Ask the Angels Weekly Angel Messages Column

Ask the Angels Weekly Angel Messages Column

angel messagesAngel Messages Channeled by Sheelagh

My ex just cut me from their life and the pain is unbearable, do the Angels have guidance on how I can heal, move on and grow from this relationship? Thank you.
~From: Bernice, Liverpool

Dearest Bernice Please do not feel as though all your options have closed or shut down what appears to be a final exit is in fact a doorway to a new reality which will bring much peace and happiness forth. We see your wounded heart and we stand side by side with you and feel your heart ache we want you to know that your suffering is understood and felt by us. Know that the other party feels it too and tries to bury their feelings and ignore the nagging voice of doubt deep within their being.

Although this feels like the ultimate rejection of you it is in fact a rejection of self. Together there was less growth and less tolerance and understanding of one anothers paths than their will be separately. Yet far from this being your ‘fault' it is in fact the other party who is less able to recognize their need to grow and open into acceptance of who their are faults and all. You my dear are on a fast track to happiness evolving and will in time be appreciated by another party as you will by then appreciate your self.

live chatRight now take some time away from this mire of hurt and loneliness and see in reality that energetically you were already separated from this being who has also separated from themselves. A flower can only thrive in the sunlight, and the lightness that surrounds you will hold you and nurture you until you stand strong and tall and beautiful in your own divinity. Love will come from outside but for now, feel our constant presence reassuring you that the only way is forward one small step at a time. With Love Archangel Chamuel channeled by Sheelagh Maria. 

I am confused about the meaning of a soulmate. Is it a person that is supposed to bring life lessons mostly unpleasant for a “spiritual growth” ? What happens if you choose not to go that way. Is it always planned for another one to come and bring same experiences?
~From: Dimitar, US

Dearest Dimitar
You come from a large Soul Group and there will be fractions of this soul group or ‘clubs' within the over all ‘tribe' that are more familiar to you than others. You will come and go between life times in different parts of these ‘clubs'. Within these clubs are the souls of all people you have had close relationships and not so positive experiences (though in soul terms All experience is a positive one if it contributes to growth and learning) throughout your many many incarnations
on the planet.

There will also be a soul family with whom you will more closely interact whilst in different incarnations. There will be certain members of your Soul Family that like birds flying the nest come and go and some of you will agree that your lessons complement one another and will incarnate together, meaning that of your birth or Planet Earth family there will be those that you Know and Gel with on a energetic level very well and others that you love but simply don't get (this means you have incarnated fewer times with them or have more lesson to learn until you are a energetic match) then there are soul ‘mates' and these soul mates are members of your soul tribe, club and family. Soul mates can be lovers true, and like shoes there are different ones for different occasions, however they can also be ‘enemies' or friends that interaction is needed with to accomplish greater understanding of each other and ultimately yourself.

In terms of Romantic soul mates again there is free will and choice and it's a little like air, you cannot run out of soul mates when one abdicates the agreement another will within a period of time and with focus flow in to take their place if this is wanted. Twin Flames are a soul that matches your energetic frequency more closely than any other, but often they will not come into your earth time experience ‘this time' but are elsewhere learning their lessons so that when the two of you do reconcile in heaven more growth and a joyful catch up is promised.
Soul mates are parallel with where your vibration is at this moment so if maximum growth is achieved it can be that one no longer resonates on the same wavelength as the other mate who has declined to grow at the same pace, and sometimes this inevitably brings around a parting of energy on the physical – our assurance to you is that no relationship or loving feeling however it ‘ends' is ever really ‘ended' because when you come back home the most loving of parties will reunite you with all ‘mates' and family and you will be hard pushed to say which is which. You are on an upward curve now and as a seeker there will be a match for you that brings out the best of your frequency and the best of theirs. In time this will be true of you all.

Blessings Archangel Metatron channeled by Sheelagh Maria. 

How can I recognise the presence of my guardian angel?
~From:Rosendo, France

–Dearest Rosendo
Your Guardian Angels have been with you for every second of your life on planet earth and they will never (can never) leave you for a moment. Your Guardian Angels understand you want to connect with them and knowing their name for you can allow you to feel closer to them. The Guardian angels are eager to have a close relationship with you and they're suggestion is to ask them to whisper their name to you as you sleep. Ask them whilst sitting quietly to allow you to feel their energy and you are likely to feel an air pressure change a coolness or a tingle. Accepting what you get however subtle it feels at this moment is necessary to allow the doorways to open to stronger communication.

Your Guardian Angel is the energy that opens the portal for all other communication with Archangels Ascended Masters and also Your Spirit Guides and Loved ones, so understanding like any relationship it takes time to understand what is happening gives you the signal to keep on going. Your Guardian Angels would love you to talk to them, give them reasons to connect with you, ask them to show you they are with you. You may see feathers or you may hear songs you may see the word ‘Angel' or the word Guardian somewhere significant. Accepting what you get allows stronger communication to come in.

psychic readingAlternatively ask your Guardian angel to show you themselves as a representation of energy in your third eye which exists an inch above your brow line and you may see a swirl of colour or even a physical or a part physical view of what they ‘would' look like if they did possess a body. If you are wanting messages from your angel consider a Guardian Angel reading which will give you their name and also their messages for you at this time it will also pinpoint your particular gifts and will answer unanswered questions about your path as it stands at this moment. Most important have fun don't limit the way they can help you ask them for anything from car parking spaces to extra money to meeting interesting and fun people. They are truly a mans best friend.

~Channeled by Sheelagh Maria. 

Will life get better for my family and my son and his wife?
~From: Shirley, Michigan

Dearest Shirley,
It is I Archangel Raphael come forth to pour understanding love and peace into your earthly experience. It is not impossible for life to get more than a little better it is not impossible for it to get a whole lot better than possibly you can imagine the issue is are you prepared to take the steps to allow this to transpire? You deserve it, without doubt from my vantage point and our vantage point seldom has there been a more loving soul who wants the best for those she loves and feels their pain and discomfort inherently. We won't regale you with instructions on how to utilise the Law Of Attraction although in truth that would do you more good than a prediction will what we will say to you is this, that which you are in alignment with you are receiving and if this does not feel fair or just and this is focused upon this is too what will be attracted. We wish to hasten you to our bosom and to show you what we see, a lady with a huge heart and a huge ability to create so much more happier circumstances for herself, We also see that you feel in surmounted by the amount of improvement that is yearned for not just on your behalf but also on the behalf of those you love. We say to you that when stood at the foot of the mountain it can seem a impossibly long climb before even one step is taken. We ask you to see that it is not helping to stand staring at the mountain and feeling defeated before one or twenty easy steps are taken.

Detach your self from the mirror in front of your eyes and see that your dear son and family need have no fear that they circumstances will not improve for they will and shall that is our firm prediction for you, will they improve without focus and motivation and self accountability not easily but this too we see happening in time and although they will use different labels to those which you may prefer those labels will utilize the Law Of Attraction to work well for them too. In fact it is going to be far easier once one or two small things fall into place for them to begin their climb steadily up the gentle sloping rock face and to admire the scenery they see as they proceed.

For you my dearest the journey is different because you have a past that has shown you it is difficult to change things, possibly heart rending to hope for the best and not to really conceive that this can or is likely to happen so we say to you ask us for assistance in helping you to see the times when things have improved for you, ask us for assistance in clearing your energy and especially your solar plexus your seat of power, ask us for healing in all areas and take some time to feel the blessings. Sit and call your blessings in from god on a regular basis and allow them to flow in through your crown. Things will slowly but surely start to gently mould and change before your eyes.

Do not get caught up in ‘how' or even ‘when' just know that it shall and allow yourself time in THIS moment for there is no other to count as many of your blessings as you can, this is energetic oil which helps us to flow in to you and allow fresh energy to follow in our wake. Please wear or breathe or eat green and breathe this energy of mine in daily as you pass anything of this hue for this too shall lift and heighten your frequency thus allowing me greater leverage to assist.

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With love Archangel Raphael channeled by Sheelagh Maria. 

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