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Ask the Angels Column, Sunday Jan 19, 2014

Ask The Angels!

Question: What's wrong with me?,since as a kid our life is full of suffering, my dad loses his job,unending court cases( my great 2x grand father left a piece of land farm for  us but land grabbers took it away from us) case still goes on. Our family is not a happy anymore. But we never stop and believing in God, we help as we could then afterwards those we help will harm us or do bad things,etc. We just want to be financially free and happy.

~Maria, Philippines

Hi Maria. the angels stepping forward to work with you today are Metatron angel of magic manifestation and miracles and also Michael.  M & M I call them. They say to you here lovingly things are exactly the way you expect them to be.  They are stating fact that there is a long line of depression or perceptions of lack and so through what you have seen felt heard and know this is what you have learned through experience life will be like and so of course the Universe who doesn't understand that you Don't want this just hears through your feelings thoughts and focus that this IS what you are asking for.

You are not being punished. You do have energy imbalances and blockages from your karmic and ancestral line that need to be cleared then your aura needs a good spring clean and you need to pay attention to focusing on what you want more of.  The only place to start bringing in what you don't yet have (but want) is right from where you are.  The belief in God does not make any difference to your point of attraction.  This is why good people that work all their lives and get very little and then on the opposite side people who maybe are not as ‘deserving' of good and abundance seem to have it come to them because they wholeheartedly Expect it and go out and get it…

Michael says that it's not all bad. You are starting to realize that there is more to your life than what you can see touch and feel. This is a start a really good start, you are intuitively aware that there is something you must be able to do to change your fortunes.  I am shown here a family quarrel with landowners or neighbors which actually caused a lot of bitterness and a feeling of being ‘done over' this feeling has been soaked into your DNA and so you automatically see that you don't have what you feel by rights you ‘should. aligning your thoughts with the very best in your life feeling grateful for your health your relationships despite the obvious shortages and feeling grateful for the fact a new day has begun will start to help you change this pattern.  Magic is in the eye of the beholder and is very real, make your life magical by turning on your inner light  An Angel Healing reading would be a good start see the page on here for more details.

~Clairaudient Angelic Channel, Sheelagh Maria


I have Graves disease and i'm not coping very well. I seem to be getting sicker and just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please I need help.

~Gabrielle, Perth Australia

Hi Gabrielle.  The angel stepping forward to help you is the angel of Healing Raphael.  He wants to send lots of healing energy to you and he wants you to know you have more choice than you see at this time

It is understandable when you are ill that you feel that all of the odds are stacked against you and pretty much that is how the energy feels around you at this moment. Just as a set of circumstances takes a while to come together and culminate in chaos and disorder it takes a while for a solution to filter through the debris energetically that is surrounding you right now.  Nurture is needed. there are no magic solutions or magic pills that can halt the progress of the disease however it is also clear that Raphael wants you to take your own power and wield it with compassion for yourself and see how your own power is able to bring in small amounts of fresh energy little by little.  Raphael says it is not about a prediction of things getting worse or better it is about realizing and knowing that however unintended focusing on how ill you feel and how sad you feel at the prospect of things only getting work will only make the descent a certainty and faster and more progressive.  It may sound alien to focus instead on the small things you can do or the small ability you do still possess whether this is reading a book or moving round your house or enjoying a bath or shower, it is by focusing with gratitude (the most potent manifestor and healing energy in the whole Universe) on these small triumphs that the outward burden of illness over time will lessen.  If this feels too much like an impossibility at this stage Raphael suggests focusing on other things entirely either reading a book that uplifts you or focusing on music that ‘takes you away' from the constant worry and churning of fear around and around, even watching films that make you smile or chuckle despite yourself is a wonderful way to allow your point of attraction to change over a course of time  Ultimately if you really wish to get better you will understand that our bodies are simply an extension of our minds and that our outward reality and even health have everything to do with how we feel about ourselves and focusing on how distressed we are will only hasten the progress of your health going down.  Raphael says issue an invitation to your body to cooperate with your heart lightening your heart with music fresh flowers or uplifting material photographs or conversations with carers or family will in turn allow you to lighten your bodies memory of illness to one of nurture and cherishment and over time it is his promise this will lead to a lessening of the symptoms and the healthier lifestyle you so deserve

~Clairaudient Angelic Channel, Sheelagh Maria


Can you give me any insight on 2014?

~Tam,  Milwaukie OR

–Hi Tam.  You are shown as a intuitive person who is ready to make changes in your life but is struggling with the certainty of how you progress.  The angel stepping forward to help you is Gabriel the angel of consistency and leadership also clarity.  She asks you here to take a moment to reflect on what has felt good to you last year what experiences did you have that allowed you to feel uplifted and at peace? Rather than just answering your questions she is asking you to become aware of what you are really looking for  I am shown that you like results and you like progress and want this to really be the year that makes everything feel more exciting more authentically you and more ‘out there' then it has before however there is a lack of clarity in terms of what you are asking for with your vibration.  it is time to recognize that although you are feeling impatient for change more of what you have had is what is coming to you without knowing in your mind how you really wish it to  be.  I am shown people moving away from you as certain relationships reach their natural sell by stage and I am shown movement with career and work  I am shown you branching out on your own and you are expecting other people to catch up.  I am shown yes it is time to learn new things but the ground work will have to be done first and worked through i am also shown that the drive and determination you have needs to be focused and channelled to bring around real change in your life rather than just more dissatisfaction.  The angels are clear that there are big changes ahead in both the area of work and relationships but whether other people are able to do enough and give enough and satisfy your desire for ‘more' is very questionable as you don't actually yet know what it is you expect them to be able to deliver.  Deciding which goals you are going to aim for and then taking responsibility to manifest these changes yourself are going to give the universe permission to assist you rather than resist.  Gabriel says clearly it is time to slow down a little get clear and get out of your own way.  Wishing you success on your path if you need help in getting this life purpose sizzling a one to one mentoring session would help 😉

~Clairaudient Angelic Channel, Sheelagh Maria

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