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Would like to know if myself and family are safe I feel someone is around? x
~Linda, UK

Dearest Linda you are protected. Michael archangel of reassurance is with you now and asks you to utilise his particular brand of protection – the energy that you can feel is just a wandering spirit of a man who likes to be around people for it is lonely for him in his silent world.
He is simply a soul as are we all and he has convinced himself that he will be judged if he crosses over to the light, please ask Michael to bring over his guides and also Jesus to show him how loved he is and how good it is in heaven, then ask Archangel Michael to place a blue barrier of protective light between you and him and your family. He means you no harm like a lot of us he just doesn't like being alone. The reason he ‘saw' you is because of some disappointments and old energy in your aura that struck a cord, cleansing your self of this energy by seeing blue light permeating all parts of your chakra system and aura and asking Michael to hoover up negativity with his heavenly hoover will allow your new vibration to shine!

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I'm am trying so hard to let go of my fears in order to feel worthy of living an abundant and happy life and would like to know from the angels if I am on the right track with my healing and if they have any guidance for me? Thank you.
~Jennifer, Victoria Australia

Dearest Jennifer how happy we are to assist you today. It is true you have some fears that are lingering like guests from a party long ended and we say to you these are held at karmic and ancestral levels and are ‘left overs' from times gone by – these do not need to be released in a harsh way but in an ongoing cleansing and lifting. Imagine clearing out a closet and examining your garments and deciding that they are no longer suited to you?

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Ask that your old beliefs of having to struggle or having to prove yourself or tend to other peoples happiness first no longer suit your beautiful energy and ask us to take them away to a more suitable place. I Haniel am the angel of the Moon and I with my subtle lunar energies want to assist you in cleansing your belief system and aura and time line in a way that most progresses your path. Ask me to use my magical blue paint to uplift your aura and my magical ball of time travelling string to go back down your time line and cleanse agreements and soothe old hurts stored in your cellular memory.

Some assistance with this may be required to discover the Archetypes that are within your energetic dna and are representing struggle to you and are needed to be guided out as the light shines ever brighter. Please know that your path is meant to be peaceful and full of joy and if you can see that this housekeeping will benefit you from the moment you start it you will be encouraged to keep your spiritual house clean even more. You are indeed on the right track – however seeing how far you have come rather than how far you have yet to travel would benefit you most greatly. Be encouraged for all is well.

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

Should I move from my flat to a house? My husband, who doesn't mind what we do, and I have lived here for ove 30 years. But I miss having a garden and would like a room for my hobbies. So should we go?
~Doris, Brentwood UK

Dearest Doris. It is with the greatest of satisfaction that the angels see the harmony between you and your husband and it would matter a lot more to you if this harmony was not present. They say that this is the fine tuning of a reality and there will always be more fine tuning to see to. They say that when you desire no more changes and there is no more fine tuning then it is time to go home – and that is not happening for a long time yet! I am being shown a place where you can have ground floor view of a garden I am not shown whether this is a house or a flat however I am shown if you ask your Guardian Angel to guide you towards this you will be.  I am shown that upheaval will bring with it its challenges as in your husband will not want to be too motivated about the move and will leave a lot of this to you – I am shown that you will need to be prepared to shoulder the responsibility of organizing the move and also him!  I am shown he will take pleasure from a garden but it will be your baby.  Your husband is a lovely man but has resigned himself to staying where you are, understand that he does not need to share your hobbies in order for you to benefit from them, you may feel that he should be motivated too but I am shown he will potter in his own happy and thoughtful ways.  I am shown that you will decide to move but don't be offended by your husbands apathy he will be happy enough just to be with you!

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I am been manifesting for some love to enter my life and a special person to come forward on the path I am clearing for him to come to me.  I am ready to move on with my life in this aspect and feel I am unable to move forward without someone in my life and experience the love that I have been denied for most of my life.  Do you see someone coming forward and making this one dream come true?
~Mary, Illinois USA

Dearest Mary the issue here is that you are acutely aware of the ‘lack' of happiness that you are feeling.  This acuteness is holding away someone of a vibration that would provide you with the passion and sense of fulfillment that you seek. We appreciate you have been led to believe in your world that a seer can predict when a mate may come and although this may be true it is simply a goal post that will shift and move position if the vibration is not in alignment and the yearning and dissatisfaction that you feel will continually allow the ground to alter.  We say to you that the fulfillment that you seek may be experienced externally in a union with one other energy or in a series of unions (we understand this is not what you are asking for or agreeing to) be this friendship or more than one union.

The history of your species has decreed that there is only one soul mate that can fuflill all of your dreams and yet we say to you a soul mate is no more than an extension of your own energy.  We ask you to consider that if you were able to allow yourself to enjoy fulfillment in many different ways enjoying the company of both sexes for the varied reasons and interactions they can bring you friendship, exchanging of views and skills and enjoying the variety of human interaction in many communal ways, the Universe would hear your appreciation of these different forms of connection and would begin to bring more and more soulful energies towards you that would begin to interact with you in increasingly pleasurable ways and for longer periods of time, if you were to allow yourself to see that this is an excersise in enjoyment rather than a search for what eludes you, these partners of pleasure would stay for longer and would introduce you eventually to the one you so soulfully speak of.

Will you find this person by focusing on your inability to move forward? Will you find this person without joyful effort? Will you agree to take the long view and enjoy the journey ? The answer to these is in your heart.  When you can answer yes and you can see it is your divine right but that you alone can excersise it it is not being denied you – when you see that the unfairness of him or her ‘not being there' is entirely thrust upon you by your expectation we must deliver him because you asked nicely enough, and that if it doesn't happen it is not meant to happen is in deed the reason it cannot happen.

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Open your heart to the joy that friendship and new experiences can bring, focus rather on that which you can share within groups within your community because sharing is a energy that brings more reasons to smile and the benefit of this further down the line can be a new beginning of the heart in time. We give you our word you are not past it, but rather you need to take the bull by the horns and realise it is from within not without. ~Archangel Gabriel

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I am going through relationship issue. Though we dont talk to each other, iI feel there is a strong connection between us. Please guide me what is going on our soul level, and when will we be happily together in physical world. Please suggest which archangel to I pray to. Thank you!
~Amruta, India

Dearest Amruta The connection you speak of has come forward from past lifetimes and this connection is about to unfold in this life time if action is taken. If one continues to allow the connection to remain on an ethereal level then the connection cannot bear fruit.  The other party feels the same way however feels
there is a risk to forward the momentum here one of you needs to break the silence.  The Archangel to pray for is Jeremiel the Archangel of change and getting the most out of change. The other party needs to feel that there is a surety of being received well without this they cannot extend their heart. There is also an issue within the family that prevents an openness of expression. A friendship is suggested here but also not closing your eyes to the possibility of a connection else where.

Please ask Jeremiel to guide you towards the pathway that is for your highest emotional good rather than becoming fixated on the only vision that you can see at this time by focusing on that which is in view one takes away the possibilities of an even greater vista further ahead.  Allow yourself to be filled with anticipation for the journey that is about to unfold and extend your welcome to this energy but also to any other interested parties that come forward over the coming months.

Allow your heart to dance with excitement for that which is not with you at this time and know that it is indeed meant for you this journey of the heart that will lead you to greater heights.

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

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Cindy Ochs says May 2, 2014

I have a relationship issue. While we have not talked to each other in 7 months I still feel a strong connection with someone. When I let go it seems like after a few days I get pulled right back towards him. My question is will we be back together as a couple again.

tricia says April 26, 2014

can you please tell me what my future holds for me as to my phsychic abilities and my assencion forward,will i meet and hear my angels and guides.

jamuna says April 20, 2014

when will the older of my twin daughters get married?what should i do to get permanent relief from my aches and pains?

Montse Villazon says April 20, 2014

I feel my life is back on tracks. My kids are doing great, have a dream job, although a raise would be awesome!, but my love life feels like is on “pause”… nothing happening on this side. I am like in a cross road: should I focus on my job and getting where I want (reaching my goal) and not worry about love because I’m sure he will “show up”, or worry more aboot love …. or go with the flow about both?
Hope this is the right place for your help.

Thank you for your guidance and advice in advance!!!!

Karen Davis says April 20, 2014

I would like to know if I’m finally on the right path…I have no dreams, no wishes since my Twin sister died 8 yrs 6 months ago….and I would like to know if Kathy is ok and happy..and will I find a part time job to supplement my ss income…as a caregiver…I love that work…Thank you for any answer my angels can give me..

Kulwant says April 20, 2014

I hope this is the right site to ask a question to my angel. What is my purpose here. What am I on this Earth for. I am aware that I am Whole, knowing that, why do I feel I have not been a good mother although I am nurturning my grown up children as much as I can now. I have asked questions here before but my questions never get answered. I guess there is a reason why.

Mehak says April 20, 2014

It is perhaps the toughest time of my life. I am seperating from my husband on account of physical abuse. He seems really apologetic and has been in a terrible state since my decision.what should i do? Please help

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