Do You Have Questions? Ask the Angels!

Do You Have Questions? Ask the Angels!

ask the angels Weekly Ask the Angels Column with Sheelagh

Question From: Ewa
What should I do about my career ?

Dearest Ewa, It is Archangel Michael who is assisting you today he says you are feeling a common urge after a retrograde to expand and open – and it is natural since you live a 3d reality to feel that this is where it must show itself first. However, and he adds a smile, remember you are a spiritual being first, so in order for you to experience the birth of something new, whether physical or emotional it is important vital to comprehend that in order to manifest you must create the essence of it now. First look at where you are, and decide that there are parts that still serve you well, second look at your skill set and look at how this has contributed to your feeling of achievement, thirdly look at the experiences you have had wherever you are and feel grateful for those in helping you to come to a desire to achieve more, the important not to be focused on unfairness, frustration or lack as this will only replicate this feeling and bring it back with a multitude of evidence towards you. Michael asks you to look at what you can do to assist yourself in feeling motivated within the reality that you have, and then go out there with that light shining and show the world who you truly are, a divine being who deserves a job and career that fulfills you, if you follow this rather than wait for what cannot show up without alignment you will be successful in your venture.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael

Question From: Taner Akçakanat
Hi we keep having challenges since we moved to a new house. We got cheated by two seperate contractors and lost a lot of money then we started having problems with our neighbours be being asked for money for the things that we did not do. Our network marketing business did not grow for a lot of years and now it is going down. I and my wife feel like we have a curse or bad luck on us. Can you help with explanation?

Dearest Taner, It is archangel Gabriel come forward to assist you today and she is bringing lots of love and also a desire for clarity. She tells me that you have had a run of ‘bad luck’ and it can be common for us to feel cursed or that the Universe and life is out to ‘get’ us. There is some vibrational discord here, and that is showing itself in these dealings, however it is there in your own auric field and your wifes and these people and situations are simply mirroring this energy back at you. In previous years and times there were considered to be ‘curses’ however just like the placebo effect that has been heard of with ‘sugar medicine,’ if you believe you are cursed, then as what we perceive becomes real, then you can see the effects mirroring your energy in this way yet this does not assist you. In terms of clarity she asks you to look at your life and how you felt about it honestly before these circumstances came along, I;m shown a lack of trust in some of the community and also a wariness to do with economy also some limiting beliefs about how abundance doesn’t find you easily and how you have to ‘hold tight’ onto it lest it should disappear. Asking Gabriel to help you release your fear after all she says what is done is gone and it does you no good to fester, turn your face to the sun and thank god for all the blessings you do have such as your loved ones, your health and much besides, and this she says if focused upon entirely with gratitude will start to turn the wave of ‘luck’ most certainly in your favour.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael

Question From: Lori
Does my biological mother hear me talk to her?

Dearest Lori it is Archangel Azrael the mighty archangel who carries our loved ones with his legion of loving angels to the other side – where they can watch us when ever they wish and partake in our growth with love and affection. In cases where a loved one is adopted or separated by earthly circumstance, there is always a golden thread that attaches us as soul mates even if we never ‘meet’ knowingly in this life. Your mother and all of your family both from blood, soul group and any other kind, hear you and know you love them and know when you need them they are as they would be if choice existed, only ever a heartbeat away. Rest knowing you are loved eternally.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Azrael
Question From Patricia
I miss my mom, dad, and my oldest son who are no longer here in the flesh.I often believe I sense them but I do not know how to acknowledge their presence. I don't know who's visiting but I know it is one of them and others I miss.How might I know who is around?What do I need to do? I try to thank everyone who visits but I never know exactly who is visiting. Thanks.

Dearest Patricia, It is the Mighty Archangel Michael of strength love and reassurance who comes to help you. You are absolutely correct in feeling they are with you. When an angel, loved one or spirit guide comes to be with us they come in a few different ways you may sense them as a tickle or prickle within your aura and just become ‘aware’ of their presence, usually you will get a strong sense of who it is when this happens, they come down your crown and stand within you auric field so you are aware of them you may also get an overwhelming sense of peace or reassurance come through your heart chakra, most people are not aware that the hearth chakra as all the chakras actually faces outwards but is against the back bone, the centre of the heart centre actually stretches ‘backwards’ energetically into the ether not ‘through’ our back meaning that when we get ‘feelings’ of love or empathy when we are thinking of a loved one or angel they are actually inflating their energy and flowing it through us yet it doesn’t come from us it is a blending of their energy and our awareness and your thoughts will usually turn to this person when this happens. distance is no object to those in spirit yet sometimes they find it hard to connect with us when we are awake as either we may feel unnerved or we are not aware enough of them so if you feel your loved ones around you when you are waking up or if you have a vivid dream or ‘remember’ being with them this happens as well. Your team tells me you are loved and visited by four family members and you are correct in sensing when they are with you, yet they are with you more besides and tell you ‘relax we love you and all is well'.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael

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Amy fieldhouse says June 15, 2018

Am i forgiven ?please help me that you help me turn as a good person… please help me

kris says February 4, 2018

I often see the numbers/ time 9:11. I recently started a new job, and my employee number is 9111. I sign in and out of The time clock every day with this number. The place where I recently started volunteering, the code to unlock the door is also 9111.
I regularly find Canadian dimes. What are the angels trying to tell me?

Deekshitha says July 28, 2015

I always see the love symbol… What does that indicate? wherever I see whatever I see I could see heart symbol everywhere in it…sometimes I feel that someone want me to smile…

Muskaan Singh says February 2, 2015

I have been into miserable relationship before and now as I connect to my guardian angels, they have given me the intuition of who my true soul mate is, but I am not sure if it’s the angels putting those thoughts or its my ego mind. I wanna know who my true soul mate is and what do I do to attract him to my life, if it’s the same guy who I think it is, he is already in a relationship with someone else. I am so confused and in pain. I don’t know what do to as I don’t want to get hurt again. Please help.

Deborah Morgiewicz says December 15, 2014

I have had a very strained relationship with my daughters. I want to feel like part of their life and them both to love me. I was always there for them, and worked very hard to put them thru college. I do not understand their issues, but I want them to get past it. I was and am a good mom. their lack of appreciation astounds me sometimes . Will it get better or what can I do? Thank you so much

jose manuel prado says November 21, 2014

will be leave my country to live in another with my son?

Debra says November 21, 2014

Good Morning,
I know I have a gift,when will it manifest and what and when will my true calling be revealed?

Cyndi says November 20, 2014

my husband died January 2014 and I have had financial struggles I try to be strong I had a dream and that both my husband and my grandfather came to me in the dream and they told me to be calm and I have had angel feathers in my house I found 1999 penny when me and my husband first met and asked my angel for 2014 penny if the penny came from above and I found it by my chair where drink coffee I just wanted to know from my angels will things get better I am so sad this will be my first holiday without my husband which angel is supporting me I feel a presence on minute strong and confident

Natalie Kelly says November 16, 2014

Hi, my daughter and I sitting on back doorstep saw two robin redbreasts sitting side by side watching us. It was cold outside but we dare not move as watching them was exiting, this lasted about two minutes, we sat like statues in or watching,has this a meaning.

Name *cosimo says November 16, 2014

My Twin Flame Reunion??…

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