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I am a person who always give up something. When my works come across obstacles (fear, imperfection or something out of my expectations), I immediately quit and put them aside. I have a messy home with lots of “unfinished works”. What can I overcome this problem and live freely?
~Wai, Hong Kong 

Hello Wai and welcome to! Archangel Michael steps forward to work with you You have many pressures around you and you are by nature a perfectionist however you can feel in-surmounted by pressure before you even start. You project to the finished article how you would like it to appear or how you would like the finished project to be but the actual moving into it seems literally like climbing a mountain. You do (as we all do) have some past life behaviours here, there was a past life when you were the son of a Rich Merchant and you had to do very little you would ask for large projects to be completed and they would scramble to your commands, to fulfill your satisfaction, now you have incarnated a very sensitive person who wants to achieve for them self and wants to move into action and independence yet feels cut off from knowing instinctively how to make the jump from thought to action to completion... The fact that this troubles you so much rather than the effort needed is what Michael wants to help you with. You see yourself as frustrated and you see yourself as limited and not fulfilling your potential almost like history sensing there is a ‘grand scheme' that if you don't complete these tasks (and therefore you have failed) you are scuppering things for yourself.

Michael wants you to see that the grand scheme is not important what is important is not judging yourself but embracing yourself with utmost compassion and understanding. Trying to Move mountains when you dont like walking is going to be tricky. Michael wants you to see that in this life time you do have the opportunity to overcome this ‘i quit' approach but projecting forward is going to make it seem far too big a obstacle. He asks you to allow things to unfold for just a little longer an try and take pleasure from the process and the feeling of the freedom it is creating in your life rather than what the finished result would if it came about would give you If you are clearing out for example a room – allow yourself to feel reallly motivated at taking this action and think of the ways you can use the new space go into it seeing that you are creating freedom for yourself by ticking this task or part of this task off the list. Genuinely speaking a past life healing would really help you, but even then your souls work is to accept that this is how you have come to be and if you want to manifest more freedom and greater stamina and motivation you need to see this and understand it is your focus that it stretching to far from the current moment and not enjoying this moment. This moment is all we have if you can also count the freedoms you DO have you will find by the law of all that is, that these will expand and less ‘effort' is required. Go gently and not in haste says Michael.
~Sheelagh Maria with Archangel Michael

What can I do for my ear infections? No matter what I do it seems they won't go away.
~Brandy, Olympia US

Hello Brandy. Archangel Uriel is stepping forward to assist you. Uriel says that there are toxins in your body from years ago that need clearing out. These are emotional toxins that have taken root in or near your ears and are ‘stuck' these toxins are related to issues that you did not want to know about or did not want to hear. Feels as though they are connected to your family your Mother and Father etc. Uriel says that your frustration that it keeps coming back is what is actually helping the cycle reinstate . Your body needs to accept and go with the flow Its a little like hurting your back and being incapacitated at exactly the wrong time but no point in arguing with the fact that your body has said ‘enough' and you Have to stop. Uriel says that it is time to recognise the beauty of your body and treat it a lot gentler in general giving your body the best foods rich in colour and nutrients also moving your body slowly and with gratitude so that it feels cared for and not rushed it feels Listened too. Any diet that contains natural anti oxidants are also encouraged. From an emotional standpoint it is time to be honest and clear about what you are avoiding thinking about, those things in your past that perhaps as a child allowed you to feel you wanted to ‘shut out' you perhaps would benefit from writing these down and burning them safely. Also removing the old energy from your aura with an aura flush and removing the fear from your solar plexus (something we offer in our angelic healing and reading sessions) Ultimately your body will take time to re adjust there is no magic cure. Focusing on the fact that you feel well now will make a massive difference as you are drawing these very infections towards you when you ‘expect' to get them. Uriel says the next time you have one rather than sink into it give thanks for the rest of your body and mind that is working well and work yourself with love and nurture back towards wellness by expecting it. The angel healing and readings can be found on the site and would really help you get back in touch with who you came here to be.
~Angelic Clairaudient Sheelagh Maria 

I am a thirty seven year old female and have never had a boyfriend and was wondering if I was going to meet my soulmate within the next three years and date then marry him?
~Malinda, Dryden 

Hi there. The angel stepping forward to work with you is Chamuel the angel of love and self love. He is talking about what a beautiful lady you are. I am shown that you have high expectations of meeting someone and this is wonderful however I am also shown a fear of being hurt and a fear of not being ‘enough' and a belief that it cant happen now that its too late' The Universe is hearing all of these conflicting beliefs and so is not bringing you what you so desire because your ‘tone' or your ‘signal' is emitting quite a different story. Chamuel says that it can seem that everyone around you is happy and content but that this can make you feel like a failure. He says that bringing in your soul mate is going to take some changing of your perspective. If you were to carry on with the beliefs above then the situation sadly will carry on. it is not that you don't have a soul mat you have many it is that you don't believe it will now happen and so the Universe has no option but to deliver the energy that is around you. Chamuel says it is time to go back to the drawing board and understand that quantomly the outside reality you are living is only a reflection of the reality you are living inside. Ie the way you feel about you. it seems in childhood certain issues raised their heads and have stayed with you. a feeling of self worth is needed here along with a real desire to forego the urgency of your soul mate coming in and actually focusing on being enough and being happy without him. People feel if they do this they are going to be trapped where they are but this is not the case in sending out a different signal that says ‘i love myself i accept myself i am open to meeting lots of people and enjoying their company and my own' the Universe WILL start to bring you bunches of people that resonate with you in a completely positive way. Will a boyfriend drop in your lap? No and if you were right now to meet someone he would likely be someone who wasn't sure what he wanted and would come forward and go back this too is only going to entrench your current beliefs that is isnt ‘meant' for you.

The angels want you to get out of your own way. They say moving out of your comfort zone is about opening your heart and opening your soul to friendship laughter and self love. They want you to focus less on a boyfriend and more on having fun doing things you want to do with people that respect you as you are. When you are able to see that others do like you and do value your company and input you will start to feel a whole lot lighter about yourself. The soul mate will not come in the first or perhaps even the second wave of people but he wont come at all if you don't change your social scene and also your belief that it can't happen. Love is meant for you and love is out there for you but you have to totally love yourself and be happy and grateful for your life now in order that he will wind his way towards you. Are you meant to be alone NO are you meant to be happy YES but right now you need to be your own best friend, gently kick yourself out of your apathy and get out there and let people see what a beautiful person you are, enjoy your life enjoy yourself and through this he will be with you within a year.
~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria

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