Ask the Angels~ Weekly Angelic Answered by Sheelagh

Ask the Angels~ Weekly Angelic Answers by Sheelagh

ask the angels

Ask the Angels Column!

When I picture my life the way that I would like to create it I see many different levels that I am satisfied living. How do I know which one to aim for? I used to be so sure of what I wanted but now I am not sure of anything. Thank you and Namaste.

~Lisa, Wisconsin USA

My Dearest Child It is I Archangel Chamuel, angel of love and self love and all that is of the heart. I implore you not to be so hard on yourself – we the Angels and Archangels that know all and see all see and feel your confusion, this is not a subject that is any less painful or challenging just because you are a very happy and loving soul. We say to you from our heart to yours that your capacity to visualize the life or lives that you would like to live is itself a gift, value this gift for it is true to say that what we focus on we draw towards us.

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The divine grants every wish, every boon, and it is only to the extent that you allow the loving energy of the Universe to greet you warmly that shall dictate whether or not you actually experience these levels of freedom. I say to you that from where you are positioned now it may seem as though all of these realities is a long way off, yet the future is always created in the now moment – thus your ability to create scenes that you would enjoy is the vital ingredient to the recipe.

The Angel Michael says to you through me that your stability is your foundation and all else up from here is a creative masterpiece one that the artist is not completely satisfied with and needs adjustments this way or that a matter of personal preference. The next step is to harmonize your energy with the visions of the mind, and to start to take the next step to draw the energy envisioned towards you. Rather than worrying about ‘which reality fits best' we ask you instead to return your focus now to the world you are in and the life you are in for there are parts of your life that do not feel nurturing enough for you, it is these areas that need to be focused upon in such a way that they will act as magnify and draw the very essence of your joy towards you in a short time.

Understand that the way you feel about your current life situation is the denoter of whether you will experience the futures you have envisioned, so focusing on your current experience through appreciative eyes will begin to transform not just your mood but also the point of attraction which is the filter through which experience flows in.

Ask your self what feels good in your life, and then seek to expand this feeling in as many ways as you can. See the levels within your current experience that you are satisfied in living and this like a loving virus will spread through your life and coat everything with divine loving energy to take you forward to the reality that is truly right for you.

Channelled by Sheelagh Maria

What am I being guided to do next with my gifts, abilities, and education so that I can help others, so that I feel happy, fulfilled, excited, and energized with what I do to help others help themselves, and that will abundantly provide for my family, and yet, still provide me with ample time to spend with my family and for my hobbies/interests?
~Pamela, Canada

Archangel Gabriel steps forward to be with you today. She mentions that you are a creative intuitive lady however there is a block around the direction you should take this block is old energy and also the fear of starting out on the wrong path and so you don't start down any path at all. Gabriel says that you are a lightworker however dont fall into the flawed premise that you are here to save others, when your own work is beckoning first.

psychic readingGabriel says that it is true you have many abilities but until you have explored with joy and accepted the pace at which these abilities will manifest themselves they cannot provide abundantly for you in material form. It would be a little like a student doctor earning money performing surgery before he is qualified. Gabriel says it is admirable that you have recognized that you wish to be of service, however she also says that you have to move past the sign that says ‘I must be sure before i start' it is a matter of exploration and every soul comes here filled with excitement at the prospect of that adventure it may be quicker if we were to tell you your soul purpose yet that would negate the point of being in physical reality completely.

You are by nature a counselor a teacher a healer, you are someone who thrives on feedback from those around her and you also possess certain Psychic abilities. The answer to what you should do is a personal one however Gabriel says do what makes your heart sing for when your heart sings it echoes out into the Universe round the stars and back and brings back blessings too numerous to count!

You are so blessed to be living in an age when sometimes there is too much choice, start with an activity that you know excites you or that you simply enjoy, and ask your Guardian Angels (for you have two that are yours exclusively) to guide you towards your next step.  Your Psychic abilities are better placed at a higher level than hauntings etc and we would like to see you working with healing energy or crystals or angels.

We offer courses through ask-angels where you will be taught to connect with the angels, sense their energy, and begin to translate their messages and guidance for yourself, you will over the course of the weeks (5) also be taught to channel angel healing and tune into the frequency of those you have not met.

Gabriel says whatever route you take abundance comes from our hearts first, so even if it were a child happily making mud pies the abundance would come from feeling it and then it will flow back.

We wish you well upon your adventure and ask that you remember it is all meant to be joyful!

Channelled by Sheelagh Maria

I've been very unhappy with my recent employment. In fact it's depressing knowing that you are taken for granted. Will I ever find something that could be rewarding as much as happiness in a job?
Carole, Canada

Archangel Haniel with her soft nurturing energy is stepping forward to work with you. Carole you are in a catch 22 situation. You feel undervalued and frustrated in your job, so the Universe as a entire organism hears ‘she wants more unhappiness and to be more undervalued' now we know that is not true and it is not what you are consciously asking for.

Haniel says you are a sensitive lady and feel the energies that are not spoken but are an undercurrent very keenly around you. When you are exposed to these energies on a daily basis they can leave you feeling drained distracted and unable to make the clear decisions to get you moving forward again.

The first thing you need to do is appreciate that whatever you want IS entirely possible and you CAN have joy in a ‘job' (i ADORE my job and I speak for many fulfilled light workers and souls around the world) you can't see that it is possible now but it is this very limitation on your thinking and ability to visualize that is also keeping you stuck.

We are all entirely responsible with out knowing it for the reality we create.

Even as children we learn to manifest one way or another by our up bringing our parents views and what society around us has taught us to ‘expect' however even in the poorest of communities there are those that break the mold and create a new life for themselves.

Haniel wants you to understand that as a sensitive lady or an 'em-path' you will be akin to energetically walking naked amongst your fellow co workers (and anyone else you are around) and you will absorb all of Their unhappiness frustration anxiety and lower vibrating emotions.

The first step is to protect yourself Every day without fail and this is very simple, i would usually ask Michael to protect you but Haniel is perfect for you as her energy is more sensitive and light like yours.  Imagine a blue cloak going around your body and simply say ‘Haniel protect me from all manner of harm – thank you' and go out to work.

When you get home please either have a sea salt bath as this will remove energy or/ balance your chakras. You will find really good chakra balancing meditations on You tube. The next step is to understand that what you focus on comes back to you in so many ways. So if you are focusing on all that does not feel good you are weaving your own cage without realising it. Haniel says you cannot go from being miserable to ecstatic in one moment yet what you can do is reach for the next level in terms of higher emotion. The new job will come when you are not so focused about being urgently needing to leave where you are it's ‘closing the gap between what you want and what you have' you can have what you want however it is a process that takes time and you need to be in alignment (allowing) what you want to have to manifest for you. People often fear looking for the positives in a negative situation because they think the door will slam and they l be trapped there, the reverse is true the fastest way to get what you want is to let go and allow your self to go with the flow – gently.

Haniel says do honour how you feel, however don't allow this to become brooding. Do things in your lunch break or get up an hour early and spend some time doing yoga or meditation, eat a lighter diet so that your energy levels are higher and also invest in some activities when you are away from work that make you feel nurtured.

Developing your gifts in any sense is a wonderful way to move forward, Yoga or tai chi will also get rid of all this old energy. Haniel says with a smile you have it in you to draw the job towards you that is right for you, yet right now it is deciding that you are fed up enough to start looking for the parts that are not so bad and feeling gratitude for these.

Feeling gratitude is not about making it easy for those you work with it is about making it easier for yourself not only will you feel better instantly you will also be able to see that this situation is entirely temporary and is not something you have to settle for.  So if you want to make those changes start to day and Haniel will help guide you towards something more authentically you

Channelled by Sheelagh Maria

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