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A Message of Guidance and Love from the Angels

I felt inspired to ask for a little angel guidance for you today…

And here it is:

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The doors of opportunity are open for you to elevate your life experience by simply inviting more light into your life.

Angel Guidance - A Message of Love

The process for this is simple:

Choose love.

We repeat this simple guidance often yes, and for good reason.

It is love that creates the pathways for new levels of light to appear.

Love welcomes light into your body, which activates your DNA, raises your vibration and brings you into harmony with the gifts and Divine possibilities in store.

Love is a state of being…

Not an action…

And yet when you are in a state of love, your actions become inspired… Which opens you up to even more of the blessings of the universe.

Let yourself fully enter into each and present moment… And open to love.

Let yourself feel, be, experience and embody the love that you are…

Opening your heart, and opening the pathways to receive the new levels of light, and experiences of Divine frequency which are your birthright.

As the light fills you it may bring to the surface the shadows, fears, and tensions out of sync with the new levels of Divine possibility you're being called to step into.

So you can align with your highest Divine blueprint, soul purpose, life mission, and the full depth of why you are really here now.

To align… Love what appears. 

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Breathe as emotion, or past memories rise to the surface and lovingly and boldly choose to let them go.

Release into the light whatever harshness from beneath the surface is revealed.

And with this…

Your vibration raises more.

You release the need to be seen a certain way, to fit in, or base your worth on the reactions of others.

You choose to stand in love, aligning with and shining in accordance with the fullness of the light being you are because you recognize your role.

Angel Guidance Your unique opportunity to contribute to the collective transformation unfolding in this great age of change.

By simply being present.

Embodying love…

And welcoming all that the new levels of light have to reveal to you.

About what is really possible.

About what you're really here to be, and see, and do…

Understanding fully who you are by stepping back from the perspective of your mind, back from what you think is true, and the way you think things are…

And with love in your heart and light in your field stepping into the unknown…

Into the simple experience of being and embodying your full light.

Where you can here call forth the highest potentials for love, joy, peace, and co-creation to manifest in your life and to ripple out far beyond you across the Earth.

Calling forth and anchoring the new.

The new paradigm yes.

The new Earth indeed.

The new possibilities for an awakened humanity to co-exist, co-create, and to vibrantly and harmoniously thrive…

Begins with you.

With this moment…

With a simple breath…

A choice to shift…

To enter in…

To be and breathe and shine…

The light of love.

Letting go of all that no longer serves you and all that you've outgrown.

Boldly stepping into the new landscape of Divine light and infinite possibility…

Which can only be fully revealed… 

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By standing in love.

We are with you, loving, guiding and supporting…

But it is you who must make the choice in each and every moment to return to love…

And to consciously choose to embody your highest light.

And shine.


I hope this angel guidance is helpful for you!

With immense love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler


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