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Self Healing Meditation

Self Healing MeditationConnect with your innate inner power to heal yourself, in this powerful healing meditation channeled from the Guides and Angels of the Light. You will gently and powerfully be guided to direct your inner power to heal, wherever you need it most.

Angel healing is powerful, and feels great! Simply relax, focus within and listen to receive full benefit from this angel healing session. Your angels are always there to help you. All you need to do is ask your angels for help!

With your permission, your angels can assist your body in returning to its natural state of healing. When you fell down as a kid and scraped your knees and elbows… Did you have to go out of your way and ‘do' anything to heal?

Well, maybe a band-aid and some anti-biotic ointment was in need, but in the big scheme of things, your body healed itself. At this exact moment, your body still has the ability to heal itself, no matter the ailment.

The first step is taking time for yourself and committing to your healing. Connecting with your angels and your inner light are the next steps, followed by lots of water.

The angel message available to you here is a meditation that will help your body quickly and easily return to its natural state of self healing.

It is amazing what the body can do when we take the mind, or ego, out of the picture! Allow this self healing angel meditation to lead you to the vibration of self healing and connect you with your healing angels.

This meditation is now available as a part of the Angel Healing Meditations CD which you can access by clicking here! 

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