Ask the Angels Weekly Column!

Ask the Angels Weekly Column!

ask the angelsAsk Angels Column Sunday 31st August

I have been questioning my faith due to circumstances surrounding a church. It has changed everything for me. I have always been sensitive and able to know things and see things' but without my faith what do I do? i am 18 and need to know I am not alone and there are people on my side somewhere. Thank you if you can help. Do I have angels?
~From: BriAnne, Ca

Dearest BriAnne, Indeed you do have angels, you have 2 Guardian Angels that have been with you since your soul took its place in all that is, and you also have a group of guides and helpers, in addition to this you are born under Archangel Ariel who is here to assist you today. She tells me you are a courageous soul and find it hard to comprehend tragedy and hardship for you have great levels of courtesy and respect for creation.

I'm shown that you are an empath and have the ability to connect with the elemental kingdom in particular, in fact it is this elemental side of you nature that can assist you now, the moon especially the new moon will render you feeling a little topsy turvy and as if you aren’t sure which way is up and which way is down, do not worry for this feeling will settle as the month of September progresses.

You do indeed have a gift, however your gift only allows you to receive information pertinent to your own life at this time, it does not excuse you from the lessons you set prior to birth to learn from and grow as a soul.

Always work, asking she says with a smile, what the lesson is what is there for you to absorb and ask me to help make it clear she is asking you to relax rather than churn over the whys and wherefores and she promises you nothing happening to you is a punishment rather an opportunity borne out of love to assist you in becoming all that you are. Self nurture is important right now ,and acceptance of what is so that new energy and transformation can and will flow into your experience in the months ahead. Rest and ask for assistance for I am always near.

Blessings Ariel and Sheelagh

Hi I have a dilemma. I recently did something so out of character towards my friend Martin, I falsely accused him of something. And then deleted his number. Martin did reply, and I have since then apologised and told him that my behaviour was erratic and out of character. I text him again today and.told Martin how I was feeling, as I mentioned I felt ashamed of what I had done. Is there hope for the future for us because I still feel a connection between us?
~From: Annette, London England

Dearest Anette
Archangel Rapahel says you have been feeling out of sorts for a while now, there is some old energy at play and you are being advised to relax. Hand your cares over to me says Raphael and he tells you that any true friend will accept your apology and let bygones be bygones.

I am shown that Martin has taken this in his stride however I am also shown that the connection you are focusing on is not as relevant to him as you would like it to be. I am shown that whilst he is indeed a friend, he is a sometimes companion rather than a life long mate. You are being asked to consider that the very fear that you may have done something so extreme to lose someone, is actually the very vibration which drew him into your existence in the first place. This is not about blame it is about honesty and realizing that Martin himself is a fearful person who has lessons of his own to navigate.

Whilst we are all children in the eyes of the angels our very beauty is the fact we cannot at times see the bigger picture and the transient nature of all things. There will come a time when you realise that as much as you desire this match with Martin he is not able to give you something that does not come from your self first. As your inner confidence increases you will attract those that are on a higher vibrational wavelength and are less fearful and less inclined to back away from any momentary err, I am asked to remind you that all things external to our experience are showing us something we can heal and replace with something much better.

Chalk this, and Martin for the moment up to experience, love yourself and accept yourself as the Angels do, and allow your light heartedness to return, when your sense of balance comes back into play and worry lessens, you will realise how unimportant this incidence really was.

Blessings Raphael and Sheelagh

I feel disgusted with my life and this feels like a forever kind of thing. Ive made very few friends. Ive always been alone. I feel like left out when i am interacting in a group. I feel left out in my family too. I have always desired for fun and some joyful experiences,my wish has never come true. Please tell me how can ive fun and invite great friends in my life who respect me.
From: Kratika, India

Dearest Kraitka,
Archangel Raphael asks you to step back, he asks you to imagine this was a friend of yours saying this to you, admitting to you how she felt about herself and her life, your heart would open in sympathy but also in awareness that nothing external could flow in and even if it did it would not be valued or recognized for the blessing it contained whilst she viewed herself in this way, but you would not be sure you could reach her with this information. From his stance alongside you Rapahel says you have been ‘contaminated’ by other peoples fear, low self esteem, there are some past life cords and also some stagnant energy around your solar plexus root and heart chakra.

Now the good news is this is all solvable. You are NOT at fault you are beautiful ‘we love you So’ he says and you ARE going to transcend this with help and support. You are in a spot right now the energy has become smog like and its hard to find your way forward, having said that walking in Any direction is going to bring progress and change. First things first, there is nothing wrong with you that a lot of self love and tenderness isn’t going to fix, the issue here is are you prepared to give it to yourself first? Raphael says if he had a body he’d do it for you, but since he doesn’t he wants you to understand that its at very moments like this they wish they could do more.

The Universe responds to our vibrational tone, in other words every thought we have evokes a feeling, that evokes another thought and so evidence ‘returns’ that we are a on a wavelength with – in understanding this its no use expecting or wishing people would do it for you, it will because of the energy completely not feel like their issue, (nor is it really he says with love) or not notice your viewpoint and feelings, it must come from you first. So you need to be gentle with yourself,compassionate with yourself and give your self as much time as is needed. Start small he request, buy yourself flowers because their pretty, sit in the sunshine because it feels good, notice the play of children, notice the interactions of people around you the smiles, the feeling of community, you are not excluded from any of this in reality you just feel separate. He asks you to talk to someone about how you feel and im Told a friend will understand.

He also asks you to open the door so that the angels can assist you in receiving the resources you need, he asks you to allow your feelings to come out, yet also to find physical activities that nurture you such as walking, dancing, moving doing anything which helps you to forget for a while your feelings, even housework will improve your energy. It is a process and one I can’t go into at length in this column. We would also recommend a clearing and this can be done by me remotely or via skype this will remove the negative blockages and assist you in feeling calmer and clearer and ready to take further action. Release all self judgement and focus on acceptance the rest will slowly form after this.

~Blessings for now Sheelagh and Raphael

I have been married for 33 years. My husband and I have been through a lot of ups and downs. Due to family circumstances Over the years My husband has become negative, provokes drama even amongst his children, resentful, jealous and lazy. He expects everyone to do everything for him because it is”Due” to him. Our children are grown~ 2 married and 1 moved across the country. I am 55 years old and hate living this way. When I married, it was to be for life but I don't know how you change the way things are. I Don't know what to do. We have gone too counseling to no avail. What should I do?
~From: Donna, New York

Dearest Donna,
Marriage is a contract an agreement and it can be abdicated if it is not making you happy. This comes from Archangel Michael who wants you to know you won't be rewarded for hanging on in there if its making you miserable consider your options. Michael says the old belief that marriage had to be forever is a human concept, whilst its working wonderful yet when one of you is putting more into it than the other, it becomes unbalanced and draining.

The real truth here is that there is nothing even an archangel do to Make your husband change and accept responsibility, this however does not mean that you have to stay where you feel so let down the only answer Michael says is to recognise its as much your choice as it his, and whilst you may not like this answer, your husband has the right to act as he chooses, although he is not helping himself nor you by doing this the only option if you wish to stay in this and not to feel so responsible for it all is to love your husband inspite of and because of his failings, for he is too a divine being in all his limitations.

I'm shown that despite the years put between you your husbands focus in on himself and not on your unhappiness, to him this is ‘just the way that it is’ it would serve you to clear and cut the cords as these are making perspective hard to see, and also to protect yourself energetically from his energy, in the end only stay and do what makes you happy, it does not please the angels to see you live in this way, however as for him this is also your choice.

You do know what to do Michael says, and we know it sounds unfair but the lesson here is to choose from your heart what is right for you, the powers that be will support this decision. When what we want is for someone to change for us, even if we feel they MUST this cannot be upheld for it is in each persons destiny to be responsible for their own growth happiness and contentment, and this is where Michael asks you to consider your options again. Long term happiness is possible even probable if the actions of self love are put into practice.

~With blessings Michael and Sheelagh

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Kerry says December 7, 2016

I was just fooling around the camera on my phone taking different photos of the sky when I notice all these beings sitting on clouds and this one with wings was right by me while the others were looking down from the cloud. Are they my guardian angels.? Thank you.

kylie says September 2, 2014

I have asked and prayed for so much help. what else am I supposed to do to receive everything my heart truly desires.

May says September 1, 2014

I went through hard time for more than two decades, with depression,health problems,domestic issues,divorce,and a new beginning in a new country with my two sons. Years later,my health deteriorated once again,I had a burn out,then was diagnosed with depression for a second time, and judged work-impaired, but instead of sinking more, I learned how to get out of the dark, and to know my inner self, I learned how to love myself to be able to heal, and to love others and help them. My creativity helped me a lot, I do wonderful stuff out of it ! Also,I’ve always been a spiritual person,an intuitive one,I make often premonitary dreams and the notion of telepathy is well known to me,I also feel the presence of my angels !
Please can you help me know if I’m on the good track of awakening and what is my role in these difficult times. On the other hand,I work hard but my realisations are earning me not a penny, what should I undersand , what is wrong with it? Need the angelic help . Thank you. Much love !

Charlotte MacDonald says September 1, 2014

Who is My Guardian Angels ?? I have questions that trully need to be answered , Please

Charlotte says September 1, 2014


I have recently moved abroad to be with my husband after 4 months apart and I’m confused about my feelings. I recently have developed feelings for someone else and wonder if he feels the same. I’m so confused lonely and miss my family. I have given up everything to be here and feel very emotional.

Rita de Cassia Blake says September 1, 2014

Hello, could you tell me who are my companions? And do you have a message for me? Thank you so much in advance.

angela reed says September 1, 2014

I’m divorced, an empath and said to be as earth angel. I’ve been diagnosed with ptsd and am have a hard time with my administrative job after staying at hone with my two boys, 22 and 20 now. I feel paralyzed by fear of the future, emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and can’t find joy in anything anymore. What can i do? What do the angels think i should and to do to heal? My mind races constantly or just shuts down, i can’t seem to be able to quiet my mind or heart.

kathryn turnbull says September 1, 2014

hi good morning…my question is will this depression and loneliness ever end?? is there a reason why for the last 8 years i have been stuck with a broken heart and a ex who dangles me on a lost and dont know which way to turn.any insight into this problem is much appreciated…thank you

Tanya says September 1, 2014

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 3 years now. I had a miscarriage 12 months ago, and have not fallen pregnant again yet. Being 43 age is a concern, however, I still know and believe that being a mum is what I am meant to do. At this time I want to have established a home online income that allows me to continue to earn money. Do you have any insight for me about when I will fall pregnant, and know that we will be financially comfortable?

alice says September 1, 2014

I like them are very beautiful

Jakobski says September 1, 2014

For a few years now my older brother has followed the wrong groups and now suffers for this. He isn’t doing too well physically, mentally or emotionally. I have reached a point where my sibling feelings has practically vanished. My mother keeps seeing him and trying to help him. Even after seeing his acts of rage towards family and friends, she comforts him and not the victims. I see him as a victim of his own self destruction, however, i feel that we need to leave him to make his own decisions and learn by these. I have to protect mysrlf spiritually every time we are near. I no longer want to be in a room with him. Please could you give me guidance on what i can do in this situation to either help myself or help my mother. Thank you.

Heidi Rayeski says August 31, 2014

Can you please tell me when I will climb out of this black hole .

Wanita says August 31, 2014

I was wondering when my spirit will return to my soul…I lost it due to a twinflame issue…And I have been paralized and can’t move as to wanting to love to clean like I used to …I lost my love of life and was drained with no energy left inside….A ghostly aroura seems to be present as to everything I do…Nothing goes right….Please any advice would be helpful….

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