Ask the Angels Column, Weekly Free Readings with Sheelagh

Ask the Angels Column, Weekly Free Readings with Sheelagh

Lotus FlowerQuestion:
What do the angels want me to know for now?
~A, Canada

-Johphiel archangel of patience steps forward and says it has been some time since you felt good about yourself, she wants you to see that all begin and ends with how you feel about you.

She says that at times it feels as though you are going through the motions of acting happy but doesn't resonate very deeply. How you feel about your current reality is what you will attract.

She says there is the possibility for much good to flow towards you if you could open your heart and count your blessings from where you stand. She says your image of yourself could do some work that you are enough and are loving king intuitive and able to see the best in others however it also feels that you have been let down and felt as if you can't say anything about this.

There are improvements around finances coming in for you but she asks you to get active in your life in what interests you and where your passions lie, this is the oil that will grease the wheels and enable the flow to turn quicker in your direction.

~Angelic Clairaudient Sheelagh Maria

I am going through a very ugly divorce. I am stressed and can't wait any more for the final judgement just so I can move on and re begin my life with my little daughter. Could the angels guide me if this is to happen soon? Are happy bright days coming my way?
Love and light.
~Neha, Dubai

Neha it is understandable that you are unable to feel positive and encouraged at this point. Michael steps in and says you have been immensely brave and are going to be absolutely fine in the long run
He says that you do expect more for yourself than you have received and it is this expectation borne of good and healthy self esteem which will see the justice flowing the way it should rather than allowing yourself to sink into bitterness.

Try and allow yourself to see that a transformation is a process and although the end result may be favourable one has to go through the beginning and the middle and the crunchy bits in between in order to get to the end and a new chapter opens. Now is the time to recognize that is what is happening this process is going to take another 4 months in total but way before then you will feel the energy lifting and moving you will feel his influence receding and the judgements that have been made of you or about you will matter less than the impending freedom which is flowing in all around you.

Realise that you are a strong woman and that no are not being given any more than you can b ear and you will learn many lessons in the process. Try and focus on the here and now and on the small moments of softness and gentleness in the interaction with your daughter rather than the course vibrations which are running through the exteriors of your life this is not really who you are or what is meant for you but just the outer edges of your reality being worn away so that the fresh under coat can shine through and surround you like a new second skin.

You have what it takes but don't fall into regret there is no way to go but forward and resisting the temptation to look back and apportion blame (some of it is just what is and some energies are just not at your level my love -Sheelagh). You are a teacher and a intuitive woman who will do very well emotionally and materially in the future as long as you remember you came here for better days than these but thrive in these moments too. You are strong and beautiful and like a willow you will bend not break

~Angelic Clairaudient Sheelagh Maria

I have struggled to define my life purpose. I do counseling work and I know I am being sent the right people coming through the door. But I also feel like I am at a standstill with my personal journey. Can the beautiful angelic beings help to clear up the blockage?
~Maureen, Arizona

Dearest Mauren for some time we have been watching your progress with interest please know that we have not foresaken or forgotten you. It is the time now for you to accept the responsibility to release the belief systems of how this progress can happen.

Very often you have been waiting for signs and waiting for the changes to come we applaud your patience and your loving nature however momentum needs to be gained and the gears and wheels can only start turning when you personally take the handbrake off.

We are saying to you here that your desire for progress is the destination however the journey needs to be started in the physical a desire to move forward is no good if one stands still. Your team of angels are standing by ready to walk with you and ask you to realise that there is nobody holding a door closed.

You have certain spiritual gifts however you also have a lot of doubt about whether you could or should use these. This doubt is preventing you from seeing there are no obstacles in reality standing in your way. Starting to include us in your daily life and asking us to show you gently our presence will begin to build your faith in your ability to sense and work with angelic energy.

Clearing out the doubts and limiting beliefs which allow you to think that you do not possess the right or the value to share your wisdom with the larger world will also help yet innately it is discovering your own wisdom that is the first step before attempting to share what you do not yet behold. Be at peace with your self and know that there is no rush there is actually no such thing as time, only an illusion of opportunities not available. Decide today that you wish to delve into your inner knowing and asking me Gabriel to show you with clarity the signs that are being sown along your path and the journey of discovery of your own beautiful gifts will now begin.

~Archangel Gabriel, Channeled by Sheelagh Maria

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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Angela says April 17, 2014

Not sure if the above was meant for me, however, if so, thank you. Yes, there are many things that I do need to be grateful for. When I see all the ongoing tragedies taking place in the world I feel somehow so many of us have been protected. Recently, I have been trying to make it a practice to thank my guardian angel and God for the life they have given me. Surrounded by family and friends, what more could a person ask for. With respect to my passions or interests, there are so many, but none that I could say I can fully dedicate myself to. The fear of going down the wrong road at this stage in life has made me even more confused as to which path to continue on. My prayers are that before its too late, I will eventually do what I was meant to do or be. Thanks again for sharing your gifts and helping those like myself remember what truly is important in life. Many blessings!!

rusty woehrle says March 16, 2014

My grandmother has alzhiemers, can the angels tell me if when she passes away, will she still know who we are? Or will her illness have reached the point to where she wont know us by then?

    Melanie Beckler says March 20, 2014

    Yes your grandmother will absolutely remember you once she passes… Alzheimers affects the physical mind but not the consciousness of the soul. My grandmother actually suffered with Alzheimer’s as well, and now that she is in Heaven she has contacted me several times, and it was so wonderful to see her so mentally clear, happy and well.
    Many blessings to you. ~Melanie

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