Ask the Angels Weekly Free Angel Reading Column

Ask the Angels Weekly Free Angel Reading Column

Ask the AngelsAsk the Angels Column With Sheelagh Maria!

I just left a turbulent relationship. Was I abusive like he said I was?

Dearest Rosemary,
The angel coming forward to assist you is archangel Michael. He says its a little like the pot calling the kettle black or a hurricane and a earthquake having a cup of tea and each telling the other they were the most destructive.

There are some elements that go well together for a short time, and there are others that simply drain each other. Im shown there is lots of self healing for both of you to do and it matters less what others say including him this is about avoidance and not growth.

We have all been sinners and we are all potentially ‘saints’ it is simply a perspective and not one that is helpful to align with. Start with how you feel about yourself, it isn’t good, you are a divine creature and are loved as much as everyone else and it is time for you to love yourself enough to want to be happy and calm and relaxed. Together it was stormy now it is less turbulent but still chaotic in your heart space, there should be no blame only acceptance of what is right now. You are a good person and deserve to know this.

Archangel Michael and Sheelagh

Why do I live in fear? I have not made a lot of friends because I feel different and I love being around family and the few friends I have made. I love my life and married. I do love to spend time by myself especially when I meditate and do self-reiki. I have asked Archangel !Michael to cut cords but I am still nervou. I have done self reiki for 8 months and wondering if I should continue. Please help.

Dearest Christina,
Archangel Michael is also with you. He says there is no right or wrong only preference. You are different because you are not them, and they if they were honest would realise that their similarity is only down to the fact they are perceiving themselves through a certain angel. You are just as ‘right; just as valid as they are except you are comfortable with yourself. Many souls come to the earth plane with more life times under their belts than others, and some are not ready to accept their soulful nature. Your desire to be alone is fine, if it is truly what makes you happy.

However I am shown here past life agreements and vows that are fearful meaning your solitude is more out of fear than desire, and this in itself is not assisting you in being the healer and joyful soul you truly are. It goes a little deeper than cutting cords and we do offer clearings here at Ask angels, however you are told you can do this yourself by sitting quietly and asking Michael to cleanse your system and aura from negative energies cords and toxins on a daily basis I am shown if you also get out into nature more your desire to open will occur in a way that is right for you.

We are always by your side there is no need to hide for you are safe and loved where ever you are. And there is no need to count your worth by your ‘friends’ you count your worth by how you feel about yourself, and that should be ‘good’.

~With all of our love Sheelagh and Archangel Michael

I am married but I love other man. He is married too. I want to know if I will stay with him. We love each other since we are young. Thank you so much!

~Teresa, Portugal.

Dearest Teresa
It is Archangel Azrael who comes forward to comfort you. He says it is comforting is it not to have one other who understands you? However I am shown what you are really requiring is self understanding, and this can only be found within the self not within the arms of another whoever the ‘other’ is no matter their name. He says your youngess is a wonderful ‘reason’ if you wish to have one, but in truth it is okay to admit to yourself that you are bored and want more than you have.

Tread carefully for the feelings of others should be considered however even more so your own feelings are not served by not recognising what you really desire, and although that is a fast pass to happiness you deserve the real thing and this comes from within us ourselves. Enjoy what you have yet there will come a time when other options may be forthcoming. In love I leave you. Azrael and Sheelagh

Melanie, I feel I have gone full-circle which in essence leaves me with an empty feeling inside as well as challenging not so clear nor promised future. I have become much more outspoken because I have become less patient & tolerant with those who oppose me, due to lack of understanding or simply discriminating me because of my beliefs. I want to go back to working in the arts. However, because of being outspoken, I'm not sure it has helped me with keeping who I do have & served to win others over to support me in my current trade. After all investment$$$ is needed. Its disturbing to think that I will not experience a smooth transition into a new profession. I feel it would take a miracle to get me out of this predicament I'm now in. Thank you!

Dearest Noah,
It does indeed seem to you how unfair after your hard work and desires to become more enlightened you feel as if you have won nothing and made no progress. However it is not possible to ‘undo’ the work that has been absorbed into your essence and so you are not at the same point. You have other peoples energy within your aura and so this is affecting the way you are feeling you can communicate as an empath your tolerance is lowered if this is the case.

Try clearing your chakras on a regular basis and get back into connection with your spirit. At some level you have become out of alignment with the most sacred part of yourself, feeling scared instead. We realise you want to move forward quickly however this too is part of your learning, to create from stillness from the heart centre rather than from the mind. Worry not about the opinons of others, we all have them and they are a subject of our own focus rather than in reality a direct representation of how we feel about yours, instead see that everything outside of you is a form of projection of the energy spent internally. So we say to you it is time to go within.

This advice is coming from aarchangel Metatron who advises time spent in quietness and focusing on ‘being this will help you to see progress always happens fastest when we are relaxed and in the ‘flow’. So now we say to you the choice is yours We can’t promise you the investment of $’s will be as you desire it will be however we can promise you the investment of connecting with your spirit will provide more avenues and rewards than you can perceive at this time. Be with yourself and change will follow.

~Metatron and Sheelagh

I'm very faithful and humble but I'm worried about our living situation and finances . We want are own home, and we are trying visualize our goal. My dad just went to the other side in March 2014. Where is he ? He told me he would contact me but I haven't noticed anything, Is he with Jesus?
~From Tina

Dearest Tina,
You are a beautiful child of the light, your father is safe with all his soul tribe here in the heavenly realms. Archangel Raphael says that your father wants you to know of the undiluted power you have your power tool is your focus and wherever you put this is attracting situations you are in resonance with.

He says that along with patient he would like you to feel worthy, full of self love and full of knowing that you are a beautiful being of the light and deserve to feel good and content and fulfilled right now and also to notice that all of your immediate needs are fulfilled and how grateful you are for this.

He asks you to align with gentleness and surrender to your own heart, he asks then that you begin to take action you may not feel its enough but any action you take even the smallest of steps is going to help you to begin to show the Universe this ‘is’ the way its going to be. We are here indeed to support and guide you but we cannot do it for you so we ask you be brave stand in the light, allow yourself to heal and see, just see what can follow.

~Archangel Raphael and Sheelagh

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i have never been a happy person in my whole life..i only want a happy life.with no problems..with the man that i dream about him day and night..will i ever be with this man someday?will i marry him and have a happy together?

Ash says September 22, 2014

I am seeking employmment, but am not finding anything appropriate. I also find htat whenever I do find employment I am always required to do the work of 3 people and always get paid a meagre salary. Will I ever find a job that showcases my talents and allows me to earn what I really am worth?

wally says September 15, 2014

I have taken angel healing and crystal courses but still unable to manifest my main three goals and abundance.

Can you help me?

Josephine says September 15, 2014

Good morning, I love trying to connect and thought I’d ask if you see anything about me having a child? I just found out that this part of my life will be difficult and although I’m trying to be positive and optimistic, it saddens me and can be hard. I’d love to be a mum and feel if do this job well. Thank you for listening x

Kawana says September 15, 2014

For the past few years I have have negative entities come and disrupt my life. Each time I get rid of one another takes its place. It is tiring dealing with this and the side effects of having them in my life. Will this stop and will I live a settled and happy life

pat says September 14, 2014

Will my husband get the new job with better pay he applied for?

mary dragon says September 14, 2014

Need quidence feeling scared

gill brown says September 14, 2014

We are in process of moving house to be happier n better for my health issues!! But some men have applied for planning permission on a building by us for bar/cafe so could stop our sale!!! I’m so worried n upset n my husband is too please help I keep praying everynite that we can still move xxx

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