Ask the Angels Weekly Column

Ask the Angels Weekly Column

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I moved to a different apartment with my son, will we be happy there? I feel maybe it is a wrong decision now. I am wondering what the angels have to say about this move I made with my son. I feel as though I am in the endless circle of doubt and would like the angels to help me clarify what is best for myself and my son. I believe in the angels love and guidance. Thank you.
~Ger, Canada

Dearest Ger – please relax and go into your heart centre and feel the peace that awaits you there. Like a boat being tossed amidst a stormy sea, your poor spirit is feeling the strain of the two eclipses that are happening this month and also the fear that is being brought up from your celluar energy fields of times gone by – in truth it is an illusion fear is not danger and fear is conspiring to keep you where it feels ‘safest' in truth change is the only thing that can be guaranteed as you walk this beautiful path called life, your new beginning is fraught with doubt because you have popped out of alignment with your eternal self, the most loving of mothers it is beaming reassurance at you but the spotlight is missing you by a few hundred yards.

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I give you my word as your Archangel that all is well and that all will become more peaceful as you allow your self to settle.  Know that change can feel confusion and chaotic however once order on the inside has been partially restored the chaos in your physical reality will also begin to settle and you will see the sun was indeed shining all along.  Know that all things are flowing to you and through you including memories from past lives and past energetic moments.

What is best for your self and then your son is to establish a peaceful connection with your heart feel into your heart on a daily basis and ask me to be with you, ask yourself to feel the passionate love I feel for you and allow yourself to feel supported and held as you begin to see that all outward from you is an expression of how you feel about yourself.  Deciding to seek out those who make you feel nurtured would be a wonderful exercise in self love, also ask me to show you ways that you can settle the energy around your home and in turn within your self – very soon things will begin to plateau and you will seek you experiences that allow you to feel healing is taking place.  The doubt you feel is energetic memory do not give this any more space or time than it deserves and focus upon the peace that we are filling your heart with.

Allow this to become the spiral that you engage in. ~Archangel Haniel.

(Please note some fresh flowers placed on a window sill and breathing in the colours as you walk past will give you energetic strength – also bach flower remedies a natural and supportive option to help restore that which is unbalanced will help you to see that all will be well) ~Sheelagh

What messages do the angels and spirit guides have for me?
Darlene, Canada

Dearest Darlene – it is I Archangel Michael who comes around you now I bring you news of safety and reassurance I bring you tidings of peace and good will.  It is time for you to see that which has not been resolved is only staying so because you are worrying so much about possible implications and impacts that new resolution cannot flow in and become the norm.  It is time for you to cease worry and to focus on nurture and tenderness towards your reality as it is now.  it is time for you to see that your soul wants you to heal the worries and the complications that your mind is set upon focusing on.

I am bringing you good tidings, opportunities in your working life and in your personal life to relax and allow the sun to shine.  it is old news this fearful mind of yours is deciding to invest time in, and it is time for a spring clean of your energetic fields and also a time to call on us angels to come in and help you to see that the view round the bend is much more peaceful full of harmony and in time happiness for you in many ways.  Right now continue walking but rest as you wander allow us angels to bring you healing as you sleep and request this from us so that we may proceed.

Financially things will get easier for you my dear until this time please rest assured we are not idle on your behalf but are awaiting your request in specific areas so that we may assist you more fully.  Learning to get our guidance in a more direct manner would assist you in speeding up the process of allowing the help we bring to flow around you. All is well.  Ask so that you may receive.

~Archangel Michael.  (See our Angel Healing readings that give you tools to use to speed up the help that you need in any area, designed just for you these readings will help you to bring in the help and the people that can allow true and lasting change to occur – see reading menu for details)

~With love, Sheelagh Maria 

I am trying with all of my might to channel angels and/or light beings, and it's not happening.  Sometimes I get a feeling like something might be coming in, but a part of me braces against it…it's hard to explain. What can I do to make this process happen?  Am I unconsciously blocking guidance? Thanks!
~Brandy, Olympia, WA USA

Dear Brandy I am answering this for you with Gabriel Archangel of channelling with me.  She says you are trying too hard and this means your crown chakra is actually shrinking rather than opening – realising how it actually feels to channel is understanding it begins with what you are having which is a feeling.  The information comes through your crown and directly to your heart and it is learning to mingle their energy with your s and bring it up your throat in a union of love and bliss and allowing the information to flow through .  As part of the service here at ask angels we do offer individual courses for those that possess the desire to fulfil their potential and we do also offer a four week course learning to channel through speech and writing, this begins with learning how to identify the feeling when the light being enters your body and establishing trust in their presence and allowing the crown chakra to open to its fullest capacity.

live chatOften it is a good idea to start your education with a good basic day care routine in spiritual protection opening grounding and closing and then moving on to feeling the angel enter your body and getting to know the exact stages that you are going through. You do have the ability to channel however you expectation of how it ‘must' be is blocking the realisation that it is far more natural and easy than you are anticipating.  I have taught people to channel angels and star beings within as little as three weeks and they are overjoyed as to how euphoric it feels and how simple the process is.  I would advocate connecting with me about this course if this is truly your desire.  If this is not your desired path Gabriel suggests that sitting quietly and asking her or Michael to flow in through your heart and allowing your heart to open to its fullest capacity with love and gratitude is the best way to kick start the process. Relax and enjoy relax and reassure your mind that it need not stand guard.

Channeling is something many people do without realising when they give advice to another and it feels ‘higher' than their normal response or when someone paints or dances or plays a musical instrument or runs or laughs it is simply the process of allowing loving energy to flow through you so that other people can benefit from the beauty it brings. Gabriel says you can do it and yes you are trying to hard.  This is said with a smile.  she will assist you if you ask and allow.  ~Sheelagh

Will I find true love in this life time and will I find an affordable nice apartment
~Simone, New York

Dearest Simone Archangel Michael is the angel stepping forward to help you today.  Michael says you need to be absoloutely clear about what you wish to experience.  At the moment contrary to what you believe you are doing he is showing me there is a lot of fear associated about the likelihood of what you can expect – this has stemmed from past experience.

The expectation of being hurt or the expectation of how partners treat you is actually forestalling your so wanted desire of true love.  It is also important to ensure that you are not getting in your own way – what he means by this is that it is difficult sometimes for anyone to match up to what we have decided true love must consist of for everyone is on their own healing journey and everyone has their own ideas about what they can or are able to offer.

Michael asks you to check and feel if your expectations of how it has been are in fact limiting what you can receive.  He says that it is hard enough to find someone you would even offer the chance to get to know you he says that there is a gauntlet they would have to run to prove themselves to you before those walls of resistance would be lowered and the opportunity contained there in is realising that this is not a criticism but for you to open to trust and give yourself the opportunity to experience true love by loving yourself enough to see you are able to handle your self and are able to decide as you go along if something feels good and are able to make a different decision to decisions made in the past.

He says that your intentions are unclear – if you wish to experience commitment you must be first prepared to accept your past as having been long gone and that now it is the commitment to trust your self and to be open hearted towards any future suitor  He is saying friendship allows you to experiment without fear of rejection and he suggests joining groups where there is no hard and fast expectation of love or dating but simply getting to know different people and the way that they are integrating with each other in a relaxed manner.  You need to search inside for the courage to explore what you are really asking for and that is permission to let go and trust.  The apartment is a lot easier for you to find but again not finding fault but finding acceptable conditions in what you are looking for will allow the right apartment to flow in.  Your happy ever after starts internally first. It is all entirely possible just commit to relaxing and enjoying your ability to choose something different. A love clearing may help. ~Sheelagh

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Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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Susan says April 27, 2014

I want to be rid of my x husband sueing me it is 8 x in 7 years enough is enough I just want financial freedom love in my life abundance and freedom

johanna bailey says April 19, 2014

i want to ask a question….there is a wrestler that i like but i found out that he was having a baby or someone lied because i put on my facebook page i couldnt have children since then i have been giving him the silent treatment did i make the right choice in this matter

Ger says April 16, 2014

Thank you so much for answering my question. With great humility and wonder, I feel the angels presence all the more. I appreciate the answer that was given and with a whole heart I will embrace all that is before me in love and light. You are a very special person Sheelagh and I wish you many blessings of joy love and peace. Thank you for giving us the beauty and love the angels have for us. Have a wonderful day, Ger

Brandy says April 15, 2014

Thank you Sheeglah & Gabriel!! I will take your guidance to heart, and ponder a future course. I am in graduate school for counseling, so it may be a little bit before I can take on another ‘course’.
Blessings on you.

Petra says April 14, 2014

I need help i am lost! I don`t know what i`m going to do? I would like to know what the angels saying? Thank you love

Priya says April 13, 2014

My life does not seem to move forward nor backward ..just stuck in one place or just daggling in mid air .need advice what step should I take next ..

Shirley says April 13, 2014

I feel restless like there should be more in my life, but I don’t know what. I’m not sure what path I want to tread in life and my relationships with people are brittle. I get depressed easily and want advice to help me. Thanks!

tracy says April 13, 2014

I’m really struggling with life in general and my purpose and direction I’m feeling stuck and I just to be happy and want to know of I should pursue what my heart wants and I pray for clarity.

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