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My daughter moved across the pond about 14 years ago. She was going to move back to Canada in 2012 but at some point changed her mind. I think of her and my grand kids living here a lot and miss them so much. I always wanted close family relationships, but especially now that I'm older. My birth family, my daughter and older grand kids are angry with me. I have been rejected by people my whole life! When will this stop happening to me?

~Dianne, Ontario Canada

Dearest Dianne the angel coming forward to assist you is Raphael.  he is showing me a past life with these very children and grand children and I'm shown in that life time too you were not treated with the love and respect you so clearly deserve.

At some level we all incarnate with our soul family so that we can establish greater clarity as a soul and learn to put right the wrongs that were done to us and heal and live a life full of self love and joy.  Your family love you so much at soul level that they agreed to come here and incur extra karma if you will to help you learn the lesson of self honour.

You chose as a soul to be put in this position as un-favourable and as hurtful as it feels to your spirit in this life time.

Your soul wants you to see that they are actually playing their part, and that it is now up to you to decide if you are going to allow you to affect you at this level.  Of course it hurts, that is understandable and the angels have a very compassionate view of your heart space right now. However Raphael shows me that it is time to let go of the feeling of being abandoned, in truth your family are just getting on with their life and they see it in a different way, they see that being independent is the normal way of things when people grow older.

I am also shown that your deep held expectation that you will be rejected is what they have picked up and without realising it they are fulfilling this emotional prophecy brought over from another time.  Raphael says that it would do you good to have a clearing to clear out these old agreements, and to also reverse the vows to ‘wait' for them that are allowing this feeling of isolation to continue.

psychic readingI'm shown that in this past life they left you and you waited and waited and waited.  I'm shown that you are not supposed to wait, Im shown that you have a full life ahead of you if you will allow your spirit the opportunity to love itself.  When we love our selves internally truly and deeply and don't expect another person outside of us to fulfill us even if we have been rejected and hurt (and Raphael is not saying this is an easy thing to do) then we will actually draw those same people and others towards us.  they will want to be in our company because our aura will be full of radiance and full of joy and it is entirely euphoric to be around someone who feels like that about themselves.

They are saying to you here that although that is not a choice you wish to make and it would not necessarily be easy for you to move towards this place, it Is the way you will draw your family towards you it will be far more effective than energetically feeling the pain and the frustration that they are picking up from you and makes them want to stay away.

You have a choice, take back your power and consider that everything that is outside of us is a reflection at some point of how we feel about ourselves, and when we love our selves all we will experience will be love acceptance and. Take some time to consider this and consider a clearing which will reset these limiting expectations and beliefs and will open the way for you to experience lots of interaction with people that will appreciate what a beautiful soul you truly are. You have walked a hard path, yet a clearing would open the way for your truest path to emerge.  See our menu for the Angel Healing reading if you are ready to create something new.

~Blessings Sheelagh and Raphael

I am discovering my psychic abilities and gifts. I feel that one of my talents is to be a soul coach. What is my most valuable talent? How do I best use it?  How can I give this talent to those, who need it most, with the most highest intention? Monetary gain is not my greatest concern. The people who need help, and the betterment of the plant is most important to me. We all need to be and feel whole.

~Andria, Martinsville Virginia

Dearest Andria the angel coming forward to assist you today is Gabriel the angel of communication.  I am shown that indeed you have abilities i am shown they need nurture and time to deepen.  I'm shown that whilst your desire to assist others is noble and valuable and is entirely in your time line, i am shown you are not yet ready to share this at the level that you wish.  I am shown that it is truly right est for you to develop recognition of which your strongest talents are, strengthen the others too and consistently be able to get your own guidance, when and only when you see this guidance working for you in your own life, so you have a permanent sense of support and connection, will you be able to truthfully help others.

live chatIt is common for many light workers to feel the same urge that you do to serve the light and to assist others, however when we are not certain of how our gifts work we can also not be certain that what we are attempting to share is from another source or from our own minds it is this that needs polishing and nurturing so that your gifts can most fully open in your joy of being able to trust that which you are passing on before you attempt to do so. Imagine never needing to question or use a clairvoyant again?  Imagine when someone asks you for help you can dial up to the angels or guides surrounding you and explain with confidence who you are hearing and what they are saying, and imagine the joy of knowing that you Are assisting that person truthfully because you have seen the guidance working consistently in your own life first.

This is not a process that can or should be rushed due to the trust that the angels put in us and so even though yes you do have and possess these abilities it is not yet the time for you to bestow thee upon others yet there are many ways that you can help others until that point is reached.  I am shown you are a strong clair sentient, and also a clairvoyant however I am also shown that at times your mind is jumping in and some of what you get is a little from your own experience, which is absolutely fine yet this is not truly channelled guidance at this stage. You are being encouraged to immerse your self with not just psychic development but with spiritual development, that means feeling the euphoria of connecting and not from a basis of results being achieved but also from a point of view of feeling connected in all ways.

I am shown that right now you can offer your time in many ways that would greatly help you are a natural healer and simply by being around those that need upliftment you are enabling many frequencies to flow through you the angels will work with you in more ways than just reading energy.  all of them are beneficial to those who need them.

We would advocate finding a teacher that can assist you in opening your crown safely and give you exercises to connect not just with the rainbow around people but with the beautiful non physical beings that are encouraging you to step into your purpose.  You are gifted, give yourself the gift of time right now and find a way of developing that allows you to feel like the special light warrior that you are.  I personally tutor people to develop clairvoyance and channelling abilities you may find something that assists you in our menu we wish you luck and many happy years working for the angels.

~Blessings Gabriel and Sheelagh

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