Ask the Angels Weekly Column

Ask the Angels Weekly Column

ask the angelsDo you have questions? Ask the angels!

From: Nancy

When Will I Find A Job? Thank You!

Dearest Nancy,
Its archangel Zadkiel who is with you today he asks you to be patient. He is glad you are reaching out to the angels because it shows that you are now accepting there is more than you can see, touch and sense straight away. However there is work to be done on what you expect for yourself as you have been disappointed with life and what it has brought you in the past. Now is the time to nourish yourself with hope, compassion and anticipation for the future. Jobs are out there but the right job for you will flow in when you are feeling positive and as if you really are ready for something new rather than ‘needing’ it but not believing it. Right now its a little time away but there is lots you can do to fill the ‘gap’ between then and now to make it come in faster, and more joyfully. Don’t be scared, be alive, be grateful for as much as you can and think about learning a new skill as I am shown this is part of the journey towards self confidence that will bring you the job that is truly good for you long term. Blessings Sheelagh and Zadkiel

From: Pauline

What is happening to me now, the space I am in.
Is it some type of cleansing , to bring in new abilities.

In gratitude,

Dearest Pauline it is Archangel Metatron the angel of awakening that steps forward. You are about to embark on a new chapter and he couldn’t be prouder of you and the efforts you are making to grow and ‘own’ your life and energy. He says there is cleansing to be done and feeling may pop up seemingly out of nowhere, know that this is to prepare you for being able to aim higher, and ascend further with your soul path, and also your spiritual abilities. Im shown time coming to terms with how things are and also how things have been is needed and the angels around you will speak to you Through this energy of contemplation and being present. Im shown a teacher that allows you to feel an equal is the right path forward and if you ask Metatron he will guide you to them. Im also shown a rose quartz around you will enable you to connect better with your own Guardian Angel and begin to intuit their messages for you. Im given the name Saphire of yoru Guardian Angel and she says that the ocean and the sound of it cleanses you and lifts you, she also talks about needing peaceful sleep and brings a blue stone (not a saphire) that will guide you to connect with her in your dreams. In all yes its time to ‘wake up’ but at the same time not rush it or force it. Communication is joyful and patience allows the messages to be clearly understood and comprehended and acted upon. You do have clairvoyant ablities and we do tutor here at ask angels, ask Metatron to guide you to what is the next step.

Blessings Sheelagh and Metatron

From: robyn

Sister was murdered… what can I expect for our future??

Archangel Michael comes in with love strength and reassurance. He says that this on the earthly focus is a tragedy for you however he assures me in some ways that you may not understand there is a larger picture. Im also shown that for you this provides an opportunity to consider what you need to heal and what priorities are important to you in your life. Im shown a time of healing, a time of communication being quite dislodged and lots of resentment coming up and out, in the long term there is peace and happiness and laughter ahead but right now please Ask archangel Michael to hoover the fear and sadness out of your aura so that you may begin to work on the moments you are going through. He tells me that you are a special soul, and that your team loves you and is encouraging you to see the worlds beauty as well as the pain, for in this is your rebirth. We are with you Michael tells me and is on your right as you read this. Blessings Sheelagh and Michael

From: Shilpa
I am going thru a divorce right now after a short married life which is not getting closed since long time. I had decided not to go ahead or love anyone thereafter but I have a spiritual background after lot of pain in my life and later angels too immediately after that someone came in my life and I started loving him but even he is going thru troubled married life .I want to know is he my soul mate love? Will he always be with me in my life ahead ? I just cant throw him out of my life whatever I try.

Dearest Shipla
It is Archangel Chamuel who comes forward for you now he says you are a beautiful woman and he wants you to know that you have so much you can choose, there are a wider variety of options out there for you. He understands that you want this person dearly and yet he says this person is finding learning their lessons a challenge he suggests if you want to stay in this place that you focus on loving yourself, reminding yourself of how loveable you are and doing things that make you feel you are nurutring self. As your sense of self grows and so does your energy the other soul has the option to also accept their own healing needs, and hopefully with a wonderful example like you it will begin. I am shown a happy outcome for you yet it seems in some time to come and I cannot promise that it is with this particular person. I am shown that he can’t be made to learn what you desire him to and to be what you need him, Im shown in reality you have to decide if your long term happiness is worth putting aside to have much more of what you have now, or if the promise of another lasting love once the self healing has begun and got under way is the carrot that will make you consider again. We wish you joy and love and there is much to enjoy moving forward, make your own healing the priority and see what changes flow in. Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Chamuel

From: Sheila Acoose-Gould

We have been trying to get ahead financially and it seems everything we try doesn't work. Can we find financial freedom soon?

Dearest Sheila
Gabriel the angel of leadership clarity and communication steps forward to help. She tells me that right now you have energetically gone into a cycle of negativity, you need to halt this and change what you are emitting in order that your fortune will flow in. Its easy as abc she says. When we are feeling frightened, lacking or ‘needful’ it gathers pace and returns evidence to us, when we are devoted to feeling good, seeing we have enough and that our needs are always met, and are truly thankful for what we have right now and don’t judge how likely it is that more will come, more WILL and Has to come. Start asking questions of the Universe, ask what more is possible? Note where your money goes and rather than projecting ahead see that your power is now. If you are always not happy with what you have, not happy with what you have is what you will get. Gabriel tells me its not about the tool its about the focus. You also need to give this time, you need to not be focused on changing everything just enjoying everything, seeing everything as a choice that takes you towards where you would like to be but enjoying the process. If you are able to be the creator you truly are NOW not when, or then, then yes your fortunes can and will change. Notice the freedoms you do have (such as the ability to get ahead rather than stay afloat) and you will attract more. Good luck and be thankful it is the fastest route to where you want to be. Blessings Sheelagh and Gabriel

From: Izzy

Why do I feel negative forces are against me? I am feeling so sad and my heart is so heavy.

Dearest Izzy
Archangel Haniel comes in and says you are an empath and you have allowed the heaviness of where you live to soak into your aura without realising it has become lodged and you are feeling these feelings most of the time. There is some time line frequency here meaning that you have tapped into some energy imprints however there is also some stuck energy from relationships and family interactions around your aura too. Ask Archangel Michael to hoover your aura of lower cord and toxins and spend some time in the sunshine. Surround yourself with colour and feel gentle with yourself. See that you have a gift and should you choose to develop this, what seems like a curse will help yourself to help others too. Blessings archangel Michael and Sheelagh

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