Ask the Angels Column, Sunday Sept 7th 2014

Ask the Angels Column, Sunday Sept 7th 2014

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Dear angel, I have felt a shift and many changes taking place in my life. They are blessings. I am also quite anxious with change. I have a great deal of grief dealing with all my kids. One who is struggling badly. I have hoped and prayed for him and currently will have him in my home again in hopes of him embracing a leg up. Please surround me with strength and love and guide me thru this come what may.
All my love,
Cheryl, San Clemente Ca

Dearest Cheryl
Your angel coming forward is archangel Michael he is asking you to be calm and understand you have a beautiful bunch of people around you and they are all on their paths as planned. Lots of changes are highlighted for you as a family over the next three years and at times you will feel the energy coming in and due to old energies within your auras you will feel and anticipate this is ‘bad’.

Change always brings growth and new opportunities or confusion depending on which side of the line you stand Michael says it is time to recognize that your childrens deep empathy for each other and also for you is actually part of their path, and the child that is more sensitive than the others has a path pre planned also. Try for a moment and see them in their ‘real’ state, as souls who are eons old who have chosen to come here to learn and grow as much as they can and in fact the very struggle you are seeing right now is the birth into a new phase of that old wise soul. Support your self through this time, ask me to stand with you and you and give you the strength to know that in the end everything will be well.

Im also encouraging you to find people you can talk to you are a good mum but your perspective is that this is happening ‘to’ you rather than ‘for’ you. Remember we are in a benevolent Universe that will support whatever we choose to believe. We would like you to feel honoured to be part of your children's growth and path, and to let limited thinking and fearful thought patterns fall away as our Universe has to bring you what you perceive and there is no need for more ‘grief’ to come in You do have much to be thankful for this is where dear, we would start, keep doing this and your perspectives will change and then the outcomes and this focus on what is good will undoubtedly only bring more.

~Archangel Michael and Sheelagh

I see the numbers 1 2 3 4 and 444 a lot what do they mean?
~Anne, Northern Ireland

Dearest Anne Archangel Raziel the angel of spiritual secrets is with you now and helping you to see the messages being brought to you. 1234 heralds new projects, motivation, courage and commitment and successful completion so for you this heralds a new stage of life a project which the angels are encouraging you to embark upon and a new way of viewing yourself.

There will be challenges but you will overcome these and grow beautifully in the process understand you are far more than you perceive at this time and we encourage you to allow this to flow through into the physical plane. 444 is about accepting responsibility for the changes you wish to make and creating these rather waiting for them, releasing outdated ways of thinking and responding to situations with a more philosophical view and then taking another step Up and Out. This is about embarking on a new stage of your life in all ways at all levels. (Learn more about 444 here!) 

Blessings Archangel Raziel and Sheelagh

What is in my near future?
Judith, Southport Gold Coast QLD

Dearest Judith, Archangel Chamuel is coming forward to support you today he wants you to decide for yourself what it is you would like. He says imagine being in a sweetshop being offered a wide variety of options and it is all up to and about you, This he says is your message today. Don’t wait for it to come to create it. Dispense self judgement and judgement of others who are circling their lessons, and decide to be the radiant soul who wishes to learn new things and experience greater satisfaction from your relationships and friendships from this moment on. Good times await you if you can open your heart and move into the future. Love is highlighted here.

Enjoy. Chamuel and Sheelagh

Not sure how to start this. My husband is a disabled Vet (Vietnam and agent orange). We are retired and doing okay paying our bills, trying to pay them off. But it is getting so we can't keep up our house. It needs work done, the yard neither of us can do. I face paint to earn money for extras (I am also a clown). So I guess my question is what should we do from here. I really hate moving into an apt. and we love our neighborhood. I just feel at a loss right now. We had so many great plans when we took angel classes and healing classes when we were traveling. And I guess we were just too old for our ideas! Physically I mean. Thanks for any ideas or help.
~Patti, Lebanon OR

Dearest Patti,
Archangel Raphael is coming forward to assist you today. He says you have fallen into the
collective thought that when we get old doors close. This is not the truth and need not be the case even though your circumstances feel limited at this stage. It is time to Up all things. Your vibration, your hopes your dreams and also your daily energy. You have actually been leaving your body a lot in your angel work and though this is lovely it does not help you complete and concretely manifest your goals and dreams we are here to help you but we cannot do it for you.

You are as able to manifest new opportunities as anyone else. Start with your way of life, you love your neighbourhood start there, I'm being shown there is somewhere you could live with a beautiful garden which your husband can enjoy and you can also use as a base for workshops. I've shown you are a talented teacher and I actually see you doing childrens workshops for local children. Im shown you need to be more grounded so you can assess your options right now in a clearer way rather than run away with what you have decided is going to happen.

So get yourself some root vegetables and eat these, get a grounding stone just from your garden and hold this and ask me and archangel Uriel to help ground you and also clear away your doubts. I've shown you can access some help with your husbands needs, should you accept this I'm also shown that a move is not highlighted until next year so there is no need to rush into this. I'm  shown you can make savings with some areas and that will help there is also a young man within your local community that does not have a job and would welcome the extra work I'm seeing him decorate too. I'm actually seeing that there are many happy days ahead of you both and I'm seeing travel of a shorter nature involved so i don't feel there are doors closing quite the opposite. I would strongly recommend a clearing to get rid of the cords and agreements that mean you are seeing only limitations and i'm seeing that its time to embrace this stage of your life together and not to focus on the parts that you could view as constraints.

I'm shown painting around one of you (not of the face) and i'm also shown a class that the two of you can hold yourself with people coming to you in a circle type way. We also run web courses here so there is no need for you not to have your angel work it does just mean you do it from a different medium. All will come to pass for your highest good if you can clear out these doubts and see how blessed you truly are.

~Archangel Raphael and Sheelagh

Is Jim good for me? Everyone says no.

Dearest Child,
Archangel Azrael is here to assist you he says that in your heart you realise that you are clinging to something that has less growth than you would hope. Jim has source energy running through him as does everyone, and as such is on a soul path as much as anyone else, it is easy for others to judge him or pigeon hole him however the question is Do you feel good being with him? Does he make you feel loved and nurtured and know that you matter?
We are not going to answer as to whether he is good for you, if he helps you learn your lessons we would disagree with the majority of those around you, however we also see that you are not moving forward in the way that your own dear soul wishes you to, and we are shown that there is indeed a higher path, a higher calling where self healing and love comes first. So choose what your heart tells you, yet remember happiness is out there in unlimited ways if you choose to love yourself as we love you. Jim is just a person, and so has his own lessons, you have your own choices and your own desires, does he help you get closer too or further away from these is the question we would like you to honestly evaluate?

~Archangel Azrael and Sheelagh

I have been married for 33 years. My husband and I have been through a lot of ups and downs. Due to family circumstances Over the years My husband has become negative, provokes drama even amongst his children, resentful, jealous and lazy. He expects everyone to do everything for him because it is”Due” to him. Our children are grown~ 2 married and 1 moved across the country. I am 55 years old and hate living this way. When I married, it was to be for life but I don't know how you change the way things are. I Don't know what to do. We have gone too counseling to no avail. What should I do?
~Donna, New York

Dearest Donna,
It is Archangel Gabriel who comes forward to assist you She asks you to put aside your husband and his anger for the moment. I'm shown that you are feeling low and unmotivated when we feel this way we can be with the happiest person and our reality can seen endlessly monotonous. I'm asked to remind you we ALL have choice, and if fear prevents us from allowing those choices to bring more opportunities and instead brings more confusion, then that is something we have to decide for ourselves if we are really ready for lots more of this for that is what is ‘ordered’ even unintentionally. It is true, you humans feel that marriage is a sacred contract entered into no matter what, we feel the same about life. A contract is only as good as the terms being fulfilled, and do not your vows say to love, honour and respect?

We ask you to honour the marriage to yourself, the marriage you agreed to as a soul when you came here to earth which is to learn as much as you can about your own worth and to love, honour and respect yourself above any other agreements including a human marriage. Much is shared about the Law Of Attraction, yet at its very base it says that Like unto itself is drawn, so now it is important that unless you love and honour yourself no other Can do this for you no matter how upset with them you may feel. In this way your husband is only and simply responding to your vibration, and you in turn have come ‘down’ to his lower vibrating level so that you are both unhappy, dissatisfied and now it is spreading to the children. As like unto itself is drawn we ask when is enough enough?

We understand change maybe ‘hard’ yet in truth living in this misery is more than we have asked you to do for you are learning nothing new in this environment. Counselling is talking about this and actually only creates more focus on what is not working, we say to you go by yourself, hear yourself describe how unhappy you are and if you can use this to focus on what you would prefer, and actually take small steps towards allowing a frank and honest discussion with your heart in quiet moments, perhaps we hope you will agree that this ‘marriage’ is only highlighting the sadness and anger you both feel towards yourselves, and that ‘sharing this’ any longer does not help anyone.

We wish you peace and comfort knowing that as always it will change when you decide that ‘forever’ is too long to be miserable when unlimited happiness and peace awaits you.

With love Gabriel and Sheelagh

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Dear Angels, will I ever overcome the deep sad feeling of separation anxiety I’ve got from relocating to a foreign country as I got married, and having left my son behind, he is 20 years old, I proposed my son to come and move with us so we can all have a fresh start and he said no, I have done everything in my power to make my son and husband happy keeping myself strong, but guilty is my worst nightmare at the moment as I feel I have made a big mistake, I love my husband to bits and he makes me happy but the thought of my son living apart and away from me is killing me, please dear angels, help me out, I need your advice and guidance

anne says September 7, 2014

Will I get the courage to leave my marriage by next year.its been terriblely abusive for years.and will I be happy

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Will my husband get a new job he applied for?

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The past several years have been like a wild roller coaster ride with some highs and lots of twists and drops. I have been trying to make a solid connection with my angels to help guide me through this crazy maze… I just don’t know if I can find a spot where I can totally be at peace..

Janice Lafler says September 7, 2014

I have a lot of 7s around me. Can you tell me the meaning of that? Also I’m getting alittle worried about money and wondering if it will get better.

Georgianna says September 7, 2014

I have a on going law suit I would love to see justice done in this suit what outcome do you see ? Thank you 🙂

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Will there be a time of peace and tranquility coming to me and my family

mark says September 7, 2014

Help me tap in stronger to my guides so I can see here you and the spirit world

Peggy says September 7, 2014

For the last 3 years people have come into my life , from my past ,just as we are getting reacquainted they die . What am I supposed to do with this .This is too sad for me to understand what is happening. I just lost my Third friend this way in August .

Rhonda says September 7, 2014

Hi I just can’t seam to get over being alone and missing my little Noah who has been gone now 15 years just want someone to come in my life to help take the loneliness away do you think it will happen soon thank you

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