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How will my housing and financial situation turn out.. Will I have to move?.. Will I be able to provide for my children alone?.. Will I meet my soul mate soon and will I be a healer?.. Wm I on the right path?Thank you.

~Margaret, Ireland

Hi Margaret, Gabriel is the angel stepping forward to work with you she asks you to trust your ability to manifest your desires and your ability to bring forth from the etheric dimensions what you need.

I am shown that you have to take ownership of your life and make the decisions for yourself rather than waiting for those decisions to be made or forced upon you. Understand that our physical reality reflects our inner reality and that your outer reality is created by the way you perceive yourself – it is time to take responsibility for these areas and get clear in your mind the way you wish it to be versus the way it is right now.

As this is for one question only Margaret, I can share with you that you are a healer but you need to heal yourself first, there are old energetic attachments and patterns that are preventing forward energy coming in ie the manifestation of your dearest dreams it is making you feel ‘stuck' like you can't see a way out.

Your guidance here dear, is to go within and trust and go with the flow, breathe slowly pink light in through your crown and through all of your chakras, ask us to guide you to take the next step and we will… We can't do it for you but we will help you to decide what your next step should be…

Have more faith in yourself and your path will grow outwards. ( We do offer Channelled angel readings Margaret where all of your questions about spiritual pathway and ability and how to grow these and any other questions are answered)

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria


I feel I will always be alone I want to have a meaningful relationship with someone who will love me is my friend km the one?

Simone, New York

Hi There Simone. Michael is stepping forward and highlighting your Guardian Angel, as the angel that is there for you all of the time, and knows you really well. Now is the time to define what in reality this means. Does this mean someone who will always be there expecting and wanting the best for you?

Holding out that you are the most wonderful and loving person who deserves non stop love and abundance? Who will be with you forever come what may? Is married to you heart an soul in a way no other can be? If this is what you want, the answer is you can and shall have this – when you have decided to stop looking externally.

In spirit there is a massive soul called You, a beautiful spark of Source energy that has sent out its beloved ‘soul fragments' out to live physical lives and to come back and ‘merge' with the whole. This larger and infinetly loving ‘you' is the spirit you need to connect with, viewing it as ‘lesser' because you think that someone outside of you can bring you what is right for you is not going to help.

You need to appreciate that You are the love of your life and that when you take the time and the commitment to honour this and nurture yourself then the Universe will bring you a soul from your soul family to assist you with this quest of love and commitment to yourself. and then to each other.

It is time to see that the greatest love affair in the world is within our own hearts and when we externalise this and ‘pin' this on someone else they can only hold that candle for a short time. It is paramount to know that yes you have soul mates and yes you can Easily most easily attract one in, the way to do this like everything is so simple – trust yourself allow yourself to enjoy being your self be gentle with your self see how well you have done and see that all is as it is meant to be accept your self faults and all as you came here to learn and grow.

Reap the seeds of self love that you sow and when you Keep doing this over the coming months you will meet more and more people who resonate at the loving level you will have put yourself on. It is important to appreciate that the old adage of the other half of you being separate to you is actually a long time myth, someone can come in to compliment you but if you are doubtful or unloving about your own deservedness then by the Law Of Attraction this is what you attract and there can be no other out come.

We see that you have some one about you who is dear to you but this is a friend this is someone who isn't sure about them selves either, when you are sure about who you are and what you expect for you, you will not need to ask the question!

Be in love, become in love this valentines day with you and make this love affair about nurturing yourself with your language of yourself to others and to yourself and make this about activities that feel good to you. When you do this you are opening a door that will deliver a bouquet of people from different walks of life but with one thing in common you all ‘smell' of mutual love and respect and in this ‘bunch ‘ of loving blooms will be the love that blooms. Go get em and love yourself first!

~Clairaudient Angel Channel Sheelagh Maria


I'm feeling intuitive, Im aware that my knowledge and understandings of how the mind mechanisms work are pretty deep, Iknow quite a few therapies for mental/emotional healing, I got “tools” to help me (orgonite, crystals, etc.. ), I talk to angels like almost daily – I see Archangels's Michael blue colour as lines, flashes around me since the moment i talked to a year ago… But, as it seems to me, to quite little success, as I conceptualize it for me, my life. I suffer emotionally , I feel “trapped” in my mind. If it wasn't sad it would be funny.. I almost feel insulted that I can't “get it right”..with me, my life…what's going on, angels ? Thank you !

~Gabriel, Romania

Hi Gabriel, so Raphael the angel of healing is stepping forward and he is saying slow down. You are trying to hurry through the steps rather than enjoying this amazing gift you have. You came here to be a messenger but sometimes the messages don't come through as clear as you would like – it is your understanding of how these messages are coming rather than the fact that they are coming (which they clearly are) that needs clearing and understanding. Many people ‘expect ‘ the angels to ‘prove' themselves, the angels work on faith. They will show you they are with you however they have no need to ‘prove' it for that does not resonate with trust.

The messages themselves are there, you feel them, you need to appreciate the angels are far far above our lower denser vibration and so your job is to gain a better understanding of what you are receiving and how you are receiving it.

Then it is your job to heighten and lighten your vibration and show the angels you are committed to this work that you have suck a knack for. There are many ways of doing this. Understanding your gift

Some people do not see externally or hear externally, it does not mean you are not a channel or messenger or do not have a gift. Those that see externally are actually projecting the energy outwards – the energy comes down through the crown into the heart and is then ‘made sense of' through the heart chakra third eye chakra solar plexus chakra or crown chakra – or ear chakras, so to understand that the way You get it is in this particular way with these particular tools is what is important.

If you feel ‘insulted' then you are blocking your progress yourself, they won't stop working with you for they love you unconditionally however like it is difficult to teach a child who is having a tantrum how to ride a bike even if they are nearly there they will wait until you have decided you Really want to do this before they open you up further.

It is up to you how soon or how long this will take next week or forever? Down to you. I would advocate falling in love with it and advocate enjoying it as it opens the doors. trying to measure your progress is like measuring sand on a beach Raphael says really what is the point?

Enjoy the beach rather than count the sand. We do offer courses that help you on a one to one base define and get to know your gift we also help you to understand what you are getting and help you to open up to more.

Have a look at the Angelic Coaching we teach up to channelling and hands on or distant healing and reading energy remotely for yourself and others. Otherwise find a meditation you like and enjoy it keep doing what you are doing but ask the angels to make themselves clearer. Lightening your diet is a great idea as is cleansing and clearing all of your Spiritual psychic chakras on a daily basis

Sending you his love Raphael wishes you well.

~Angel Channel and Clairaudent Sheelagh Maria

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