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“Hi angels, I would love to have some guidance. I have 3 high vibrational children (my 2 girls received angelic reiki masters attunements whilst I was pregnant) and I really want to be the best mum I can be for them. The last 18 months have been particularly challenging with critical illness for my eldest daughter and my husband. I find it difficult to stay in a positive state when I am exhausted and sleep deprived. Please help.”
~Katherine, Nottingham UK

Dearest Katherine. ‘We hear your plea' says Archangel Haniel, he is the Most beautiful angel of pale blue and flowing blonde hair eyes as wide as saucers – she very much looks like an ethereal Gwyneth Paltrow but who needs a rock star husband!  Haniel has been with you since the last full moon, and she says to you that you are in a time of transition and change where you feel over whelmed by the different forces at work.

She reminds you that you are not responsible for everyone's welfare and it is time despite the contents of your question (and as the mother of a previously ill child myself) you do need it is imperative for things to change that you do some work on nurturing you.  Loving YOU is at the heart of all things, then when you give your self nurture and consideration and gentleness you are able to flow these beautiful qualities out towards those you love and towards circumstances that have not shown improvement and towards the miracle that is life with all its hiccups and downs itself, and Then you will find improvement begins to flow in from every direction INTO every person and situation and everything EVERYTHING she states including health of loved ones WILL start to improve.

You ARE the best mum and she says have no doubt that your children chose their beautiful talented and sensitive mother for the guidance and gifts you would share, you are actually part angel my darling which is why your children are the highest purest beings that they are.  Now please plant your feet on terra firma for the next bit, you still despite the fact that you are all talented and divine individuals have earthly challenges and soul contracts (ie lessons) to learn to navigate overcome and show others to do the same.  First things first, you cant help them (ill or no) when you are so depleted.  as a being of the air, you need grounding more than you need opening up and floating, I as a fellow earth angel have had to do lots of work bringing angel energy INTO my body rather than going UP to meet it.

You need to be fully IN your body spiritually and emotionally before the angels can assist you further, otherwise its like knocking at an empty door.  You need to protect your self against your families energy not because they are not beautiful people who love you but because they need constant reassurance that things will be fine, yet it is their pathway to learn to provide spiritually for themselves and learn to nurture themselves, they have without realising established cords to your gut and to your heart and even to your head which are draining you and keeping you in a constant state of anxiety.

They love you and have not meant to do this, but their fear has become like yours ungrounded and so you are all floundering around You now need to create the space and also the time to get your own mojo back before you can help them.  It is hard to do all this in a one question reading but Haniel says all the attunements and talents in the world (my children see angels too) do not help if you are so depleted that real life is just too much.  She says no blame must be laid however you now need to do this for them and also primarily for yourself. When you do this it will help them more than any thing else ever could..  First, sea salt and lavender baths please nightly – this will cleanse your energy and assist you in relaxing,
Secondly, please call on Michael to protect you daily (imagine blue light surrounding you before you even get out of bed for more advanced technique see your self in a silver suit of armour please.  ask him also to cleanse the vortexes in your home and to remove the cords from your family members.  Thirdly please eat red foods tomatoes, peppers root vegetables, wear red socks to bed carry a red crystal burn red candles and sit on the grass and feel tree roots coming out of your body into the earth.  Fourthly if you can say ‘no' please say ‘not right now' and go have some time to yourself.  We would strongly advocate a spiritual pathway reading to help cleanse and protect your energy further and teach you to teach them to begin to heal themselves. For now Haniel reminds you of the moons influence and asks you to be extra gentle with your self.

~All our love Sheelagh and Haniel

Am I going to find a new love in this lifetime? If so, when?
~Judi, Maricopa AZ

Dearest Judi thank you for the opportunity to connect with your beautiful energy.  The angel coming forward to assist you is the beautiful angel of healing Archangel Raphael
His beautiful soft green energy is a perfect compliment to your tired and needing nurturing energy.  You are loveable he says he says that there have been those that have not honoured you there have been those that have taken advantage of your open heart and there have been those that have simply not left you feeling very good.  You have had previous life times where it was up to you to look after everyone, and even up to you to look after yourself from child hood and this has brought over a feeling of having to ‘do it all' this has led to you finding it hard to open up and believe in the true and lasting love without conditions or expectations.  Raphael says to you it is time to be honest with your self about these beliefs.  He says it is only these beliefs to which the Universe is at the moment responding to that are bringing you more and more examples of the kind mentioned above.  He says if you can open your heart to it being completely plausible and possible for lasting love to flow in as a friendship that it will take time and you will have to continue to work on your expectations of ‘i Must guard myself against rejection' that yes it is likely you Can experience the love that you so
desire yet doubt you can find.

He says its almost as if you have issued a challenge to the Universe, ‘I don't believe there is really any one out there for me – but go on prove me wrong' he says that although
he personally would love to take up this challenge the pressing point is that the Universe can only respond with more of what you are expecting – which in truth is more of the above or being alone He says take some time to consider how many people there are in the world of both genders that you have never met – how many of those people have also been hurt but now are open to  find lasting love  he now asks you to imagine what it would take for you to find not just one but several clusters of these people and to accept them into your life as friends with no expectations of being hurt or let down but only to get to see what interesting stories they have to tell and what interesting lives they have lived and are living and how you could benefit from feeling accepted and respected in their company?

He says that in order for you to meet the love of your life you need to become your own friend, you need to introduce this friend of yours to other humans, in groups that will extend genuine rapport with you he says if you don't wish to take this step you can take any you wish to open the doors of possibility of meeting more people however he cautions against giving up before you've started feeling that you don't have the energy or the time he says like the legend of the stork bringing the baby to the door of the parents, the likelihood of you meeting the love of your life by complete chance with no effort expended joyously is quite remote he says if you will take the chance and allow your self to meet new people you Will meet new people and one of these people can be more than just a friend however he says the choice has to be up to you.

What will you choose he wonders take a chance and create something truly enjoyable and full of possibility for your self? Or more of the same? he is smiling and says you won't readily accept the answer and you are likely to feel let down because we have not predicted something firmer = yet he says this is what you need to here and you alone are the creator of your experience none other and so the power joyously is in your hands..

~With love Sheelagh and Raphael

Sometimes I hear loud noises in my room at night and my heart starts beating fast because I'm not sure if it's a lower entity or angels maybe.  Please tell me who is making the noise to get my attention.  Thank you.
~Angela, Upper Marlboro MD

Dearest Angela Michael angel of protection is with you and he says it is time to call on him.  He says you have a spirit who does not like the fact they don't have a body and you do and wants to attract your attention because of your obvious sensitivity and fear can draw more ability to pester towards them.  Its a little like a spot he says matter of factly the more attention you pay that dimple on your nose the larger it seems to grow.

He says that there is nothing ‘evil' about this spirit it is simply a cranky old man who simply does not like to be ignored  He says that asking him to come in and purify your home will begin to break down the portal or vortex through which this pesky pensioner has hopped through. ‘Imagine me with my industrial silver hoover and ask me to cleanse vortexes negative energy and toxins from your home and this i will do ‘ he says with rather a handsome smile.  ‘next imagine my bright electric blue light surrounding your body and your bed and your whole house an ask me to stand guard' – this is my job and im rather good at it ‘ he says with another grin.

‘Lastly can you please open some windows play some beautiful music and place fresh flowers wherever you feel you are uncomfortable – this gives me access to purer energy to bring in more of my angels to perform a proper security detail'  Michael will move this Old man home but getting you back to ease is what is the bigger issue – please ignore this tempestuous old guys knockings give them no more attention than you would a toddler stamping their feet, he is very human and very male and does not like to be ignored, however as the very best teachers will tell you, giving anybody negative energy only feeds their desire to get your attention in that way, so lots of music lavender oil in your bath and on your pillow some beautiful candles burning and reading something soothing and uplifting we recommend Melanie's book of angel messages and having a warm milky drink will reassure you that the only thing to go bump in the night is likely to be the water pipes or the house settling.  All is well and all will remain well decide it is so and so it is.

~ Michael and Sheelagh

Hello, I am feeling very vulnerable and like my prayers aren't being answered.  I have been trying to get my finances back on track but nothing seems to work.  I have done all I can to try and fix this and I can't get to where I need to be.  I feel like I'm drowning.  I don't understand how it got to be this bad.  I'm also afraid to tell my husband where we are at (I have handled the finances for years, and recently haven't been as money smart as I once was, making little mistakes that added up). I know he will be upset that I let it get this bad and I don't want to lose him because I love him and our little family (2 dogs) so much. I feel so lost because I can barely make ends meet and am having trouble paying bills on time.

I need God's help but I have trouble letting go and having faith He will help me.  I have been praying for months and am in desperate need for a money miracle.  Will this bad cycle end soon and will we get the money we need to get back on track, particularly with what we have going on the next few months?  Please pray for us.
~Carla, Albuquerque

Dearest Carla, Archangel Jophiel the sunshine angel is with you now and is here to soothe your fears and give you some good old fashioned practical advice.  She says that things don't really come in threes its just that we expect that they will and so they seem to do just that. She says stop right now stop injecting so much fear and doubtful energy because there is no need for you to be so frightened.  She understands that you feel lonely and overwhelmed and so when we have fallen down a hole it is understandable that the very strongest ladder is still going to present us with bit of a hike back to firmer ground.  Shes says that you do have lots of blessings.  She says that you have a husband who loves you and sees you as being very capable and does not view you as anything other than consistent, she also say that your furry friends simply want to reassure you that to them ‘mum' looks after them all very well. Thank you.

Jophiel says it would be lovely if they could if she could personally do it all for you indeed if she could she would, however there is so much fear here that it is blocking any help they can physically bring to you. She PROMISES You it is reverse able however because lovely lady the fear has come from you the change has to come from you too now the good news is you can do this – every person can change a habit and can manifest something different, the bad news is that you are convinced you can't and that it has to come outside from you to be an answered prayer.

She tells you the channel (me) gets told which questions to answer and she tells you this IS you answered prayer whether you choose to recognise this or not, she wants you to know you have two guardian angels one guide and a lady in spirit rooting for you very very much and they know that although not easy to reverse you can do it but You have to make the choice. Nothing can get any better unless you see how easy it can be.  Her promises to you are, that although change won't be overnight (because it took time to get to this stage) it WILL happen, she promises you that no door is going to slam shut and keep you in this unhappy place just because you decide to be strong enough to view your blessings – however she says she knows that you won't like the fact they arent waving magic wands.  With respect she says your husband does understand you are scared and yet he does not want to add fuel to the fire and so has tried to leave you to come out of this in your own way he is worried there is not enough he can do to support you.  I am here to support you she says as a mother does to her child, however you have to be the one to do the initial work and then magic will start to work itself into your life.

On the matter of money she says you do have issues here and it is to do with the way you view money in a fearful manner money is just an energy that responds in the way you expect it too a little like clay, rather than moulding more problems for your self start by seeing the services that you pay for and maybe don't focus on as blessings, so your electricity, your food and even the roof over your head Focus on what your money does for you right now and practice saying ‘thank you for this heat' ‘thank you for this food' ‘thank you for this light'  – she says that even though you are convinced that things are going to keep getting worse your relationship with money is at the root of all this fear. She tells you it is time to see that whilst you do not have as much as you would like you do not have as little as others do either, so she says gratitude is going to allow the Universe and the angels to begin to open up your channels of receiving.

Affirming daily out loud with your hand on your heart ‘Thank you for the abundance that flows to me – thank you for all the services it allows me to enjoy thank you for the opening of many more channels i am so grateful for what i have' – this will begin to loosen the tight hold you have on money so that more can start to flow in it will also allow your existing flow to go further – this is a strange thing i experienced the money i had did not increase however how far it went really did until i started saving lots from what i had .  She says that you have to start small stop pushing your husband away she says he is a patient man but he too needs to feel loved, you can not manifest more by focusing on less and you can not make your relationship stronger when you focus on what is going wrong.

Start by admitting to him you need to share the responsibility and ask for his input, he will be surprised but he has felt powerless so he will welcome that you value his input.  Have the courage to admit to him how it is for you and tell him you are aware he may be surprised at how low you are feeling but assure him you value his guidance and you know that you are strong enough to bounce through this storm.  She says its not the time for prayers but the time to courageously ask for help regarding your finance from a reputable advisory bearu and if you ask her to guide you towards this help she will gladly do this.  No need to struggle any more solutions are out there you just need to admit you want the help.

~All our love Jophiel and Sheelagh

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Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to Ask-Angels.com with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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