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Customer Only Specials

You've reached this page because you are an customer… Thank you! 🙂

When you became a customer I promised to offer you bonuses and specials, too…  Today, you have a new special offer available to you and it is on one of my most popular courses I've ever produced.

This course will help you strengthen the connection you have with your angels so you can increase the amount of love and guidance you experience in your life.

With 7 angel meditations, your price breaks down to less than $4 per message which is the lowest price I've ever offered this course.

Experience Angels – Angel Course Available Today for only $27 (50% off full retail price)

Experiencing your angels is simple once you know how to make the connection.

Simply relax and read as Archangel Uriel, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and the Angelic Guide Orion walk you through the process of activating and opening your chakras, lifting your vibration, and connecting with your Guardian Angels.

Then rise even higher to experience your Higher Self and the realm of the Archangels. This angel course will help you pave the pathway so that you can directly connect with the Angelic Realms, to Experience Angels for yourself.

This course is perfect for you if you are new to working with your angels, you would like to increase your clarity of connection with the angels, or if you have recently started on your spiritual path of awakening.

Here are the messages you will receive instant access to after purchasing this course:

1. Journey to the Spiritual Realm ~ Archangel Metatron

2. Ascending The Staircase of Light ~ Archangel Uriel

3. Uniting With The Divine~ Archangel Metatron

4. Pathway to the Angelic Realm~ Archangel Uriel

5. Lifting Higher~ Archangel Metatron

6. Experiencing Angels and Archangels ~ Archangel Michael

7. Connecting with Your Higher Self ~ Orion



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