Ask Angels Column- Your Questions Answered!

Ask Angels Column- Your Questions Answered!

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Ask The Angels

Will I ever get my life together, and will I be alone through it all?
P.S I know I'm never actually alone, also I have my guardian angel with me all the time, I just mean romantically speaking…
~ Angela, Lebanon

Hi Angela, Archangel Michael is stepping forward to answer your question. He says you are a beautiful person and have a very empathic heart. You feel others pain deeply and you see the situations others go through and these resonate with you on such a deep level that you have subconsciously resolved ‘not to go through that. He says that it is to understand that you are putting blocks in your own way. That your very ‘fear' of getting it wrong or being hurt is actually preventing you from ‘getting it right'.

The universe can only organise the molecules around you in a certain fashion depending on what you are ‘ordering' with your ‘tone' ie the sum total energetically of your thoughts and feelings. You need he says to move away from beliefs that love hurts and to accept that yes love can but it is also fun intimate giving awakening cherishing nurturing many many things. Not every relationship is meant to be forever and so it is to be open to the gifts that each interaction can bring.  He says that a clearing of your heart chakra would be a wonderful start and learning to not think to much about the future but to open up to the joy of now…

If you can experience the fullness of being you in a joyful and enriching manner and you then share this new shiny you with a wider group of people it would not be long before another sensitive and equally beautiful person emerges from the throng.  Will it happen without some clearing or some focus?  Well you may meet someone but they are unlikely to be able to give you the forever love story you desire because you won't have drawn it towards you first.  You are not ‘meant' to be alone and of course as you so rightly point out you never are, you are ‘meant' to enjoy all of the abundance the desire the fullness that life has to offer you.  When you see this is your birthright and accept the gauntlet Then your tone will draw towards you that which you are calling for – love companionship and most of all fulfillment in being you. We do offer angel healing readings these would be a great start!

~Clairaudient Angel Channel Sheelagh Maria

Hi, could you please tell me something about my angels, such as their names and what they look like? What messages do they have for me? Thank you.
~Chhavi, Glasgow UK

Hi Chhavi. It is my absolute pleasure to assist you in this. We have two Guardian Angels I only ever unwrap one as I like people to be able to make that connection themselves. You Guardian Angels name is ‘Ria' and she is a feminine energized angel her colours are Green and pink and this tells me there is clearing work going on around your heart chakra. She tells me that there is a life review going on it is time to work out what no longer serves you and to be brave enough to let this flow out so that more can come in.  She says that you are a lightworker and you have a beautiful ability to connect with people.  She wants you to focus on your career and to take the next step.

She also wants to touch on the word ‘freedom' and says if you are feeling constricted it is about focusing on the freedoms you do have rather than on the ones you don't yet possess.  Your Archangel is Michael which means you are going through a period of evaluation and are coming to new conclusions this is about what you want versus what you have a strong desire to move forward is brilliant but take your time and have clarity about the way you would like to feel.  Feels as though 2014 going to be a positive year for you and i see new people around you encouraging you to move on.

Enjoy and open up to the gifts of the Universe Ria is at your side asking you to dig deep and feel clear about your wishes so that she and her team can bring them to you.  Developing  a closer relationship with Ria would be wonderful and you can do this by sitting quietly and asking her to come to you and feel her presence as a gentle tingle around your body or crown.

~Clairaudient Angel channel Sheelagh Maria

Hi, I would love to know how many spirit guides I have surrounding me and if I'm taking my life in the right direction?
~Rehmy, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Rehmy So you have three guides along with two guardian angels.  I am connecting to your main life guide and the name i get is ‘Otswana' he feels exotic and from an African country.  He feels Loving and wise and also sees that you are ready to move forward in your life now.

New Beginnings abound – it is time for you to really identify what your next move is going to be he is going to help you capitalize on this.  He shows me that you sometimes get sidetracked in other peoples lives and he wants to remind you to focus lovingly on your own path first.  He says here the time is ready for you to take action and also talks of a lady around you that is draining you of energy and although this may be a  good friend it is to appreciate we need to protect our energy to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Self confidence is around you now and he says that it is time to prepare yourself for the harvest.  He is by your side all of the time and he shows me time of peace and fruitfulness ahead of you.  enjoy

Hi will things get better as far as my financial situation? I'm not sure I feel the same way my boyfriend does is this relationship going to bcome renewed or are we meant to be together?
~ Jessica, Phoenix, AZ

Hi Jessica, Chamuel is stepping forward to work with you this morning  – he says that you need to connect with your heart and realise there doesn't have to be a one direction answer.  Just because a relationship doesn't last forever does not mean it is not a ‘success'.  If you mean by this will marraige and children follow ? Well that is unlikely given how you feel right now however this too with work and focus can change.  It is time to see that your boyfriend is doing his best, he senses that your heart is not really in it and he is scared and fearful of being left .  Soften your heart towards him and see that a decision that honours how you feel is ultimately in his best interests too.

Your finances feel quite heavy your guidance from Chamuel is to see all your needs are already met. Connect with what makes you feel passionate and exude this passion into your finances too.  Focus on how good you feel when you do this activity and think about your money in this way. ie how far your money goes what your money does bring you feel gratitude for the money you have.

Also calling the energy of money in to you is very powerful and this is something we offer in our private sessions.  Removing the fear and frustration from your solar plexus through meditation would also be highly beneficial to you.  Chamuel wants you to connect with your softness and whilst this doesn't mean stay where you don't wish too it does mean be patient with your boyfriend and his feelings with your own need for change and accept where you are and look for the blessings this will allow the flow to come into you.

~Clairaudient Angel Channel Sheelagh Maria

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