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“I want to know from angels that are we really creators of our reality? I feel very much like a victim. I believe in astrology and i know the planets affect us. Things go like what is in the birth chart of the person. Can we change that through our free will? What does a birth chart represents? Does it represent past life karma?” ~Kratika, India

Archangel Haniel answers: Dearest child it is indeed understandable that you feel tossed around as if upon a great ocean in a insubstantial ship – you cannot see the bigger picture at this moment and it is hard we understand for you to comprehend ‘why' things turn out and feel as chaotic as they do.

You are a great soul a spiritual warrior and despite the denseness of your reality at this time it is indeed true you volunteer for some of the experiences that you have had, having said this once the lesson has been navigated and absorbed there is no
real need to allow your expectations to bring you more evidence than is required. The trick when in the middle of a difficult time, is to ask ‘what dear source am I meant to learn from this experience?

I thank you for this opportunity to absorb more knowledge and ask that you make my pathway forward clear and flowing' Some of your energy has got mixed up with others, you are a empathic soul and this means that you can without realizing take on board others feelings and perspectives as if they fit you well. In truth if you spend some time clearing your Auric fields, chakras and time lines you will see great changes in the evidence or circumstances flowing in for you. Ask me to assist you in this ask me to assist you in moving others energy outside of your fields, and ask me to cleanse your receptors so that you can begin to intuit our guidance more clearly.

You are actually upon a very substantial vessel and this vessel has come equipped with all you need for this voyage. When attempting to move beyond your perceived limitations understand that like quick sand struggling and sloughing forward creates more waves of stagnation if the energy around you is already ripe for clearing – so we ask you to gently accept the way it is right now and start to be a little more philosophical about your life and see the blessings and the progress that you have made so fear.

When you focus upon your reality thus, the ether around you will begin to soften and lighten and move and flow allowing the energy of enthusiasm to come in and evidence of happiness to abound. on the subject of birth charts she says this is an alignment of planets at the time of your birth and charts your expected progress through life taking into account free will and shifts in consciousness – on the subject of karma she says that is decided by the individual soul and is not a burden but a delight to resolve. ‘its what you came here for to experience joy and light and resolution and growth' she says.

~Blessings Sheelagh Maria and Haniel

“Last December I had a stroke (I believe it was due to a mistake made by the back surgeon) and now I'm unable to work or drive. Then in May my mom, who I was very close to, past away. I've lost my independence, my job, my income,my mom. I believe things happen for a reason but what could the reason possibly be for me losing everything all at once?”
~Shelley,  New Era, MI

Dearest Shelby, it is the Mighty Archangel Metatron who is coming forward to speak with you. He mentions the word ‘paradise' and says that this is what heaven is. he says that permanent paradise can only truly be found when we are at peace with our selves and know we have done our best learnt the most we can and done as much as we can for others, then he says with a smile, we deserve a good long rest.

Earth, he says, is a classroom, it is the training ground where your apprenticeship is served. You as a spirit are what is known as a Soul Fragment or a ‘flint' from the Soul that bore you here through love. This Soul fragment is living this life, and other versions of you or other soul fragments have lived many thousands and hundreds of lives before and after this one. it is the job of each person or version of you to navigate the lessons set for the growth and benefit of the Oversoul.

Your Oversoul or higher self loves you completely, wants the best for you and understands that you find this very unfair and ultimately unbearable, however Metatron says we are never given more than we can bear. However having said this when we have learned the lesson some of us don't quite cotton on and so we keep on gathering evidence with the same ‘tone' as the lesson towards us, by the way that we feel about the reality that we have. Indeed it seems as though things have come in for you that are making you question the why;s and wherefores this too is and was part of your souls gift to you growth wise.

Metatron tells me that you have lost a lot but are gaining so much from the eyes of your loving soul. You are learning how precious life is, you are learning how to release deep feelings, you are learning about strength and also about the continuance of life after ‘death' indeed your mother watches you so fondly and is so indeedly proud of you and at how you have coped despite these perceived hardships.

You are not alone, he says. You have two Guardian Angels that flank you at all times – and these Guardian Angels will not allow you to suffer needlessly. The ‘mistake' that you mentioned was also written into you plan, because you are to take some time to go within, you are to take some time to contemplate what is truly important for you now, to accept offers of help and also to reach out and ask for these, to feel gratitude for those that support you whether they are paid to do so or not, to re address some of your expectations about life and to appreciate the simplicity of gentle pleasures.

Yes you have healing to do however you had healing to do long before your back hurt, this healing has come from past lives where you felt like a victim and it felt like life was against you and there is also the flavour of ‘doing it all for everyone and nobody appreciates me' from a past life or three as well. Even though it Does feel unfair and we know this and send you our blessings and support, it is indeed a choice as to how long the me lee will continue.

The more unfairness that is felt and focused upon the more you will without meaning too attract this is just the way of energy this is not personal and you are loved not punished, however it is also an opportunity to heal and clear those life times, to come back to a gentle heart space and to accept that because this is where you are it is time to make the most of it and do all you can to return to the gentle and beautiful energy that is the foundation of the universe it self.

It is time to fill your self up on the radiance that surrounds you allow this to heal you inside out allow this to soothe you ask me to come in and clear your time lines, your chakras and your aura not because it will magically make you well but because in order for you to heal for once and for all you must have a blank canvas on which to draw hope and colour in with faith and shade in with belief. Blessings child we are here for you.

~Metatron and Sheelagh Maria

“I have had health issues for about two yrs..i try to be positive, giving it to God, the universe & my angels. It is not getting better & I pray so hard.. What can i do differently to heal myself???” ~Jeanette, Costa Rica

Dearest Jeanette. we have many questions like this coming in. I'm going to channel Michael's answer for you and anyone out there who is experiencing symptoms. We are all souls, on a journey and we have had many journeys and will have many more. Just like going on a long journey you would accumulate rubbish from the food you had eaten the magazines you had read and the drinks you consumed.

It may be a while before you can find somewhere suitable to dispose of this. In this way many souls now have chosen this particular journey because of the energies surrounding you whilst you are alive. It IS a special time and magic can almost be touched in the air, even those with problems are finding their way to knowing that there is an awful lot they personally can do – this is a sign of the magical times we live in.

Of all of the journeys that you will take this one is the one that will allow you to make the most progress and to assist your self in the greatest way. The hardness of which you pray is a sign of the sadness and fear that you have and whilst we understand this it is not easy for the angels to bring you positive answers to those prayers because the very energy with which they are uttered is frustrated and irritated and understandably so.

Not wanting to give you a lesson in metaphysics Michael however has asked me to share this. They see us as colours and energy patterns, those colours and energy patterns are the sum total of our thoughts and our feelings in response to those thoughts, and those patterns are what the ether heres or what life itself hears, and returns more of to us along with outcomes saturated in this particular brand of energy out poured.

So when we pray in a desperate way or hard and fast the only response that any light being can bring you is one of reassurance and love that every prayer is heard and gathered but also the understanding that the outcome you want is magnetized Away from you because of the vigor with which the energy and atoms are reshaping themselves. it is the hardest thing to do in the face of a decline of any sort to be gentle and accepting to go into trust with no attachment to the outcome, it takes a complete leap of faith and a hope that something or someone else is out there and is somehow going to do the worrying and the organizing on your behalf, the thing is its true.

Source isn't Just the source of the Universe Source is god or whatever you perceive god to be, and she/he created the angels and archangels out of love and care for us his ‘children'. So you see you don't have to pray hard you don't have to figure it all out or be on high alert for when things will get better, you don't have to fervently go into frustration and fear to prepare your self for what you just ‘know' the outcome will be. Of course you can, and it is human nature to revert to this, but remember those atoms? Imagine if you could see them reorganising them selves gently, softly, if you could see them sparkling getting brighter, if you could see the energy around you starting to glow starting to become luminescent, this is what actually happens when we cease to resist what ‘is' – we allow the energy to begin to metamorphisis into something much lighter brighter and the evidence that flows in (it takes some time not too long but there is a buffer of time) will bring solutions – a regression of illness and also help and assistance where once there was none. So how do you do this, well action is not required.

Coming into alignment with what you want to experience is. Even though it is hard to do it from a place of pain or disease it is the only way to start the healing process. we suggest a clearing we offer them here at ask angels, having baths if possible with lavender oil and sea salt and asking Raphael to come heal you whilst you sleep. we ask you suspend your hard fast prayers, and focus on nourishing your body in any way you can, with gentle loving thoughts of how well you are managing looking at the small things your body can do for you – your body is simply a vehicle and will respond to the pressure or perspective put upon it so it is time for you to lovingly understand the power of your focus is being played out in this flesh covered theater.

Putting good foods into your body, smiling to yourself as you now know that asking for help in a gentle accepting almost whimsical way (if it doesn't arrive you are in no worse state but it has to if you ask) also an affirmation such as ‘Angels and Guides I know the Universe is assisting me in healing my body energy and life, I give you permission to keep taking care of me and to keep clearing my time lines aura and energy fields thank you for the good health i do have and I'm so grateful for every experience' smile and mean it – said in the present tense it has powerful effects to make you aware not only of what is working well but also of what this time spent with your self can also give you.

You are not being punished these things are coming up for releasement and then true change will effect. Be at ease and the disease will recede. (on a personal note my own heart child with limited life span healed himself of pneumonia and ‘disease' within two days – so I know that this CAN be done).

~Blessings, Michael and Sheelagh

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Barbara says July 14, 2014

Hello Michael and sheelagh, I was just trying to find out ,if I have an angel watching over me ? As I have tried many times to ask if I could have a name , but never seem to get the hang of it. I have ornaments of angels everywhere in my home and garden, as I have great faith in them . As I chat to them all the time! Just wonder if they hear me ! Thanking you for taken the time to read this. Lots of love to you all
Barbara x

Bianca says July 13, 2014

Can the energy of a group affect my health. I am in a remote area very ancient people.

Lisa says July 13, 2014

I would like to ask , will I meet my twin flame/ soul mate or has my chance gone ?

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