Ask the Angels Column, Free Angel Readings with Sheelagh

Ask the Angels Column, Free Angel Readings with Sheelagh

Mukeshask the angelsQuestion:
I´m on this seeking, I feel that process it´s one step at time, if I´m on the second level, how many levels are? I´ll make this happen?
~Marcelo, Brasil

Archangel Sandalphon Steps forward to work with your Marcelo. He says that every time you utter a prayer he and his legion of messenger angels swoop in together them up and take them to God. He says that as  a soul you are a seeker and in every incarnation this was and shall be the case.  It's a little like an onion who can say ever how many layers there are? The reason for this is that the Universe is increasing in size and new souls are being born all of the time and so the layers of the Universe are increasing also as is the awareness of Source itself…

So your ‘seeking' will always take you to a new joyful experience and the point is not to finish seeking but to find a new layer of meaning or new way of expressing that which you have learnt and absorbed at the same time.  it is also important to share freely that which you have learnt with those around you a little further on the path behind you.  Your ‘level' is one where the student is enjoying the experience but has little clarity over where the path will take them next so rather than worrying or concerning yourself with how far along the journey you are feel into your current existence and ask your self how you would like your search and seeking to feel? Nourishing, nurturing or are you tired and need to rest a while before deciding on the turn your road will take you next?   Transformation is around the corner spiritually and it is certainly time to clarify which direction you wish to proceed.

There are 12 soul levels for the souls to go through before they rejoin with the light, there is even scope for a human soul to evolve as a master and end up as a planet this is known as th Monadic level.  Gaia herself was a soul once!  So in this way there are plenty more rungs on the ladder to enjoy, and there literally is all the time in the worlds.  You do have a gift and you are being asked to develop this and share this with those along side you.  We offer courses and coaching and it may be something that you would benefit from gaining clarity in your own ability to teach what you so obviously love knowing. Enjoy sowing the seeds and the harvest will gather itself!

~Clairaudient Angel Channel Sheelagh Maria

I am 59 years old and am new to your site. Once I was totally hurting and made a decision and asked for a sign that they were guiding me and I got it in the form of a rectangular rainbow and somehow I knew it was them.  I haven't been able to feel that again.  I just feel so trapped and lost in my current life situation.  My spirit just doesn't feel right I can't explain it.  I feel off kilter and don't know which way to go.  Am I off my path and how can I feel “right” again?
~Terri, Florida

Dearest Terri welcome with open arms and heart Michael says you are at a plateau a time and place which has been accumulated by life not showing you what you wish it too.  You are being shown here the power of your own feelings and thoughts.  When we realize we are a creator and we have created exactly what we are living right now although it may not be easy to accept responsibility for this (for we have usually done this unknowingly) you can then realize your situation is only temporary and that you can create the life of abundance and spiritual fulfillment you came here to enjoy.  If you were in a situation and you really didn't like it you would know of course this is not the way you wish it to be – however if you always got what you desired with no effort required no internal dialogue with your self you would not feel the richness of over coming of accomplishment.

Michael wants you to know that sometimes it is necessary to fall off ones path so that we take the time to take control of how we would like that path to feel.  The challenge to you here is that although you are surrounded by a team of guides and angels – your expectation that they will do it for you is one that they are not allowed to fulfil.  They can show you they are with you they can support you in finding your next step and they can teach you how to gain your own guidance but it has to be you that is steering the car with them as the patient navigators that will give directions when asked.  You are a sentient this means you access you wisdom most easily from your team through your feelings – through knowing when something feels good and knowing when something feels ‘off' to you.  If you open up to this guidance and feel into your heart they re still there and always have been.

Manifestation comes from realizing we are creators we came here to create through contrast, so you know how you don't want it to be – so decide the way you would like (but perhaps don't believe it can be) it to feel?  Your challenge next is to realise you are a vibrational match for the life you are living now as this is the life you are living, though this is ‘old' energy in order for new energy to come in (new situations new opportunities the opening of your obvious gift) Michael says it is time to take responsibility for focusing on your life in a different way.  you don't have to do this of course but nothing can change if you don't.  Start with this site, Michael is with you and has guided you to this, he is asking you to realize that you have far more input into your life than you realised – and now its about getting gentle with yourself (and patient he says with a smile for this situation took time to create and it will take time to uncreate give your self 90 days and a multitude of ways) he says:  start by focusing on the things you take for granted and feel gratitude for them, start doing things slightly differently gently but differently in a much more mindful and considered way. Consider lightening your diet, getting up earlier and watching the sun rise, buying your self fresh flowers and breathing in the colour, asking the Guardian Angels that flank you to show you they are with you.  It is worth noting that the angels are resonating at a hugely differing vibration to you and so just as if you were living in a block of flats and had no phone or email or intercom you would not expect them to run all the way down from the 15th floor you would of course run up half way and meet them there

So too it is time to realise the amount of energy it can take to permeate a cloak of doubt it is like sticky oil.  Accept the smaller of the signals that are brought to you daily.  They can't always give you rectangular rainbows as amazing and loving as that was, keep an eye out accept the song about heaven on the radio accept the word ‘Angel' on a lorry accept an angel figure catching your eye in a shop or a book with the word Angel' in the title.  These are ways the angels are showing their presence to you Open your heart to this.  When we demand they cannot give enough when we allow and accept they will be able to flow more your way.  We also offer individual sessions on this site to help you understand your spiritual gift and start to develop it in safe ways.  Whether you are wanting to know your Angels name or whether you are wanting to know what is ahead our one hour sessions cover all of this and more.  You do have some old energy in your aura from the past that would do well to be cleared an Angel healing reading would really set you back on the right track ready to move into a wonderful future.  Remember to love yourself and that allows us to move in and show you we were always here! Says Michael with a courtly bow!

~Angel Channel Sheelagh Maria

Angels am I going to get through what Iam going through and stay strong confident and positive I want to help so many people.
~Natasha, England

Hi there Natasha Sandalphon is with you as well as Michael and they both want to congratulate you on your beautiful big heart.! They are So proud of you ‘child' (them not me ) they say that you will persevere.  Will it ever feel really really easy? Well no to be honest because life is a challenge and a series of lessons though there is joy and triumph to be found in any and every situation at some level if looked for.  Will you triumph? YES and they say you can feel it is coming.  You have a gift a gift to be able to lift yourself above the challenges that are around you and ‘feel' into the future that there is more to come better to behold.  Right now your energy is low and you are being asked to focus on being there for yourself first.

Regular maintenance of your aura is also needed my dear as there is foreign energy in it and this can make you feel distracted and not sure of which way to proceed.  Save some for you they say.  Also know that imagining the colour pink flowing down through your crown is the colour of unconditional love and will give you all the strength you need.  Angels come to us on our breath, we draw the energy towards us through our heart chakra. So asking Michael to give you strength and then breathing purple ‘down' and through your crown and seeing it filling up your heart will activate his presence 100% you will likely feel him surround you and tingle all over (its lovely)  They say that you do have a few more obstacles (we always do) but you are more than capable of over coming these and please do ask us to make it easier for you he says.  When you ask they will always and have always answered.  it may not be in the way you expect but it will come it has too for this is why we were made says Sandalphon.  He says your prayers have been answered and by the summer things will feel a lot easier.  You are an em path so take care to protect your energy when around people.  You can give more much much more if you are protected other wise it is like taking water to people who are thirsty with a leaky bucket you just can't give them as much .

The angels say you do have a beautiful ability to work with them and if you want some more information about how to do this there are lots of articles on this site that will help.  We also offer angelic clairvoyance or healing teaching sessions on the site so if you want to learn how to  cut cords for people or sense blockages or even send distant angel healing as a channel then get in touch Natasha as Im a teacher through ask-angels an this is what we do here.  You are on your path and it will even out except for a few bumps  Have faith in your ability to proceed! Blessings to you my friend.

~Clairaudient Angel Channel Sheelagh Maria

Please kindly let me know which of the angels has a message for me and what it is. Also will my son and I be content in our new home. Will we be blessed and prosper? Is there something we need to do or know? Thank you so much!
~ Jerri, Canada

Hi there Jerri. Michael is the Angel around you the angel of protection stability and reassurance and also spiritual development. There is a lot of worry from the past around you my friend and a healing session would really help or meditate and let this out to the light. Your future is gong to be happier if you can believe and know this is a fresh start.  The only thing that will get in the way here is your fear says Michael gently. It is as if you doubt your deservedness and if only you could see how lovingly they view you. Michael wants you to know it is now up to you. there have been those that have challenged you and not validated your views and he shows me a man with a perspective that is quite heavy around you.

He says pay them no heed it is time to recreate your life from the ground up it is a building and stabilizing process it is time for you to see that all is well. Yes you will be happy if you allow your self to be and don't look for faults. Happiness is a choice choosing to feel abundant or secure actually brings more of this our way choosing to feel fearful again will only bring this and it is counter productive. The angels are saying that all is in order and this is in deed one of many new beginnings So make your mind up you not only will be happy but Are happy and leave those doubts outside with your son and your boots! Will you prosper in matters of stability and growing contentment yes if you release this old energy why would you not?

~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria

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I have had a lot of hurt here recently and I have asked for guidance and I tend to feel better until certain things happen that cause me to feel lost and hopeless and as though I don’t know where to turn. I guess I’m unsure how to let go when signs are pushing me not too but I know I need too. I get reassurance from reading these posts and the messages I receive. I really would love if there was somehow to get more clarity on what path to take before I end up so confused I shut down. May everyone be blessed. Thank you!

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