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Ask the Angels, Sunday 01-05-14

I am having a hard time work wise at the moment. I feel like I have worked hard in the past but feel like I have gotten nowhere. I am thinking of studying part-time while I work to create something new. What do you see me doing?
~Sarah, New Zealand

Hi there Sarah, the angel stepping forward to guide you is Archangel Gabriel, she says straight away you are ‘suffering' from the most human illusion of having to work hard to get anywhere. She asks you gently but straightly ‘how many people do you know that work hard all their lives and moan that they have little at the end of it?' the trick is to understand and identify that your perception that you have to work hard is only going to send out the signal to the Universe that this is what you expect and then unfortunately the tune will keep on playing.

She suggests that when we have chores to do whether these are domestic or in a job that we don't particularly love, we open up to the possibility that we are always in the flow of well being and abundance and it is only the extent that we allow it in that makes a difference to what we receive in terms of success money and recognition – so getting your thoughts in gear for looking for the ease in which you are able to achieve what you need to achieve and allow yourself to see how easy it is to do what you ‘have' to do and then by allowing yourself to take pleasure for yourself in other pursuits ‘away' from work over time your ‘tone' will change and the new positive easily flowing nature of your thoughts like the tides will wash in new and easily acquired opportunities…

It is up to you. The ‘danger' Gabriel says is that you will attract in short term opportunities that do not benefit you or satisfy you for long. She says escaping the ‘prison' of your reality right now will only emesh you in another constricted or unwanted reality further downstream. So Gabriel asks you to be the leader and take responsibility and
accountability for the way you view your reality now by viewing where you are with fresh and grateful eyes and focusing on exactly how you would like it to feel in the future and starting to really embrace the limitless possibilities that there are you Have to draw them towards you. SO what do ‘we' see you doing? Perhaps being disappointed by this advice as it puts you firmly and lovingly in the driving seat. You are the creator of your reality nobody else and as such you can and shall have exactly what you believe you will. The rest she says lovingly is up to you!

~Sheelagh Maria with Archangel Gabriel

I wanted to know if I'll be moving to Hawaii in 2014? I feel guided to live there. Thank you <3
~Angela, MD

Jophiel and Metatron are the angels stepping forward to work with you here, Metatron says you have had a past life in this part of the world which is why it calls to you. He asks you to identify if you can, for the future rather than the past,
what it is you feel will benefit you about Hawaii?

I am shown that it is entirely possible however I am seeing pressing concerns that needs to be addressed financially before this more becomes a reality. The answer Jophiel says is not that you cannot live there but Will you live there?

So often we take the view point that it is up to the Universe to deliver to us point blank with no effort exactly what we desire and if this doesn't happen it can feel like it was never meant to be.

I am feeling a disappointment within your reality that you live at the moment and Metatron says it is to clear out the old energy and get motivated about your life NOW rather than focusing completely on the golden question will I move this year?

At the moment it is not in the lap of the gods, it is in your lap and indeed in your hands. Jophiel says patience is key and understanding is the way to move from a to b. Allow your joy and value of where you are and all it has given you, to be the magnet that draw it towards you firmly and forever if this is what you want.

So will you move without effort? No.

Will you move with positive expectation belief and appreciation for all that your life currently gives you? Yes

If you use this valuable and Universal tool then not only will you move but you will positively GROOVE in Hawaii and the song of your life will show you all that you can manifest and much much more.

~Clairaudient Angelic Channel, Sheelagh Maria

I found out that my deceased husband had numerous affairs during our marriage. I want to know more about this so that I can forgive him and set him free. I will then find inner peace and also be set free so to speak.  I am going through torture not knowing what happened – I am suicidal. I desperately need answers
~Jane, United States 

Jane the angels are coming forward to shower you with love and guidance They do state and so must I for ethical and caring reasons that you do need to seek immediate support regarding your feelings. There is absolutely no judgement towards you in spirit you have had a very hard time however the help you truly need is from the medical community.

That said the angel Raphael is coming forward to bring a little light onto the subject you have asked about. Raphael says that forgiveness is absolutely the right way forward for many reasons but rather than this being so you can ‘have him back' it is to understand that the energy around you is showing many old patterns of fear which attracts more of the same.

By forgiving him you not only set him free to find his own path and learn his own and numerous soul lessons, it also allows you to move on and seek the healing and help that will allow fresh and loving energy to come in to you. It is very easy to feel its been done ‘to' you when someone you love hurts you in this way it is to understand he is hurting himself above anyone else.

He has much unresolved energy that is swirling around and rather than face this head on he is avoiding it by jumping directly into another line of fire. In many ways his affairs are symptoms rather than the virus itself the reasons he felt the need to act in this way can only be uncovered by him. It is also Raphael says with love to understand that by forgiving him you are allowing him at soul level and yourself to take back your free will your marriage not being a ‘lock' to keep you both in but rather an agreement that either of you can abdicate at any time.

You are being guided to visualize the cords between you being cut as old energy is pining up and down these cords and you are actually taking in more of his unresolved energy than is yours. So by cutting these cords both of you can start to heal. It may seem far away at this moment but the idea of you being happy once more and being able to choose who deserves your time and love is a very real possibility once you have moved on from this place that you are in at this moment.

Raphael assures you this is not your fault or ever was, in spirit there is no fault there is only growth forgiveness love and understanding. There is an infinite among available for you as well as for him. Seek the support that is right for you sooner rather than later and the angels are walking with you loving you and seeing what the future can hold. Sending all their love They now step back.

~Sheelagh Maria

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