Ask the Angels, Weekly Angel Reading Column

Ask the Angels, Weekly Angel Reading Column

LightworkersAsk Angels column Sunday October 12th

Question from Ritu: 
Will Abhinav and I get romantically involved and have a great relationship?

Dearest Ritu,
If we told you every outcome you would not need to experience any of it, and you would not need to be on planet earth. It is I archangel Michael who comes to reassure you that many blessings are in store for you in many different ways.

You are being comforted now because there is a fear that you are destined to be alone. I am shown that Ritu has feelings for you yes, and you are likely to get to know each other better yes, however what happens all the way down the line is still to be decided, not by god, but by you and by him. I'm shown a hesitancy and fear on his part and he is going through lots of lessons, old emotions, deciding what he wants, choosing how he wants it to be versus how he thinks it will be – he is a lovely caring man and Michael wants you to know he does care and yes you will come together to a point.

Right now you need to ask why you need this guarantee of an outcome, for if he is truly your twin flame you simply want to be in his company and enjoy today and then today and then today, and this would be enough; Decide if you are ready to relinquish the need to know and explore what you are learning right here right now, this sets the stage for the happiness you are seeking. You will be loved so enjoy where you are right now.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael.

Question from Belinda: 
I believe there are no coincidences. What is the relationship/purpose between my current boss in relation to my higher self? I feel like I'm going in circles, continually frustrated working in this position under my current boss. Can my angels offer any guidance? What am I missing here? Am I to be patient and wait for a new position here or should I move on? Thank you.

Dearest Belinda,
You are at the end of an old cycle and your boss is indeed an instigator of growth for you at soul level this is truly a gift. You are being asked now what do you really want? The recognition and achievement you deserve you have to believe you deserve in order that your boss and anyone and everyone else will agree, so in this way your boss is echoing a creation you have made back at you and we are hoping you will see it is in fact just a mirror.

Before you make any attempt to move on its about sidelining the effect the boss’s focus has on you though this may not be easy, for all your boss has done is pick up energetically on your frustration and your self doubt and relay and replay this back to you, it is the way of energy it is the way of the world. You are choosing to remain unempowered whilst you wait for others to change so that you get the ‘chance’ by ‘luck’ that you don’t really think you deserve. Change this perspective on the inside and over time your pathway will become clear.

When you focus your energy on a job well done, on being happy with what you have achieved in the face yes of dismay from those around you you are showing them that you are satisfied, accepting of what you can do to grow within your current role and are not seeking to blame anyone else even if you could easily do so. By accepting responsibility in this way you are showing the Universe that it is going to change because you are changing it.

You need to get to a point where you relish the challenge, you congratulate yourself on a task well done, and you are emitting a tone of personal achievement, when you do this consistently your boss will change their attitude towards you, and you will either be offered a role more in keeping with what you truly are capable of, or you will attract a role ‘in’ that is in alignment with where you are – so you see there is no great big contract with your boss except they agreed they would mirror your satisfaction hoping that you would see through this for the illusion it is and would decide to trust yourself, congratulate yourself and above all ascend in thought word and perspective and then yes realise your own goals.

Hope this Helps Archangel Michael and Sheelagh
Question From Kat:
This rang so true with me it's scary! My twin flame and I met 8 yrs ago and had the can't live with:without you whilst madly in love and adoring each other. He is a runner, I was the chaser. I stopped chasing when he last ‘ran' in June this year.

We have had at least one past life as I've been regressed.
I love him dearly still and believe he does me. When together we are amazing.
I'd love to know how we can ‘fix' this and be together until our days end. We are both 51 (born 2 days apart) and time is running out.

Dearest Kat,
Your perspective that time is running out is what is causing the issue here, your partner is your twin flame yes and yet he feels the need to check himself when he gets in too deep he is feeling your deep seated ‘need ‘ for him more than any normal soul mate would.

This has the opposite effect that you wish, you wish to sooth and care for him take care of everything for him learn his lessons for ever, however although he is your twin flame he is Not you, and so he picks up the fear and need in you, the over riding desire to do it all ‘for’ him and he thinks ‘hang on a minute where does My choice go here what if I don’t decide I choose this’ so you need for all and intense purposes to enjoy what you have, relax about whether he is physically there or not, Im shown many ups and downs and I am shown more running on his part however I am also shown if you stay happy in yourself and care for Your soul he is likely to come back and like a cat caught in the rain settle down.

Time is not running out there is no quotia of time there is only your opinon that when we die we ‘stop’ like a broken clock, your time is eternal, and your time in this time line is longer and stronger than you perceive and we ask you to adjust your perception is it not true a minute can feel like a hour or an hour can feel like a minute? Relax, it is your very vibration that is preventing your twin from being with you, he is caught in your headlights and whilst he loves you and wants to be with you he is wrestling with many lifetimes where he did literally run; So allow relaxation to be second nature to you and eventually as your twin he will echo this back.. You are beautiful mirrors and it is not the easiest relationship for people to have as you feel what he feels also what you feel however it can be done gently over time and with care.

Blessings. Sheelagh and Michael

Question From Nur:

Dear All, I have huge financial problems which must be solved in a short time. I'm doing all kinds of works of purgation and fertility.. What do you recommend to overcome this problem? Best regards, Nur

Dearest Nur,
It is archangel Ariel who comes in to assist yes you are doing lots of work and this is highly worthwhile.

However the very demand that you are asking of the Universe is making the short time stretch and stretch the Universe hears our tone all of the time and brings us reasons to feel more of this way. Be aware that your logic is not taking into account the limitless possibilities the Universe has to offer you yet you are struggling with the concept that there is an unlimited lack of funds at your disposal. I am shown the inner child needs comforting and I am shown past lives where you were always ‘chasing’ money so there are beliefs associated with how much trouble you’l be in if you don’t sort this out, there seems to be a theme of ‘I must do this quickly – or else.

The or else is where you need to begin, you need to Accept the ‘or else’ as unpalatable as that may seem by accepting it (not liking it) you admit that there is fear energy here and you can work on removing and transmuting it. the worst hardly ever happens yet it does if we avoid the idea that it could. Your work now is to relax into what ‘is’ and to focus on what you have and to start to feel gratitude for what is met and to put a small sum aside for yourself. I would also encourage you to have a Magical Money clearing which will help release those soul contracts and bonds to do with ‘keeping up equals keeping safe’

Blessings Sheelagh and Michael

Question From: Margaret
Will my family ever be whole again and reconnect!

Dearest Margaret,
Did you know your family is never truly separated? You are always connected by a golden thread of light from each of your souls and when anything happens within the structure of the family everyone feels this pull. You are the centre of the family and so for you this feels like desertion, yet in nature families do evict their young from the nest and go on to produce another ‘family’ this is expansion this is nature this is evolution.

So even for you this is painful we understand however no family is ever separated they just are threads of a tapestry interweaving with o the souls and creating other stories What you are really seeking is a sense of belonging and a sense of being included. This is to do with your heart, and if you sit quietly and ask your Guardian Angel to work with the Guardian Angels of your family and to bring them to you you will find as you think lovingly of them as you consider their best qualities rather than focus on them deserting you or each other and what they are not doing, it will draw them to you.

I am also shown a friendship with a lady that can support you during the interim. Family arguments are part of the souls evolution and pacts made prior to birth, and many of us suffer because of these members not getting along try not to judge any of them for they are all doing what they feel is best at this moment. Instead send out the tone of unconditional love and acceptance to your family wherever they are, whether you are speaking or not, and don’t place limitations on what must happen in order for you to feel part of a whole, if you see one family member in October and another in December the family is working to support you all be it separately as their soul contracts dictate.

Relax about this and go over happy memories and smile, knowing although things have changed they can change for the better if you are soft and loving accepting and inviting, like a fire they will gather around you as you desire.

With love Sheelagh and Michael

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