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Ask the Angels Weekly Column

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Hi, Can you tell me how to release my soulmate who feels like they should never leave? Can you tell me the name of my guardian angels?

Dearest Susan. I am shown that your soulmate is frightened of the world outside of what is known at this moment this fear is from lifetimes when he was persecuted and tried to hide unsuccessfully.

You are being asked to be strong here and to do what is right for both of you and make it clear that this agreement does not work for either of you any longer. You are a very sensitive lady who feels
that it is your job to heal and be there for everyone around you – this is actually preventing true happiness from coming in for both of you. This ‘agreement' has its advantages but it is also stopping
life lessons from being learnt and absorbed and true love is about understanding that we are not helping someone by not allowing them to learn their life lessons we are actually holding them back
from the path they decided to walk.

Your Guardian Angels name is Ora and it is a feminine energied angel. Shebrings you the energy of the moon and says that change is long over due. Her pale blue colour is asking you to trust in the unseen and to have faith that what is truly right for you will not pass you by.

live chatShe says you too have fear of the future and what lies ahead yet this is not the time to go into fear
this life time is about understanding your own role as a creator and choosing to live in the moment in joy and faith knowing that what lies ahead is better than you can imagine. Blessings always. ~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

I am devastated, my mother is dying any time now, and my health isn't the best either. I don't know where I'm heading financially as I have 4 beautiful cats that I want to keep with me as they are my children. I feel so stressed about where I'm going to live. I don't know what to do. Please give me guidance. Thank you.
~Monica, Melbourne Australia

Dearest Monica all is not well in your world the angels know and they understand the loss that you are contemplating. The natural cycle of things is that we are born, we live and we go home. However you are being asked to live whilst you are in this current moment not ‘die' emotionally before your own heart can heal. Your mother it is true has a journey to make that all of us shall make regardless of our circumstances or age at some point, and although the thought of this is hard for you her soul is actually resigned to the fact and knows at some deep level that only euphoria and a joyful reunion with other loved ones and friends awaits.

Your pain is because you fear being abandoned and do not feel a kinship with many other souls at this time. It is time for a life review, it is time to see that where you are offers opportunities to heal your fear and to see death as the transition it is. Though this is not easy Jeremiel Angel of change promises you that your days can become lighter and easier if you can see that this dark prison you are in whilst understandable is actually one that has been brought into being from your perspective. In truth the feelings you are focusing on are from your past and a feeling of not being understood honoured or validated rather than ‘just' the impending passing of your loved one. It is also true that in this short
paragraph it is unlikely We can give enough predictions that will totally change the way you feel for it has taken a lot for you to journey here to this wasteland.
Please know you are loved and supported and are not alone never alone and now it is time to call on the heavenly assistance but the way you call shall determine how they are able to answer.  i am being shown that prayers of desperation whilst understandable make it challenging for the Angels to bring you the answers of comfort that they so desire to furnish you wish.

I am being shown getting quiet and asking from a hopeful heart for them to give you courage and strength for them to light a path gently so that you can feel their constant love and understanding for you and asking for them to give you signs that you are not untended will begin to give you the faith that you have not been abandoned.  Im being shown that your cats may indeed need to be considered long term – however for now I am shown that they will stay with you if you ensure that their needs are catered for. Practically speaking there is a feeling of downsizing at some point which will make maintenance easier for you.  I am also shown an understanding man involved in this.

With health I am shown that you will  if you can begin to recognise where your body does do its job well the  flow of desperation will turn into a steadily increasing stream of better feelings however it must come from a place of gratitude in order that this is successful.don't have to give in to the fear which feels as though it is stalking you, indeed this fear is bringing about the very circumstances that worry you so much.  Jeremiel says admit that you need a little help and ask them.  Im shown  please ask for help from the services that surround you as there is a feeling of a befriending service that can help you make all the transitions around you a lot smoother than they feel at this point  Wishing you all the assistance in the world please ask so that you may receive.
Blessings always x ~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

Do animals have spirits?
~Hilda, Hong Kong

Is there any difference between the spirits of humans and animals?

Do they have soul-plan/lessons planed before birth like humans? (eg. come to Earth to experience and to let we humans learn love)

psychic readingDearest Hilda Ariel the archangel of animals is stepping forward to work with you here. The spirits of animals are a beautiful expression of divine energy, they are pure love conciousness and they exist in a realm along side the human realm in spirit.  Animals are assigned to us when our souls are ‘born' and they will likely ‘show up' in our experience as a soul mate for a matter of time.

Very often even if we own several animals there will be one special animal or soul mate that captures our heart in a special way, this is because we have known them before and they agreed to come and keep us company during a time of our life and assist us in learning to love unconditionally.

Souls of humans come from the stars and the sun and the souls of animal come from general universal energy so there is a difference yes, they don't have soul lessons for themselves as they are beautiful pure spirits sent to accompany us and also to inhabit Gala and assist in its ascension as a Monad spirit.  The lessons that they have are actually to be part of our tapestry and they will show us how to live in the moment and how to value all life.

They are an absoloute blessings and we must respect them all no matter their size from an insect to a lion for they are true sacred expressions of the divine.

~Angelic Channel Sheelagh Maria

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kylie says May 20, 2014

Angels when am I going to reawaken please tell me. And if you don’t mind can you please show yourselves to me soon. Thanks kylie

Roisin heavron says May 10, 2014

How do you. Know your angel name

Debra Ammar De Luca says May 5, 2014

Hi! I am sooooooo excited. Thank you for this very, very rare opportunity. My question is are my Parents with me at all times? My Mom died on my 12th birthday and Daddy a year later. I never got the chance to know them. Do they watch over me and are they helping to guide my life and the lives of my children? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Ve says May 4, 2014

Hi. In these times of intense energy, I learn the lesson of acceptance. Along with that I notice my energy/my soul-me diminishing (in order to reinforce?). Will things turn out (well) in work and lovelife? I wander as I observe myself from a distance. Thanks for helping me out.

rebecca sandell says May 4, 2014

I was so excited to see my whole bedroom lit up like the milky way I was reunited with my angel Teleah ..
I was able to communicate telepathically with her.
I was also able to see horses running wild and free and also a big black dog ..
This was my first huge awakening into the gift that I possess since birth …
The jigsaw puzzle is slowly coming together for me ..
I am excited beyond belief .
Can you please give me some more insight as to what im experiencing..
I do understand but I wouls love more clarity please
Kindest regards bec

Wendy says May 4, 2014

I would like to know the names of my guardian angels and also i would like to know what my dad thinks of the current family drama going on

Thank You!!

Marcia says May 4, 2014

Is my business going to take off this year?

abby bendian ernesto says May 4, 2014

Pls tell me also the name of my guardian angel

Gracewilson says May 4, 2014

Will Tom be the one for me will it last

Grace Wilson says May 4, 2014

Will my home be sold soon

Colette says May 4, 2014

How do we know who is really there for us xxx

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