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Ask the Angels Column, 2-2-14

Ask Angels!

What is my life purpose and why do I feel like Amber is”the one?
~Casey, Lakeland Florida

Stepping forward to assist you is Archangel Metatron, he says that your soul alarm clock is going off and it's time to get with the flow. Metatron wants you to appreciate that your connection with Amber is based not just from this lifetime which is why it can feel so ‘meant to be' however this doesn't necessarily mean she is ‘the one'.

He asks you to go with the flow allow it to unfold and to trust your own intuition without making promises to yourself about what it ‘must' mean. This is because in truth we don't have one soul mate, a common human misconception, rather we have one soul mate perhaps that is right for us with where we are ‘at' right now.

I am shown Amber isn't quite sure, she is still making up her mind, and this is not said to alarm you but to help you to see that a process of trial and error is the right thing for all enjoy where this sojourn takes you, and allow all good things to flow to you and through you…

You're an intuitive man and do have gifts, it is time to connect with what makes your heart sing and THAT rather than saving the world is whats right for you right here right now. Your gifts are many and we offer courses meditations and coaching to help you unlock these and shine in your potencial. Enjoy your story and tell it your way!
~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I have been given the ability to love so deeply, but many times feel it's a curse. Breaking up from a relationship cuts me to the core. If God is love, why does He hate me to the point of not helping MY pain subside? Why am I always the one getting hurt? Enough is enough. I ask my guardian angels and even The Archangels for help, but ALL seems quiet. Nothing. I am so alone. I have much doubt that God or angels exist.
~Kelly, Goldsboro NC

Hi There Kelly Archangel Michael steps forward to say to you they most certainly do exist but like the sunshine if you can only feel the cold air you would not nessarily be focused on the warmth of the sun penetrating the bite of the wind – he says to you you have a huge capacity for love but that love is turned outwards to wards others and whilst this ability to hold and feel empathy for others is admirable it is not serving you in connecting to your inner love for self as you beleive that only another can love you enough that you will feel satisfied.

Michael says ONLY when you decide to love yourself first and foremost and with passion and empathy and compassion will the one who will feel the same about you be able to enter. He says able to enter because we attract what we are resonating or asking for with our freqency and what you are asking for with your frequency is for some one to love you in the lesser way you love yourself and when they of course dont (because they don't feel this for themselves so cannot feel it for you) you feel it is your ‘fault' or something missing.

Go back to basics dear he says.IF a mother loves her unborn child she will take care of ‘the vessel' that carries the child because she wants it to be healthy and safe and even when born the mother must care for her self primarily so that the childs needs are able to be met – it is time for you to understand that what the Universe is hearing is that you are ‘asking' for these lesser loving energies because you are focusing on ‘please love me i love you more than me ‘ and so this is ALL it can flow your way.

The answer is simple take some time quite a lot of short term time to list your good points, then take some time to experience Your good points so you feel grateful for these, when you get to the point that you are so busy enjoying Your good points and enjoying being you you will have no time for wondering why others don't feel the same about you as you feel about them because you will be too busy having a good time feeling good about being you, and then and only then but most certainly then, you will have to draw into your life the soul mate that will most promisingly look at you and see the sun and moon and stars reflected in your eyes, but my dear you need to recognise them in Your heart first. if you want forever love find it in yourself first and then it will come and it will stay and hurt will be as much a thing of the past as being unhappy. You can have this but you need to love your self more than anyone else.

The angels aren't quite, they are trying to make you realise, they will show you they are there but they cant prove it to you if your heart is closed to yourself open your heart and allow the love of the angels and the love of your non physical and higher self to guide you towards the very best this and only this is what you deserve.
~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

Question to Archangel Raziel.
Can one talk to God ?
~Dimitar, US

-Yes. I am talking to you here dear one. I although I am known as Raziel am a spark of a flint of god. The method in talking to god is to realise that god or source or whatever you term this higher power to be is actually part of everything and every one else it is a little like trying to talk to one part of the wind all breeze and air is part of the force of nature known as wind where separateness can not truly ever occur.

God or source is everywhere like water that makes up our bodies and the light that allows us to see and the air that allows us to breathe – Source energy IS source energy IS being a human an animal a plant a cup a child or a flower. Source energy flows constantly and currently through anything conscious and everything unconscious.

From your point of view which is to do with channelling or gaining ones own guidance our guidance to you is to connect to your I Am presence which resides in spirit in a colossal degree. Its luminosity like a thousand suns and even then these would be a 20 watt bulb compared to your own higher majesty. Is not the ocean held within a drop of water we say to you? So your higher self is the part of you that is most closely connected to source energy and all that is needed to hold a conversation with your I Am presence is to simply start to connect to your Inner Being or your soul.

Your ‘soul' is the higher part of your conciousness that resides in spirit and has ‘thought' you into presence physically, so your conversations or ability to get guidance from this part of you will always be met with obstacles if you are identifying with the mind as with any channelling process. Connecting to your soul can be done in many simple ways, meditation on the breath, inviting the soul and mind to work together during the waking presence of your day and also being in the ‘now' moment by observing yourself thinking and feeling are ways of beginning to draw the higher you or god essence part of you towards yourself in a greater capacity. ( Please be assured god is not ‘higher' than you or ‘better' than you it would be like asking which part of a dog is better the legs or the head? Without either the dog would struggle to function. we suggest you begin by recongising your own innate worth as a spiritual being and working inwards from there dear child. Raziel. You may like to note that our course ‘Story of Your Soul‘ aims to assist you with just this connecting you to your team of spiritual helpers and also to your own higher and most perfect spiritual self.
(Do connect with Sheelagh if this is something you would like assistance with.)
~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I have come to a point where I just can't carry on any more. I have no idea as to what I must do, when to do it, where I'm going and why I'm here. I just can't any more.
~Ronel, South Africa

My Dear Child what is it that you cannot carry on doing any more? (Michael the Archangel stepping forward in complete love and support for you) Being stressed? Feeling in adequate? Or not knowing what your goal or how to pull yourself together again dear child?

Let us reassure you from a spiritual perspective sometimes ‘falling apart' is a little like a engine that has ceased from over use and needs gentle coaxing and encouraging back to life there are parts that need lubrication and parts that need replacing but altogether there is nothing wrong with the engine it simply needs some TLC. Your tender loving heart and your tender loving soul is watching you and praising all of the so called ‘mistakes' that you have made – we want you to know that all will be well when you stop trying so hard. Can you in all honesty forever haul yourself up from the pits?

Or is it sometimes easier to allow the pit to become the foundation from where you begin to reform an opinion of the unsteady ground that you stand or lie upon? It is time to see things from a right here right now perspective. There is no effort being demanded or asked of you, there is no feat or herculean effort that will make us love you less or that will make this better there is only this – being and allowing letting go giving up allowing whatever shall be – to simply our dearest soul – be.

Does a flower strive to thrive? No it simply dances in the sunshine the rain or the wind and allows itself to be. We say to you it is time to be gentle it is time to be kind it is time to expect nothing and demand nothing but simply to be. Allow life to carry you. Reach into your weathered but so precious heart and know we reside there we always have.

Ask me simply and no effort is needed to love you an we will guide you towards those that can love you and support you and nurture you until you can do the same for yourself. We ask you to ask for help and say this is a sign of us working through you to help you to help yourself to move in the only direction that is warranted – towards the light.
We love you
~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

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