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Archangel Haniel - Grace of God Archangel Haniel whose name in Hebrew literally means “Joy of God” or “Grace of God” is an incredible Archangelic being of beauty, grace and spiritual power.

On of the main roles of Archangel Hanael (alternate spelling) is to act as an intermediary between human beings and the higher spheres of Divine Wisdom and the celestial realms.

Through this, Haniel can bring powerful guidance to assist you in raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness so you can experience the higher levels of spiritual wisdom and Divine Truth.

Haniel also helps to translate high level spiritual concepts and frequencies in to language, words, and frequencies that human beings within physical reality can integrate and understand.

Feminine Archangel of Venus and the Moon

Archangel Haniel is one of the Archangels who usually appears as a female presence to humans within physical reality. She is the Archangel associated with the Planet Venus and with the Moon.

Haniel also offers support for women during their monthly cycle, and oversees forces of intuition, psychic sight and psychic feeling.

In the Book of the Kabbalah, Haniel is known as one of the 10 Sephirots, who are the 10 Archangels represented as branches within the Tree of Life. Each of the 10 Sephirot angels are said to oversee unique qualities of creative life force energy. Haniel, angel of Joy oversees the creative force of Eternity, and helps those on Earth to reconnect with and understand the eternal nature of God outside of space and time.

Who Is Haniel In The Bible?

While Archangel Haniel is not specifically referenced in the Bible, there are two instances where the name Haniel being used, in reference to a prince of the Manassites in Numbers 34:23, and a son of Ulla in 1 Chronicles 7:39.

Interestingly in the non-canonical Book of 3 of Enoch, Archangel Hanael is said to be one of the angels who picked up Enoch in a firey chariot to help him ascend into the realms of Heaven.

The Turquoise Ray

Archangel Haniel is associated with the Turquoise Ray of emotional tranquility.

Turquoise light is a perfectly balanced blend of blue and green which is symbolic of Haniel's energy and ability to balance the higher spiritual realms with the realm of the physical.

The Turquoise Ray can help to balance your energy, reconnect you with joy, provide strength and reassurance, and to deepen the level of spiritual wisdom and frequency you are able to comprehend.

While Haniel is gentle, loving, and incredible nurturing when she flows her soothing energy, and Turquoise healing light, she also has a sort of electric energy and wildness about her…

She has a fiercely powerful intensity, and she's always willing to fly deep in the the heart of heaviness and density, unafraid of messy emotions, challenging times, and sticky situations because she has the power to help shift all of these things.

I am honored and grateful to have Haniel as an ally, and if you feel drawn to Haniel, she's always willing to help those who call upon her with sincerity, openness, respect and with a willingness to heal, grow, and transform.

Working with Archangel Haniel 

Connect with Archangel Haniel Archangel Haniel is an incredibly powerful ally for anyone navigating heavy emotions, struggling with women's issues, dealing with personal sensitivity, or for those who know they're meant for so much more on earth, and are simply having trouble rising to the occasion and stepping into their full light.

Hanael is one of the Archangels who is known to dive right into whatever heavyness you may be experiecing, so she can light illuminate your highest and best possible path leading towards true joy, love and fulfillment for you.

When called upon, she can also help you discover how to search for deeper truth yourself. She is a wonderful ally who can also assist you in staying poised and centered in the midst of whatever challenges or uncertainty you are experiencing at the time.

Ready to get to know Archangel Haniel?

Invoking the presence of Archangel Haniel can be as easy as asking:

“Archangel Haniel, thank you for connecting with me now and wrapping me in your brilliant light and joy. Help me to release heavy emotions, and distorted energies so I can access the full extent of my spiritual gifts and shine my light to be of service at a higher level in my life and align with true joy and fulfillment.”

You can also ask Archangel Haniel to help heal and uplift others:

“‘Thank you Archangel Haniel for uplifting all who are in need of your healing light and love.' “‘Thank you Archangel Haniel for uplifting all who are in need of your healing light and love.'”

Additionally, the angel messages I've channeled with Archangel Haniel carry her vibrational energy signature and loving presence.

Listen to the Free Angel Message .MP3's with Archangel Haniel below to receive a personal energy transmission from Haniel as she serves to lift your energy into vibrational resonance, so you can powerfully to tune into her presence now.

Angel messages not only connect you with the love and presence of Haniel, but will also guide you to more clearly connect with your own Angels and Guides so you can receive clear guidance and act in a way that will bring lasting joy and fulfillment in to your life.

Set to beautiful music from Thaddeus, these uplifting angel messages will serve by helping you to feel refreshed and reconnected with joy, harmony and bright blessings.

You can also find channeled messages from Haniel in my book Ascension Angel Messages.

Or in my book of angel messages called Let Your Light Shine.

Free Angel Messages:

Increase Your Clarity of Connection With The Angelic Realm

archangel hanielClick the link above to listen or right click to save to your computer.


Here are additional free messages from the angels you can access now:

Healing Your Inner Goddess– Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Inner Child Healing ~ Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Divine Alignment Meditation ~ Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Love Your Pathway to Infinite Possibility ~ Free Angel Message with Archangel Haniel

Prefer Video?

Check out the Meditations on YouTube here:




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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Thank you Melanie and Archangel Haniel for these amazing, loving messages. These were scheduled right on time as my teacher says. Love and blessings.

  2. I feel I am one with you. Thank you for the poem. Please lift the world world with your thoughts

  3. Melanie I am sure you’ve heard it many times – this message about Archangel Haniel could not be more perfect for me at this particular time. Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing so much information with us. Many of us are struggling and don’t have a lot of resources but we’re hanging in there and trusting and doing all we can to stay centered and aligned with our angelic energy. You are a very strong and motivating factor in our ascension and I can’t thank you enough. 🌈🌸🙏🌸💐
    Blessed be ‼️ 💜🕊😌🕊💜

  4. I enjoy and look forward to reading your emails. Some are in dire need of editing before you publish them. In the Archangel Haniel article you erroneously reference one of the books of the bible “as in Numerology”….when it is Numbers.
    A typo: The Turquise Ray
    “whose name in Hebrew literally mean” ~> ‘means’

  5. I woke up with the name Haniel in my mind this morning. I knew it was an Angel, but had no idea Haniel was an Archangel and connected to the divine feminine. She is exactly who I need in my life right now. Wow! I can’t wait to do the meditation. Thank you so much Melanie!

  6. Gratitude have been atrracted to the moon for many years yesterday was gifted a 12 inche opalite angel . I was told its a symbol of haniel . How do I make my deeper connect with the angel n know my path . Am struggling within but am a seeker

  7. What a so beautiful, wonderful and blessed message. Thank you, thank you and thank you Melanie.

  8. Hi melanie, can you ask the angels about fear of flying. How can i clear this programing? Thank you in advance. Love and light

  9. Do you believe it possible for one to be a reincarnate of Archangel Haniel? Perhaps not a full reincarnate, but born with part of her soul? I ask because I have a friend who claims to be such. They have memories of heaven and of their life as the archangel that they couldn’t explain for most of their life. Thank you in advance – if this even gets a response.

      1. I’m smiling <3 I Am the incarnation of Archangel Haniel 🙂
        I have my over soul at the 7th dimension.
        Archangel Michael and my over soul are representing the Elohim. The male aspect of me is Archangel Daniel <3
        I have with me the Archangel Azrael who personally protects me until the day I leave Gaia to return to being completely with myself as the Angel of Joy.

        Yes, I now know how difficult it can be here but this human body feels too small, size XS :))
        Haniel is 57 feet tall :))

        In do love your work Melanie you are such a humble beautiful person! <3
        Much Love and Blessings <3

  10. Thank you so much for all of this, It is 100% what I’ve been needing lately in my life due to everything that has been going on with me medical wise, plus a few years ago my high school sweetheart passed and He always told me that when he dies that he will be 1 of my main angels to watch over me. Since his passing things have really changed for me. I stopped having my premonitions, I felt worthless, I was in a love less engagement 5 years ago which it was only actions called things off cause I knew my high school sweetheart wanted to look after me again . Thank you so much for guiding me back to where I belong <3 and hugs

  11. Melanie…you are always amazing and this is good timing for me as well. I look forward to the meditations and thank you for ALWAYS sharing with us and caring about us. xoxoxo

  12. Thank you Melanie, this meditation came just in time and was perfect for me. When you first began telling us about Archangel Haniel, I immedietly felt pulled to her.

    Much Love <3

  13. What can I do to lift very sad. Vibrations my dear friend passed away yesterday I feel so sad he was a big help to me there is this emptiness where laughter use to be

    1. Hi Diana, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss…. Call on the angels of comfort to help your heart to heal, and honor the part of you that is sad… Loving yourself through this challenging time. <3

  14. Awesome, Melanie! Thank you so much for this. One question: do you feel that Archangel Haniel would be a good one to invoke for issues related to sexuality and being of non-standard orientation, as this relates directly to the Divine Feminine?

    1. Yes! I think that wildness I mentioned that I sense about her also has to do with non-conformity! Being true to yourself and your heart… Not fitting into the roles others and society think we should fill…

      Great question. <3

  15. Thank you Melanie. My favourite crystals that I use to connect with Haniel is moonstone and pearl. Haniel has a beautiful calming and caring quality that makes me feel safe.

  16. For those of you wondering, use Celestite, as this connects with angelic realms.:)

    Another good stone to raise vibrations is kyanite

  17. I love this page, my cousin Michael cipolloni sent this to me, please I need prays for so many things going on in my life please be there for me & my family, I pray day & night for all if this, I love Angels & God, please be in my heart, thank you, <3

  18. Melanie-
    Thank you for your messages I am deeply grateful for your guidance in helping me to connect with my angels and Archangels.
    May you be blessed in all you accomplish.

    Thank you,

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