will help you to know when action is required when the steps that will lead you to what you want are ready to be taken.

But in this moment, do not worry about the ins and outs of how, but love yourself. Appreciate where you are, and set new intentions, dreams, goals, for as you do this now you begin the process of creation. Truly dear one anything you desire can be yours with the power of love, the power of belief and with the incredible amount of light now present on your planet.

You are the creator of your reality. Release any victim hood any thoughts of failure any doubt, stop fully and confidently into this now moment and love! This love is the foundation for your unlimited creation ability. Use it ! Empower yourself and manifest the reality of your dreams! Now is the time. Waiting is no longer an option, for change is happening! Make sure that these changes are in line with your true inner desires , by first connecting with these desires by opening yourself up to more light, to experience the connection with your divine self and once you know what you want… move towards it, focus on it and believe it to be.

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Beloved one, you are unlimited in this new energy on your earth. Allow love into your life believe in your power, and you will see that you are the conscious creator of your reality. Take control and use this power to manifest great blessings in your life.

Take a deep breath in as you imagine life force energy and light all around you, filling your body . As you exhale let go of tension, doubt and fear. The light absorbs and releases these emotions so that you can lift even higher .

You are love. Love is your authentic nature. Let love flow through you out of you and all around you, it is love that empowers you to create anything. So let the power of love into your life and let the reality you truly desire manifest and appear in physical form.

You can do it, now is the time, you are empowered in the light. Step up step into your role as creator of your reality. This is the incredible opportunity for growth, and for you to manifest happiness, and what you truly desire.

You are so dearly loved, goodbye for now.

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