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Will i be cured of my tinnitus? I believe it to be self induced? Also seeing a jaw specialist already

Thank you. Monica

Dearest Monica it is Raphael coming forward to help.  There is no blame you are not stupid or thick witted to have got like this you are simply like most people – human and are experiencing blockages within your auric field, chakras and now jaw.  Im shown part of this is to do with not being able to speak your truth in this time and also other energetic times.  I;m shown you had to have a firm and brave outlook and there is some energy blocked here and there. I;m told that although the jaw specialist will assist you it will also assist you to move the ‘chi or life force that has stagnated – I am also shown blocks in other chakras, these as always are emotional blockages first before ‘dis ease’ comes in.  I’m shown you can ask Archangel Raphael to cleanse and remove these, and also to help you understand what energetic lesson or viewpoint you need to ‘get’ or integrate so that the blockage may ease, any ideas or frameworks that show up for you in the hours after asking are your answers.  I’m told you need to release judgement of self for you are not being punished your body is a miracle as is your soul, and please Do focus on the wellness you experience in other areas of your body even the smallest parts, feel gratitude and thank the body for serving you so very well. the more you focus upon what is working well and for the increased healing you are receiving the more healing frequency the angels will be able to flow through you  Ask Michael to heal your time lines as you sleep as well.  You will improve, slowly but surely and at some level you will be more comfortable with who you are as the divine being you truly ‘be’

Blessings Archangel Raphael and Sheelagh


When Or Will My Husband Or I Find A Job? Thank You…
From: Nancy

Dearest Nancy it is archangel Ariel who comes forward to assist you in this matter. Im shown your husbands chakras are quite compacted with dense energy some of which he has absorbed by people he has been around, this is affecting his ability to be able to motivate himself into taking any action, he also has some limited beliefs about what he expects he can get in terms of employment to do with his age and skill set.  None of this really affects him but for as long as he ‘chooses’ to identify with this lower energy level it will be the case.  You can help him by reminding him of what he is good at (without nagging Ariel says with affection) and by joining local groups within the community either together or you doing it by yourself.  In order for him to break this ‘habit’ of non belief, he needs an example or inspiration to follow, the best way you can assist him is by showing him that you are able to create opportunities for yourself, and hope that as you heighten your vibration he will follow.  Im shown with support and encouragement to re engage with community around 4 – 6 months is likely.

Blessings Ariel and Sheelagh


When will the love of my life realise the truth and reunite us without  other peoples input ,are we  twin souls ? Thankyou.

From: Siobhan, Australia

Dearest Sibhan The angel coming forward to assist you is archangel Chamuel the angel of love.  I am shown you are indeed soul mates though not twin flames or twin souls, so this means there is a reason you were brought together and a vibration of connection was certainly shared.  However I am in honesty asked to remind you that it is rare that twin souls ride side by side as the connection is too fiery and often cannot be contained as the main reason to incarnate is to learn and to grow and if our attention is taken up by another, we are not likely to want to do that.  I’m shown the desire for connection is strong, however the desire to grow and learn is not so strong.  This is the primary focus of soul mate connections.  We understand you are wanting this particular outcome, yet whilst this is focused upon with this soul mate with whom the lesson was learned partially you are not able to draw in a soul mate with a stronger and longer connection. Chamuel asks you to put aside focusing on the identity of who it ‘must’ be and to ask instead for the soul mate that will best facilitate and experience of deep connection to oneself and also to the other too.  when we get hooked up on one person we are not allowing the Universe to provide the experience that is truly meant for us.  However Chamuel says, it is common and it is of course your choice.  Love is ahead if you allow it to flow in.  experience bliss with your self and it will be mirrored by another.

Blessings Archangel Chamuel and Sheelagh


I am starting to see someone and I would like to know if it's ok to invest on this relationship?

From: Michele

Dearest Michele it is archangel Raphael who steps forward to assist you.  He says it is always worth investing, in yourself.  It is always worth experimenting with your energy through exposure and exploration with others, it is always worth enjoying the fruit that is on offer.  This is the experience of life to enjoy and savour and try new things.  However, as what your truly asking ‘is this worth it’ ‘is this the one that will provide me with all that i don’t have yet and will this connection last a long term’ the answer has not been created yet.  If you feel  that it is only possible to allow yourself to open if there is a guarantee of permanence then you are missing the gift and the point, and the ‘fear; that asks you to look for this or request this, is actually what is preventing the discovery of a true soul mate either now or a little further down the line.  The point is in the eating in the savouring in the unwrapping and discovering, This is the point.  If you will only try something if you are told its worth it, remember that is a perspective that you can only answer yourself by opening your heart trusting yourself and knowing you can stop and start again if you need to.  Love is around you and love is ahead of you love yourself enough to open and see what flows and follows.

 Blessings Archangel Raphael and Sheelagh


Feeling overwhelmed with financial issues and concern about my future. Will things ever improve??

From: Diane

Dearest Dianne it is Archangel Muriel Michaels twin flame who comes forward to assist you.  You have had a hard time and it has felt never ending her compassion and love for you are very present.  She asks you to take a moment if you can go outside, and just look at the world. Look at the sky, the grass the flowers the children the interactions with people and see just how much beauty there is.  Now go inside, place your hand on your heart and breathe deeply for a minute or so and allow the mind to still and the peacefulness of your inner spirit to flow through you,  The answer is here, not out there.  The disapointment you have experienced the overwhelment you have access too right now is a indication of what is going on energetically the answer to ‘when’ things will change is completely down to you, it could be tomorrow morning or next year or five years from now.  it is about  going within and connecting to the calm centre of your self that knows that really, everything is always allright.  The calm centre of yourself knows that your base needs are met and that right here right now you don’t need anything else.  What you wish was different, or your opinon about what is lacking or your fear about what might be or your frustration over what may come is all projection the ONLY moment you have to be concerned about is THIS one and the more you connect with your very presentness and move from ‘thinking’ to ‘being’ in this moment the less of this stuff you will attract in.  You do have some limiting beliefs at play and whilst they are understandable and we appreciate you may feel very justified, it is also keeping things at this level.  Things can change in an instant or over time, we would ask you to accept how things are right now, and allow your focus to change from what you have not to what you have, that if you lost it you would really feel quite alarmed.  Try and connect daily to the beauty of the world and be thankful for as much as you can even if the absence of solutions in other areas tugs at your heels.  The more you are able to move into present moment awareness, counting your blessings as you go, the more energy of ‘have’ rather than ‘have not’ will flow your way.  All things will change and evolve and all you need to do is observe the goodness of the flow that surrounds you. it is there for it IS you.  Release and let go and let the angels provide comfort.

Blessings Archangel Muriel and Sheelagh


My family has been going through some difficult times, mostly financial and I want to know how to end this, what is left for us to learn un order for this period to end. I have faith and know everything happens for a reason, but this situation has been for a long time now. Thank you for your help.

~From: Mónica

Dearest Monica it is archangel Gabriel that comes in she tells me there are lots of family patterns at play here and the most helpful thing you can do for your family is focus on your own vibration.  A little like when business men in the community get together and talk about how flat the economy is the flatness spreads and does nobody any good.  You need to see that you cannot solve it for all of them, however you can identify the beliefs of fear, struggle and service that are going on within your energy and eliminate these and instead introduce self supporting beliefs of potential, nurture and new beginnings.  The more your energy begins to tell a different story they will want to know what has changed, they can then either follow your lead or carry on with these patterns and you will have to decide whether to be abundant or join them.  They can change this and it has been hard and we understand it feels hard, we are here to help and want to assist we ask you to ask us to step in and help guide you all back to abundance.  Archangel Gabriel and Sheelagh

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