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Greetings to my spirit guides and angels. My girl friend and I are going through a difficult patch. We have dated for 4 years, we have decided to break up. Some how I feel its my fault. Did we make the right decision?
~Kiran, South Africa

Dearest Kiran growth can be considered painful it can be considered unwanted and unwarranted however it is like a fish trying to resist swimming the flow of life and the flow of energy will always carry you forwards through any and every experience that you as a soul here in the heavenly realms designed for yourself in conjunction with those also a part of the scenario to assist in your souls overall growth and change. At times we feel this is unfair and can feel we are not loved or are not supported. You are a infinite being of divine potential and can not be removed from your connection to source and indeed the angelic realms.

We see your pain and your frustration that it could not be resolved however there is better days ahead. Your partner in this situation is a soul that has much growth to contend with and has a difficulty accepting responsibility for her own feelings. It is time for her to experience individual expression for a while and time for you my warrior of light to heal and grow in a more upward direction. There will be future love and future expressions of co joined union of energy there (relationships).

Please bear with yourself in this time of growth and give yourself time to adjust. Travel and seeking of knowledge is coming in for you and also a possible developing of your own unique gifts. Take heart my friend the best is yet to come.
~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria

I would like to have an answer by the angels.I just want to know if the work I been asking about will come soon , and if my husband will be able to come to Sydney this year 2014 ….?
~Cristina, Sydney Australia

Dearest Cristina please know that every request is always granted. I assure you that things are moving and flowing in perfect divine timing. Ready yourself for welcome changes by noting that frustration delays the deliverance of all good things to you. Focusing always upon that which makes you feel good, that which adds value rather than that on which you do not have or are not yet experiencing will mean that we are able to knock at your door a lot sooner.

Joyfully know that we angels are here to support you and your own spiritual team are so proud of the way you have coped in recent months. Your patience with the Universe is appreciated and indeed you will be reunited with your husband before the year is out. Realise that we are asking you to prepare yourself for the happiness you deserve so that you can allow it in.

Realise that by continuing along a chosen focused pathway of ‘its not here yet' will make the path longer and windier than it needs to be. Celebrate that which you take for granted get excited about what is to come feel full of gratitude for that which are already blessings in your life such as your ability to sense our presence and also your belief in a greater benevolence than you can even see, know too that your husband is tired of this situation, and it is not your job.

~Clairaudient Angel Channel, Sheelagh Maria

I feel lost in life – I cant seem to advance in any way…what can the angels advise me to do?
~Belinda, Mauritius

Dearest Belinda never fear we have your back and are here with you. It is time to let go of the focus on how lost you are when you have firm land under your feet and this is part of the illusion that the mind is offering you to stop you from taking risks and breaking into the bold new world waiting for you. It is time to see that the outer confusion and lack of clarity is only a indicator of how disconnected you feel inside.

Here in spirit your soul can see further down your time line and knows what you designed for your self in this experience. This confusion is only a slight vibrational misalignment that is most easily corrected.. It is time to go within and feel the certainty and the peace that awaits you there.

It would be easy for us to give you the answers it would be unhelpful though for you not to learn how to navigate your own path – and your soul sees that you have the ability to find your way step by step as you walk forwards. You are focusing too much on the race rather than on the sensation of running – you need to focus on being where you are allowing what is right for you to come to you to flow towards you effortlessly and easily in such a way that there is no doubt in your mind as to which fork in the road to take.

You humans you dear children of the divine place so much value on certainty and knowledge ahead of the event when in fact all you need is right inside you at this very point. Being where you are is where you are meant to be and allowing yourself to feel content with where you is how the pathway will reveal itself to you. It is our dearest wish that you gain more confidence in your intuitive abilities so that you are able to gain the guidance of your own spiritual team as they surround you – ask yourself this how does your life feel? and we ask you to ask yourself this how do you wish your life to feel?

If you are wanting progression and the feeling of achievement that comes through moving through obstacles then see that this too is an obstacle designed for you to navigate through and enjoy the feeling of clarity. We would not deprive you of this quest. You seek outside of yourself when your answers lie inside being sent to your heart from your soul. We say to you that the progress you wish for has already started but frustration is not allowing you to see that the way is already clear for you.

Put frustration aside, and focus instead on any activity that feels good even if it feels pointless in the beginning because it is not taking you closer to your goal. When you are able to focus on pleasure and play you will begin to see evidence of the fog clearing and the path emerging most clearly. Enjoy where you are in as many ways as you can and know that this will dissipate the fog and allow the sun to shine a light on where your next step shall fall.

~Archangel Gabriel Channeled by Sheelagh Maria

Am I in the right job and will i be successful in it? I would appreciate any guidance.
Many thanks.
~Liz, Sydney Australia

Dearest Liz the job that you are in supports you in many ways. It gives you an income that allows you to have experiences that nurture you and it gives you a focus which allows you to define clearer how you wish things to evolve. It is not the job that is wrong it is what it helps you define you wish to move closer to. Success is of course subjective and we say to you at what point will you have deemed that you have ‘made it' can you not see that you are already successful and feel gratitude that your needs are already met?

We understand that the human condition causes you to focus on lack or on that which you have not achieved however the way to bring in greater material success or recognition is to award your self this already right where you are .

There are feelings of frustration that you are not be recognized for what you have done but we say to you it is important to see yourself as being valuable in the role that you have currently and in order for others to see your value and then for other opportunities to flow in it is to see that you are looking for approval externally. Give your self this approval and recognition now by seeing that you already do a very good job in deed, rather than being held back or feeling you must work harder or longer it is to take fulfillment in the essence of the tasks you perform. If a housewife wanted a job but could not get one we would advise her to focus her attention on performing all her tasks around the home with diligence and loving attention and to feel good about the most basic of tasks for it is this attention to nurture even in the most simple of tasks that will draw towards you a job of equal alignment.

So behold your own magic and power and choose to focus on where you are now as being successful and feeling good in side about your day and all it contains as you do this steadily your vibration will improve and you will be in a position to choose that which you wish to do. Improvements start from within and then flow in from the out. We smile at your innocence and say to you that one day you will want something more creative and more gentle that will sustain you at a more spiritual level but for now this is where you are meant to be.

~Archangel Michael Channeled by Sheelagh Maria

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