Ask the Angels Column with Sheelagh

Ask the Angels Column with Sheelagh

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Hi my name is Jessica, we have been struggling financially lately. Will my financial situation get any better? Will Anthony and I last in this relationship??
~Jessica, Phoenix, Az

Hello Jessica. Your Guardian Angel Steps forward and he says you have got yourself in a right old pickle. He loves you unreservedly and says that you have taken life far too seriously. He says that there are people around you who have struggled and continue to do so and there are also people that are doing very well. he says you have momentarily stopped believing in magic and so just like in Peter Pan when they say faeries die if nobody believes the Universe has to bring you evidence of your beliefs…

Your Angel wants you to know that when you were a child magic was very real. And shutting down occurs over a period of time. He says to you that it is time for you to move away from those that uphold the fact that ‘struggle' is a reality for them and even if your Partner believes for him this is how it is you believing in something different will not only increase Your flow of abundance but he will want to know your secret and his vibration over the course of time will change and his flow will increase too. Now will it happen with no effort or work? Will you win the lottery? Not likely – however we are all still children and Your Angel wants you to know that just as Angels exist so do faeries and other forms of magic they are all around us if we open our hearts to the possibility only then can they show themselves to us. So he says what's it going to be? Struggle and more of the same or something different? You created the struggle with your focus so you can certainly create something different.

Now is the time to look to what you Do have perhaps the bits you have taken for granted like your health or your current happiness (know that this is how the future is drawn in) and allow yourself to see that it is entirely possible for your life to start to change and grow for new abundance to flow in. It is up to you. So how do you do this? By focusing on what is good and feeling gratitude for it, by focusing on how you want your life to feel rather than projecting forward (he reminds you we do this out of fear and that all you need is in the here and now) some energy work to clear your aura and heart chakra would be of benefit to you as is removing the ancestral block of ‘struggle' in heart centred areas too.

You are a sensitive lady and pick up other peoples feelings and feel them as if they were your own, by tuning into your own intuition rather than other peoples you will begin to benefit from your Angels unswerving love and advice. His name is Enshante and he wants you to know he is always by your side. He says it is time to get in touch with the fun side of your nature and bring fun rather than struggle and seriousness to your relationship with Anthony. Your relationship will undergo transformations as you grow and get into connection with your power your strength will allow Anthony to learn to trust in himself and also in your bond and yes it will last if this confidence is brought out of you. Children have so much to teach us their unswerving belief that everything will be all right means for them it always will be whatever that is.

We offer Guardian Angel readings and this would be an opportunity to learn more about Enshante and your own spiritual gifts and teach you to connect with him and begin reaching for the stars.

~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria 

My world is falling apart.The girl whom i loved left me.I`m deeply hurt and very confused about my career.Most of the time i think that i`ve made great mistakes for which i`m i`m being punished and i`ve lost track of my soul purpose.I ask guardian angels and ascended masters to bring me happiness,comfort and bring be on my soul path but still i don`t think i`m on the right path.I`m trapped between the choices i made,my actions and my deep wishes.I`m worried about my future and wonder if i will be coming on my soul purpose again.
~Junaid, New Delhi, India

Junaid its all okay. I know it seems right now that the world has fallen in on itself with no light to be seen but sometimes when it all collapses it is actually part of the rebuilding process. I am starting this from me someone who only 8 years ago was in a homeless refuge and now offers love and guidance to people round the world so don't be scared of failure or pain because they are necessary components towards our road to success.

The angel stepping forward to help you is Archangel Metatron the Angel of prioritization motivation and magic and miracles. Metatron says this was part of your souls plan to see that through adversity and opposition you had the strength to overcome and he says despite how it feels you are on course to taking control of your life and when you do this all of these symptoms will fade and you will begin to see the magic that is your divine birthright. The Angels are with you. You have 2 Guardian Angels and several guides they have not deserted you but the ‘way ‘ that you expect to hear them or receive your help is not the way it will come.

They help us learn our lessons but cant do it ‘for' us so they can't bring you happiness however they can point out where you are going wrong in bringing it to yourself. Often it is like a domino effect one part starts to crumble and evolve and then our fury or our frustration at this unwanted change can filter through to other areas of our life and before we know it we are spiralling. acceptance honestly of how it is now is key to start to turn things around also connecting with your inner being the part of you that is timeless and has always existed and will reassure you that you Do deserve love abundance happiness and good things needs to be connected with. Meditation, yoga going for walks and seeing all of the beauty in the world ‘despite' your own trauma at this time (melancholy though it may feel) will help to start to connect you. Your higher self loves you and Knows you have what it takes to transform all of these different areas. What you need is not predictions what you need is motivation to appreciate what is still with you and motivation to take back your power in small ways. Starting with a fresh perspective. Rather than looking at what has gone wrong see where you can make improvements.

The girl was meant to leave she was meant to be the catalyst for change and growth and there is another stronger woman ready to come in when you are feeling a stronger man she is independent and will love you for the amazingly gifted and sensitive man that you are. Starting to take responsibility even for the chaos and seeing that in some way without meaning too your feelings and thoughts have brought this in (not on purpose of course) start asking your Guardian Angels to show their presence to you so that you know you are not alone Lilliana comes to you on Metatrons ray and says to you here ‘It is time to get up dust yourself off and begin again this time knowing that you deserve better feeling that there are options you can choose right now that will start to make you feel more in tune with who you are' Miracles occur when we allow yourselves to believe in ourselves then the magic starts to flow in this is your starting point. I would personally recommend the 5 week course allowing you to raise your vibration and meet your spiritual team here through ask angels as it will asisst you in defining your life purpose and getting the ball rolling in the right direction or at the very least a one hour session to help you have tools to remove these blocks and start to manfiest magic right from where you are. But you are loved of that have no doubt.

~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria 

Will my and my boyfriend's move to the West Coast be successful and will I get work as a successful actress?
~Nora, Connecticut

Hi there the angel stepping forward for you is Gabriel. She says to you here that why would you doubt it would be successful? this is said with genuine confusion and remember Angels have not had physical incarnations so they see us as pure god essence with the magical ability to create. Gabriel says that your boyfriend believes in ‘you' as a couple and wouldn't be doing this if he didn't he has grand ideas for his future and she says lovingly time to take a leaf our of his book. She says that you are trying to keep yourself ‘safe' but ‘safe' won't at any level allow you to reach your potential. There will be obstacles and sometimes we have to move around them and create new ways of doing things the difference between success and failure is only a perspective. Will success fall into your lap as an actress? Non. You will need to prove to yourself how much you want this and you will need to keep your self belief going in the face of rejection. Magic exists but we have to usher it in with baited breath expecting?

You Will need to show the Universe that even in the face of rejection you do still believe. you will also need to realise that success is something that is earn t and it is something that takes time so a plan b needs to be in place as you move through this process. Also success is a relative term. There are many singers vying for the big break and yet there are many successful session and backing singers that are getting paid for doing something they love – whether you see where you will be as the next step or whether you see that you still aren't there will very much determine what flows in what is able to flow in – I am shown that you have what it takes but will you carry on when things get a little rocky work wise that remains to be seen Frustration will be your obstacle if you can relax and do it because you love it even in unpaid roles this will start to show the Universe that you really do love what you do you'd do it for nothing and you will grasp every opportunity to act with an open heart expecting perhaps not success but an opportunity to do what you love again and again and the more you connect with this the more success will come your way.

~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria 

I would like to know my angels names and how many I have as well as any additional advice for my life that I would need to know! Thank you!
~Shaina, Pennsylvania USA

You Guardian Angel and you have two (I only connect with one) is a female energy called Patsy. She is very humours and light and beautiful and she says you have a real gift. She says that self esteem needs a bit of a polish and that you need to develop your abilities so that you can sense her and hear her more clearly because she is just waiting to work with you. She says you are naturally empathic and trusting and are very loving. She says she really wants you to expect higher standards and more for yourself in the treatment of others however she says if you were to start putting in massive walls you wouldn't be you and she loves you so much. regarding your life she says you are in a good place but you doubt your worthiness and this stops a foundation of abundance from flowing to you as it should be. Ask her to help you see her presence around you be open to the good things the Universe has in store for you and expect it. You deserve all of the abundance and love and positive energy that is out there and other peoples dramas are Not your fault you were put here to serve the light and it's okay for the light to serve you too. Ask believe and you shall receive.

~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria 

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