Weekly Ask the Angels Column with Sheelagh!

Weekly Ask the Angels Column with Sheelagh!

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Can you please tell me what my future holds for me as to my psychic abilities and my ascension forward,will i meet and hear my angels and guides?

Dearest Tricia. There are many ways that you can develop your ability to hear your guides and angels. The Archangel surrounding you is Haniel who is the angel of the moon or the ‘elemental angel'. She says you are a very sensitive soul and can get bogged down with other peoples energy without realising this, this means that it is harder to ‘hear' and ‘get' the nudges that your spiritual team are sending your way. She says cleansing the aura is a first step and then establishing a really good spiritual day care routine of Protection Grounding and Cleansing your chakras far from stopping you from picking things up it allows your crown chakra to open and so more light and guidance can be held. Haniel also says that your third eye is blocked due to life times where it was not safe for you to see so she advocates asking her to help you gently cleanse this.

I am also shown a childhood relationship with an older woman that at times allowed you to doubt your own beauty and worth and these feelings have also inhibited your ability to trust yourself. Your team surrounds you constantly with love and understanding and knows that you feel blocked and frustrated. It needn't be this way. They say that the optimum time for you to develop your abilities is by relaxing and getting out into nature and just feeling blessed and loving towards your self do not underestimate the importance of self acceptance as this lessens our ‘pain body' which is a part of our
aura and this in turn allows the angels archangels and our guides to get closer to us alter our electro magnetic fields and to lovingly increase the frequency that you are able to perceive

psychic readingIn terms of you ascension you are progressing nicely they say please don't view development as a series of obstacles to over come rather a joyful journey where you are anticipating what awaits you round the corner whilst loving where you are. In terms of what the future holds for you – what ever you expect it too and Haniel knows that answer isnt what you want to hear yet it is indeed the case. She also says that if you can sit quiet;y and ask her to be with you whilst breathing in her healing blue light through your crown chakra you will begin to feel her presence. I personally am advocating developing your ability with the archangels as they are professional messengers and in the clairvoyancy course we offer here at ask angels we want you to gain a greater understanding of what you already have, fall in love with it so it gets stronger and the energy of the Archangels is a perfect way to do this.

A clearing would really help in getting rid of limiting beliefs and in with this an explanation of how it ‘really is' to see and hear spirit in all forms in cluding angels and guides. This would help you realise you have been getting messages but just not realising they were at the time. Your future is a bright one but we want to rid you of self doubt and the need to know exactly what is coming we want to open you up to joy in this moment and knowledge that you have what it takes to make all other moments just as joyful and knowing you have the ability to receive clairvoyant messages for your self and others when ever you wish too. See our Spiritual development readings for more guidance about your own personal purpose but remember – Haniel is with you and she is ready to assist you.
~Blessings. Sheelagh

“I feel my life is back on tracks. My kids are doing great, have a dream job, although a raise would be awesome!, but my love life feels like is on “pause”… nothing happening on this side. I am like in a cross road: should I focus on my job and getting where I want (reaching my goal) and not worry about love because I'm sure he will “show up”, or worry more aboot love …. or go with the flow about both?
Hope this is the right place for your help.” Thank you for your guidance and advice in advance!!!!

Dear Montseo7, The angel stepping forward to assist you is Chamuel the Archangel of Love he says you are doing so well and not allowing old blockages to hold you back you are indeed on a fast track towards happiness and he reassures you that where you are at this moment is exactly where you ‘planned' to be. You exude happiness and satisfaction however underneath the momentum to keep moving forward is born from a fear of standing still in case something goes wrong.

This ‘need to get away' is actually keeping the love you want and deserve (so so much) away from you as the #need to be moving on is actually masking a fear. This fear is simply from a time that no longer exists where you had to flee to safety and you learnt to rely only on your self. This ‘need to be the one to do it all and take care of everyone' is admirable but it is actually meaning that your ‘go it alone' subconscious pattern is actually ‘telling' the Etheric realms that you dont really want any one else it would be nice but it is a risk you arent sure you will take even if the right person did show up.

This is contrary to many peoples' neediness' and again you are to be congratulated on your progress. The advice is really really simple, slow down and enjoy where you are. We want you to see there is nothing bad coming after you and nothing awful will happen if you just relax and enjoy being you. You are fabulous a real catch and a beautiful gentle joyful soul to boot. Many would be blessed to have you in their life. Now here is the thing nobody can run as fast as you – and you know this, so it is time to stop running from your fear of being hurt and also your fear of being vulnerable and to see you are so capable of looking after your self it sometimes makes it hard for anyone to feel like they are enough to look after you. It is all about balance.

You may not be sure you ‘want' this person but you also know you don't ‘need them either but perhaps you would ‘like' this person? What we mean by this is it is time to make friends with your self. Become your own pal. Do things with your self and for your self that are based in the desire to feel good and to find people that also make you feel good in their company.

The first bunch of people may not contain your lover for life but may contain some friends – you are not to ‘search' for this person as that too sends out a needful request, but to open up the doors of your heart and to share your fabulousness with many – you don't need to do any more than create more ways for the Universe to respond to your desire for love. In 7 – 8 months of practicing enjoying your life and not having massive piles of problems to solve and taking things steadier and enjoying the knowledge that you can do something and mix with people just because it gives you a kick, your new social circle of men and women will deliver what you don't need but would like – the match for marvelous you!
~Channelled By Sheelagh Maria

“Should I encourage my son to go to distant university? Thanks for your reply.”

Dearest A4……you should be proud of your self you are a wonderful parent. The Archangel coming forward to assist you is Michael and he is bringing lots of reassurance to soothe your worried energy. He says things have not been easy for you and at times you have felt alone and not understood but you have stood firm and you have come so far. He says that the fear that you feel at the thought of your son flying the nest is completely normal and you are not the only parent who is teetering on wanting their chick to stay in the nest. However this is born of your fear of being alone, of being less important to your son and is also mirrored by your sons desire to take things easy and perhaps to be a little unmotivated It would not serve him well to stay at home long term it will serve him best to find his way in the world and to appreciate all that is given to him and all that is out there to gain. He is a lovely young man and he also feels unsure about himself and his ability to cope, this ‘temporary separation' will make you so proud in the long run and you will join the ranks of parents that have a pride and loved filled story to share about their offspring.

There is much happiness and success ahead for your son and there is indicated a change of residence around him – whether this is the distant university or another path your son should take his courage and pick up his motivation and go out there there is a feeling of it being easier for him to take a lesser risk and this will not help in his life path he really does need to be encouraged strongly to become independent so that he gains awareness of his place in life and how he can best contribute to the world, also his knowledge of his own power and influence will grow and he will make you very proud It is time to let go of fear and to actively encourage him to believe in himself His self confidence is not polished at this moment which is why to stay at home is so attractive – believe in him as you believe in us and all will be well.
~Channelled By Sheelagh Maria

“I hope this is the right site to ask a question to my angel. What is my purpose here. What am I on this Earth for. I am aware that I am Whole, knowing that, why do I feel I have not been a good mother although I am nurturing my grown up children as much as I can now. I have asked questions here before but my questions never get answered. I guess there is a reason why?”
~ Kulwant

live chat
Dear Kulwant, First off we do get a huge amount of requests on this site and there are only so many hours in the day. There is always a reason and it is the angels and creator who know best. It is a pleasure to be able to help you at this time. The Archangel coming forward to help you is Raphael he says you are indeed a beautiful soul and he says that your endeavor do not go unnoticed. In terms of your purpose he says that you came here to learn to heal your self and not just be here for everyone else. There are some past lives that need clearing and asking him to go back through your time line and cleanse the fear of needing to be there for everyone and take care of everyone elses needs first is important. He says you Are a wonderful mother and your grown up children know this there is also the feeling from them of wanting to be independent from you in some ways and yet needing your nurture in others.

Raphael says that the need to take care of them is valid and important for any parent, however it should not take over your priority which is to nourish and nurture your self first. The past life in question was where your children fell ill and did not recover and you felt as though you had failed them, I am shown that this was in their soul agreements and there was nothing more that could or indeed should have been done and this ‘guilt' is not misplaced but not needed any more and Raphael asks you to release your self of this for it is not allowing your children to most fully be independent as they should be.

As for your purpose here it is to put your own growth first now, it is to put your development as a spiritual being first and to see that this is as important as anything else. I am shown some sad feelings regarding a man in your life as if this person let you down this feels like a partner or husband and there is a feeling of needing to be independent and not allowing any one to see your pain. I am shown that it is time to let go of the past and to heal your self and to allow your self to enjoy some lighter moments where your guardian angel can start to convene with you and can bring you more joy and more peaceful moments in your daily life, I am shown that right now this does not feel like a priority but in truth it was never needed more than it is at this moment.

We would recommend a Channelled Reading to cleanse and clear the heart chakra and also wearing soft pink in some way or carrying a rose quartz this will allow old energies to be released. Raphael wants you to step back from your children a little and allow them to see you are there but proud of them whatever life choices they make and he also wants you to let go of the need to be all to everyone and to be there for yourself first. Healing is priority for you and you are in truth a leader – you are meant to work with people teaching and counselling them yet first your own healing is brought forward for cleansing and then your beautiful journey can carry on. Sending you green and pink light for the love you give and also the love you receive and asking you to allow others to be there for you too.

~In love from Sheelagh Maria

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Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to Ask-Angels.com with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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Abhinav Parmar says May 31, 2014

hi mam my name is “Abhinav Parmar” from “Meerut” city “Uttar Pradesh” district “India” i have just passed my class 12…i want your help…mam i was introduced to this world of subtle energy last year in 2013…i had heavy purifications and lots of junk out as i took reiki healing from my father has become a reiki healer recently…but since January this year i got stuck somewhere…my studies has stopped…i dont know what it is…the problem is when i sit to study or simply when i read something, like on internet, newspaper, books etc, i feel some stress, pressure and jerk like feeling on top of my head as i am feeling right now while writing this message…sometimes the feeling goes down to my neck and sometimes my mind goes numb…my understanding power goes away…i am unable to understand what is written in book or newspaper or email etc..due to all these problems i lost a lot of marks in my class 12th final exams….and failed my engineering entrance exam…i think there is some wrong subconscious programmings stored due to long sufferings occurred during my long purifications…or there might be some negative patterns as i am told by my father..mam but my father is now under some crises his dowsing is not working from a long time since march…and he is unable to identify my problem and help me…mam i strongly need your help…please tell me how to get out of this problem…i am unable to continue my studies after 12th got stuck here help me.
Mam we Hindus has a festival known as Holi which comes during a period in march known as holashtak…under this period it is assumed that there is some change in energy frequency of universe and our auric attachments gets over..but at this time my fathers aura was open and lot of negativity came in..his intuition and dowsing is not working properly his dowsing answers r coming as he think eg is he think it is yes it comes yes if he thinks it is wrong it comes wrong…he just says let me be good first then i will heal you…but i am stuck here between 12th and engineering….help me please….many thanks..and hopes

Kulwant says May 3, 2014

Blessings to you dear one,
I am sooooooooo very grateful for your reply. It has cleared lot of stuff in my mind and there is definitely more clarity. I will look to have a channeled reading and if you can recommend someone I would also appreciate that too. I really have no words to express my gratitude at receiving this mail and I do appreciate that you must get huge amount of mail to be answered.
I would like to know which angels or Archangels are looking after me. I know now that Archangel Raphael is looking after me and how do I connect with my Guardian Angel. I want to know more….
Deep Blessings to you dear one. Sending you much love and happy moments 🙂

A4 says May 2, 2014

Thank you so much for your response. Many blessings are sent your way!

Joan says April 29, 2014

Hi, I would like to have some guidance, but where to start with the question(s). I live in a house in a town, and I wonder should I move to another place or another county, but where. I am safe / secure where I am. it is nice living in the town, it is a nice town and handy. i have to drive out to get to nature, and that is the one thing i miss – nature right here, so i could camp out the back garden, have a bonfire. but i do sit outside the front door here in the housing estate. also, will i ever retrieve my songwriting / performing, make up for the time taken and the lack of support over the years. old story. and friends? – people keep to themselves here and i have been hurt over the years. thanks ( i came across your website, as today i was feeling down (it will pass), and thank you for the lovely free card readings.

bec sandell says April 27, 2014

I’m am aware of angels around me ..
I have visual contact at night when im relaxed in bed ..
Red and green dots are zooming around everywhere. ..
Can you please give me more clarity bec : )

Lorena salas says April 27, 2014

Hi I would like to know if you can help me with my s.s.i and let me know if I have a Angel that can hear my needs and that helps me can you tell me how I could know please and how do I ask him thanks

susan lilja says April 27, 2014

Hi, Can you tell me how to release my soulmate who feels like they should never leave? Can you tell me the name of my guardian angels.

thank you.

Manisha says April 27, 2014

Dear angle i am confused between my dreams and my parents dreams what should i do?? Should i go for my dreams or my parents??

    Melanie Beckler says April 28, 2014

    Your destiny is in your own hands. No one is responsible for your happiness, your destiny or your life but you. Not your parents. Not your angels, not even God. You choose which energies you engage in, you choose which karma you create. You’re at a point where you are remembering you created a contract with yourself when you came here to Earth… and living this freedom and commitment you Your Inner Spirit is a priority. This is a lesson in boundaries, and a lesson to help remind you that you are creating your life. It is your choice and your decision… You have your own dreams for a very real and very valid reason… You are not your parents. This is Your life.
    Namaste and blessings,

abdul says April 27, 2014

Greetings i have an oracle deck can u advise me on how to get accurate readidings

    Melanie Beckler says April 27, 2014

    Wonderful question… We will have a blog post on this topic shortly! <3 With love and light.

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