Ask the Angels, Weekly Free Angel Readings Column

Ask the Angels, Weekly Free Angel Readings Column

Ask the AngelsAsk the Angels Column With Angelic Channel Sheelagh

I divorced my ex husband in 2010 (after 24 years marriage) and have recently broken up with a man I met after I divorced…Our relationship was always confusing and hard to navigate with many barriers along the way. Will I ever meet the real love of my life?
~From: Anthea,Yankalilla

Dearest Anthea, Gabriel the angel of clarity is the archangel stepping forward to help in this matter. She is quite firm but loving and says ‘first things first you have cleansing and healing to do there are old wounds that are not clean and have not been flushed through with love for self until these are healed the men you attract will have the flavour of relationships past and blockages will occur' you attract what you are or how you feel and right now you feel disappointed in others and also in life itself and so unfair as it sounds the Law Of Attraction can only bring you more of what you feel.

Stop for a moment and take a while to imagine how a truly loving relationship would feel to you. How would you be treated and how would you treat him? How would you feel in the beginning when you are being asked to open your heart fully and wide and risk rejection? If the answer is ‘take my time and play it safe' at any level – you are not ready for this commitment and rather than getting hurt again with a different version of what you have had Gabriel is asking you to view the 6 months coming as an adventure in self. You can meet someone next week or tomorrow if you wish however the flavour will remain the same.

live chatTrue love only comes towards us when we recognise it in ourselves first and this is the same for you.  You are reassured that are are several soul mates out there for you and they will come in as soon as this investment in yourself is made.

Try not to keep looking backward as this only reminds you of the disillusion you are feeling try to look within and see the qualities that we see of empathy, a desire to share intimate feelings a desire to rely on someone to fulfill your deepest wishes but also a desire to give this to one other, when you bring this out and tend to your self like a early spring flower and you allow your self to nurture your life and your body and your soul by doing activities that feel good to you (yoga, tai chi, walking dancing meditating eating healthful foods spending time with people that resonate with you in the community just because you can and just because you want to) this will flower out and those tentacles of tenderness will reach out into the ether and in time will bring forward a relationship that you can relax into and enjoy for a long time. This is our promise to you do your inner work and let the Universe handle the rest.
~Blessings Sheelagh Maria and Gabriel

Did I do the right thing moving back to my home town? Is this where I am going to meet my future partner?
~Tracey, Kenilworth Warwickshire England

Dearest Tracey,
Zadkiel the bringer of joy is around you right now and he reassures you that yes further along your path your mate will flow in.  Whether or not he lives in this town is not important at this time what is important is that this is a new phase in your life and one that should be entered into in a joyful mind not with a single mission at play.

He says you are in a period of learning new life skills of learning to trust your intuition and learning to allow matters to unfold as they should .  Try and have faith in your unique spiritual team that surrounds you and trust them to bring to you all of the experiences you asked for prior to coming to earth.  As you envelop the fullness of the now moment without seeking more than you have at this time your vibration will start to expand and your satisfaction at this new life will reach outwards and draw towards you many new confidantes of both genders.  I am being shown a work change around you and this feels really promising Zadkiel also asks you not to keep the transition to just a physical level as there are old energies at play that need to be cleansed and released to the light for maximum manifestation potential.

I am shown a period of readjustment and in the short term a feeling of dissatisfaction.  It must be a choice to make the effort to integrate with people around you and to do so because they all have a gift of experience to share with you.  If you can set aside your reservations and withhold from jumping into something with someone that is not yet on the same path but hold out to meet people as friends and equals but not all potential mates, in the fullness of time around 8 months if the inner work of beholding that which is joyful is done – is typically when an energy exchange is made that will give what you require.  Remember joy is the answer.
~Many Blessings, Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I would like to know if moving back to New Zealand is best for me and my sons? The only problem is they don't want to move home as Australia is now their home. I'm stuck I won't leave my sons behind but I feel the only way to move forward in my life is to go home to my family as I don't have any here! It's been a rough 2 and a half years. I would be grateful for any clarity.
From: Tiaana, Brisbane Australia

Dearest Tiaana
Thank you so much for your input to ask-angels!  The angel coming in to help you is Jeremiel the Angel and Agent of change and getting the most out of this.  He reassures you that all is well and this seeming crossroads is exactly where you are supposed to be.  He is saying that the comfort and the feeling of ‘home' you are searching for in truth is to be found inside before it can be found externally with any family member or other person and it matters not really in truth where you live for ‘home' surrounds you at all times – ‘we are here and we are too your family' he says beaming love towards you.  Your sons in truth are determined to make their own life where they are and this is how it should be, you however have different options.

You like all parents at some time will have to relinquish the tight hold of motherhood to allow them a little free reign there are many blessings and benefits to be had from this such as the freedom to explore your own desires and independence and to interact with them as an equal with interests and a life of her own.  Of course it is attractive to you to return to your ‘family' however they too have their own routine and lives and may not include you as much as you wish.  What you are really being guided towards is to dispense with the fear of ‘separateness' physically from people but to conquer the emotional vacuum that has existed within for a while.

Think of it as a baby that needs to be fed tenderly for the infant in truth it is.  This Vacuum is only a space which has not been filled with attentiveness to self and it is now time to rectify this.  You humans always make the mistake of moving forwards in action rather than moving forwards in vibration first and when this is done maximum progress can be felt even before it is made.  You are a lovely woman and you have so much to offer yet the fear that it may not be accepted has held you back to keep you safe.  We ask you now to think of ways in which you may enrich the connections you have right from where you are, for this is the work you would need to do wherever you live.

There is also a question regarding career and I am being shown it is time for you to reassess your goals.  Start to see the freedoms that you do have within your life and give gratitude for these if you can, rather than the limitations.  Books that you read music you enjoy good company or time spent with self are all freedoms that I ask you to embrace.  As you move into a place of appreciation for what is – so what is will start to flow out and bring more opportunities and introductions to you and for you and this is when you are not on auto pilot any more and true progress in your life will come.  Moving forward is usually moving within also try this we ask you.

Do not let fear be your navigator. Many people ‘stick' themselves in one place for they feel fearful of letting others go in case they become ‘lost' you can not lose a connection energetically if love binds you, however the cords of love extend to you also and the more your own life fulfils you the tighter the cords will pull you back together in joy and contentment.  We dont see you moving but we caution against apathy and we ask that you do take this advice on board to welcome in the freedom of choice that is awaiting for you .
~~Blessings Sheelagh Maria

Can you converse with an angel?
From: Sammy, Florida

Dearest Sammy yes of course I'm a channel and I do this all the time most hours of the day.  What is even better is that you can do it to!  The language that they use is not words outside of your head
although it is fine for you to speak to them in this way – they hear us through our intentions our feelings external sound and also our imagination.  So when they talk to us they converse in the same way
usually its through feelings and then sound internally and sigh internally.  The joy is in recognising how accurate the guidance is and also when you hear something internally ‘listening' to the feelings that accompany with it.

In the realms of light no words are needed and they do not need to shout to get our attention their, here they will lower their vibration as much as possible to bring us signs and sensations that they are with us it is our job to ask for these and to look out for these so that the bond between human and angel gets stronger and more communication takes place.  I often have long conversations with archangels and also my guide and they tell me that many humans do this reguarly and not all of them realise they really Are being answered by a non physcial being and many humans after a few minutes actually dismiss the conversation out of hand.

psychic readingThey love to communicate with you and using oracle cards is a way of backing up what you feel you are being told. Also get used to those the hunches that you have considered ignoring the fact of the matter is that those hunches if celebrated will usually pay dividends.  The angels around you right now is your Guardian angel ‘Gloria' (yes really she is silver and pale yellow and she asks you to talk to her personally for she listens to you rather a lot 😉 ) and also Archangel Chamuel who is the angel of self love.  He asks that you love your self a a bit more and allow them all to get closer to you through this process blessings my dear enjoy.
~Blessings, Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I am currently working in the conventional healing sector. Can I open more into an energy healing situation in the same structure or do I need to completely turn everything upside down to change this? Can I find financial abundance in either line of healing? Thank you.
From: Hilary, France

Dearest Hilary,
The single most important aspect of any work is that we truly love it.  If we do it because we truly love it even if we dont do it for our main job our main job will bring us the abundance we need to keep doing what we love ‘on the side' and slowly the ratio will change if heart and soul are put into it as well as action to take it further.  Your request will be answered as long as it is from the heart.

You cant jump to where you wish to be and earn abundantly until you start making the transition slowly and this means keeping the practicalities going and be grateful for those and love the routine that allows you to pay your bills etc and then on the side in your own time start practising said healing work on your self and others for an exchange of some kind and keep in mind how much you love it.  As you do this in a air of service and gratitude but not allowing resentment to enter if exchange does not take place then you will find avenues present themselves for you to offer your existing healing abilities in many different ways and over time (we get around 7 – 9 months) a transition will and shall occur.

I do these columns because I love it not because I have to, and I adore communicating with you readers and also angels – through loving what i do i am able to assist attune people to Raphael's healing and also open up peoples ability. You are told love as always is the answer.

Try not to view things as having to be ‘turned up side down' it should be a gradual routine adjustment an adventure a time to explore your intuition and your desire to give love and nurture through this practice The angel Michael will guide you towards the teachers that can assist you in developing your ability and also how to magnetize your self to attract the right customers and opportunities.  I would strongly recommend a spiritual healing pathway reading to assist you with this.
~Blessings, Sheelagh and the angels. 

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Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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