Weekly Ask Your Angels Column

Weekly Ask Your Angels Column

ask the angelsAsk The Angels Weekly Column With Sheelagh

Will my mother forgive me for refusing to remarry after my husband expired. We had a huge fight about two years back and are not on talking terms.
~ Rashne, Mumbai India

Dearest Rashne,

Your mothers pride is hurt she is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that her words do not carry ultimate weight with you any more. Gabriel is saying please understand that this is not her intention to be parted from you for a long time however she finds it increasingly difficult to admit she was in the wrong and feels ‘wounded' because society would say as her daughter you should ‘obey' her word in all matters.  In truth she is more concerned about her own situation and future happiness and misses having a confidante.  Gabriel says if you can find it in your heart to send out a thread of love towards her, and to start to think of her positive qualities (you don't have too but this energy  rather than actual action is what will thaw the frost ) she will receive this energy and will start to feel warmer towards you.

There is no doubt about her love for you and there is no doubt that she is at a loss as to what to do.  If you were in her shoes you would understand that whilst it is important to her to be seen as ‘respected' it is also a great sorrow to her that this has transpired but it is out of her reams of experience to
capitulate.  Gabriel suggests going back to a time in your mind when you saw the qualities of softness, and understanding and thanking her soul for showering you with these deep in her heart.  Also ask your Guardian Angel Emmanuel to work with her Guardian Angel to open her heart centre and in time the frost will thaw. Until this time keep thinking of her lovingly and with compassion and this energy can only rebound. Blessings to you Sheelagh and Gabriel

I was told that in previous life  I was a light worker. I need to know if I will have this gift in this life and when it will be unleashed bcz I don't have any spiritual gifts that shows that. Thank you
~ Nasra, Lebanon

Dearest Nasra,
Michael is the angel stepping forward to assist you he says what is your definition of a spiritual gift? he is most inhumanly perplexed.  Michael says that every soul in the Universe is a light worker because we have chosen to incarnate at a time of great ascension.  Human souls are the greatest warriors from the smallest baby to the most dire of people we are all in the process of learning and growing.  In the way that you highlight this you Were and Are a sensitive soul that has been imbued with compassion and also a desire to grow and help others – what is missing is your understanding of a spiritual gift.

If you mean ‘Huge Psychic Ability' well Michael adds that reading tea leaves and predicting wild and varied fortunes or tall dark handsome strangers is not actually a spiritual gift it is simply a revealing of energy lines that are probable at that time.

True Spirituality is using these intuitive gifts (that we all have in greater and lesser degrees – some see disembodied spirits some internally hear Angels some feel the guidance of guides and some read ribbons some read souls the list is endlessly interesting and personal) to learn to heal yourself from
past life patterns and beliefs that keep you trapped in a cycle of repeating energy and then using these gifts in a multitude of ways to help others.
Doctors, midwives, laymen and women in many capacities, hospice workers, people that deal with customers queries and worries in loving ways with gentleness are ALL forms of spiritual purpose not everyone with a healing ability is meant to solve the woes of the world or to stand on a stage and give guidance from those that are without physical bodies .  Many years ago interestingly i was in a psychic development group and i figured I too had no psychic gift and promptly left as i did not fit the bill, Michael wants you to know you do have intuitive abilities but wanting grand proof is not the way the spirit world work it is far more subtle than that because of the high level of speed at which they vibrate means that it takes a great effort for them to slow it down and only in the most extreme circumstances will they manifest.

It is up to us to speed our vibration up through meditation, correct diet and understanding what true communication rather than media hype is like.  Our clairvoyance course assists you with learning how to connect correctly how to open your crown chakra how to know it is real guidance and how to establish a solid line of communication that allows you to have confidence in your gift.

Michael says some of the really well paid intuitive out there are just that ‘intuitive' rather than Clairaudiant or Clairvoyant – it is this gift they have grasped, fallen in love with and grown. This is his advice to you Sit quietly and ask him to draw near. Ask him to hoover out the energies of other people from your aura with his silver hoover and ask him to allow you to feel his presence.

It takes time as does anything which is truly worthwhile and if you are wanting speedier results we would advocate a Proper development session which can at least start you on the right track.

But yes you Do have a gift you are a light worker and this can be incorporated in to the job you will do in the future.
~Blessings for now Sheelagh and Michael

I was in a long distant relationship from Nov 2012 to Oct 2013, his son passed away in sep 2013 and in Oct 2013 he stop calling me & never heard from him again to this day, am I going to hear from him again & restart the relationship or I'm going to meet my twin flame soon? I'm ready to settle down, tired of dating the wrong people, I'm pretty much alone on this earth, my family a user & I have a son that don't appreciate me, I just want to meet my twin mate and move on with my life.
~Celia , El Paso, TX

Dearest Celia,
Of course you want to meet your twin flame it is a fundamental trait of the species to find and settle with a mate – says your Archangel Zadkiel.  He is the angel of transmutation and also the bringer of joy.

The issue here is that you are not in alignment which means your paths may cross, and miss if this alignment is not found in self first.  He is not being mean he asks you to imagine jumping aboard a ship and the gang plank is just a few feet ‘off' and you slip between the gap.  He says that ‘alignment' is the process of vibrating or resonating at the same level as the experience or outcome you wish to have which in laymans terms means acting like you have it for long enough that it can come in.  Many many people (most people including me at times) make the classic error of wanting or expecting the
Horse before the cart, of wanting the evidence or the promise that something is going to happen before we are prepared to believe it and even ask for it, so therefore because we are wanting the train before we get to the station, we can not ever come into alignment with it because we are fundamentally out of sync with one another.

In the terms of your twin flame he is out there and he is also looking for you but he is also learning some lessons and learning to relax into life take is slower and not worry about the when and the why but focus happily right now on the ‘what'  I am shown that this gentleman inadvertently knew that
he was not in fact your twin flame (we only get one) but a strong soul mate, and an ‘inner clock' went off as it was designed to before you were born that said ‘get out of the way this is time for you to let her learn her lessons do her inner healing rejoice in who she is and then meet da da The ONE' and so out of love at soul level this is what he did.

You are ‘meant' to be with one soul and it does not happen every life time or every third one I have lived with my twin flame for 3 years but we have only been together for 23 life times even though we have had thousands of them this is just an example of the reality.  Your Twin flame awaits you but you need to ignite your inner flame and rejoice about your self and your ability to move through lessons and to still be standing but learn to love those legs that carry you (and everything else Zadkiel says) loving who you are and also seeing the okayness even the greatness of where you are is how you will draw Mr Pants on fire into your life.  Happy to tell you you are not alone on this planet it is not possible for you to be and a spiritual pathway session would put you in touch with at least one of your spiritual team and give you confirmation that you are very much surrounded by a loving team that uphold what you asked them to the sense to know that you deserve the very best and to look for this in yourself first.  By next year he is here, right now love yourself and allow all to fall away that is not really applicable any more and use the ‘violet flame' to transmute that disappointment and breathe in the love that surrounds you that is part of you and becomes you in so many ways.
~Blessings Sheelagh and Zadkiel

What lies ahead for me now? Went through a cancer, emerged healed from it with a strong desire to be of service to God..an overpowering passiin for charity work. However libido non existent and husband of 40 years now off track with several women…Don't want to stop work I love but better he separates legally or stops.  Want self respect and honour intact. Please help.
~Anise, United Kingdom

Dearest Anise it is I Azrael angel of transition coming forward to assist you.  You are indeed a brave soul and you have borne much heart ache and worry. Now is the time to know there is and was a shelf life on this experience and we wish nothing more than for you to step in to your power as the creator of magic that you are.

It is time to throw away the rule book that says ‘Wife puts up with it all' and time to write your own boundaries.  Freedom and fantasy are your words to behold now.  Explore the freedoms that you have to do the things you now wish to do with nobody holding you back or expecting you to
conform for their needs.  Fantasy to start to dream about the way you would like your life to be but at this moment cannot envision how this could ever me so.  I assure you dearest that it is a matter of choice and for you it is simply to take those fears and blend them with the courage that has borne you so far, fling them as far away from you as you can and look at the ground upon which you now stand.

The ground supports you just as the Universe supports you just as I archangel of comfort and healing support you also.  Call in my pale yellow energy to uplift and soothe your tired heart understand that your husband was limited at best and uncourageous to accept his potencial at worst.  You are free from these bonds now as you were determined to be in previous lives where your line was contnued through obligation.  Your work will bring you satisfaction you are a healer and it is true that this is second nature to you.  Be of service to your self first and god second and know that they are indeed one and the same thing.  you already have honour and this is not owned or bought or lost because a contract on the physical world was entered into  Please ask me to release you from the energetic bonds that bind you to this man and also to remove the toxins that remain within your energy field and allow you to doubt your worth and life purpose  Your life purpose is to put yourself first and study of a new skill awaits you.

New friendships beckon as the sun begins to rise higher in the sky and although at times the road will feel too tiring to travel alone and you will consider the return of your old companion, ask i Azrael to walk with you and to guide you towards the new furture which is just over the horizon.  Be blessed with the knowledge that you are a divine child and your light will shine brighter once these old energies are gone.  Rest now dear and call me to you.  Blessings Azrael
With love, Sheelagh

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my life has had many changes over the course of 10 years. I have buried my father, parted ways with my ex and sold my home, buried my mother, my son has moved out and is on his own and I have just recently become unemployed. I am in need of guidance not just from a professional level but also personal. I have been alone now for over 7 years and reconnected with 2 men from my past one who has recently married and the other won’t speak to me. I am not sure if the one that won’t speak with me. I have wondered if he is the one I was destined for he was the love of my life. I would like very much to find my soul mate to bless my life and don’t know if that will happen. I am still figuring out who I am after the past 10 years of changes. I ask my angels for guidance all the time. I miss my mother so very much and have many regrets of time wasted with her. please give me some guidance

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Monica Høvik says June 8, 2014

Since i was a child i have give that thing that calls her my mother.She has spoken bad to me and to others about me.She has taken all my energy so now i cant do nothing beside feeling that nobady likes me,she even spoke bad to my children and my brother aboat me.They think i’m. not worth anything.I’m sad and alone.I have been alone all my life whith one or two good friends.But i left everyting again for thar person for 7 yers ago,to help her and to make mother daughter hart.But she was given me all that SATANS evel.I will never go back to give her the rest of my soul.Why should i? She will talk bad about me and tell people that i came crawling beking her for something.If God shall punish me for stay away form evel.Then he is not my god.Thoose angelels want me to to ask for forgivnes for not have more power to take more derision from her!! It’s not right. My god.!!!

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