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My partner is angry with me and refuse to talk to me will he come back to me? Thank u. 
~ Prabha, Mauritius

The angel coming forward to help you is Raguel the angel of harmony and co operative interactions. The short answer is yes. I'm shown a rekindling so don't worry too much. However there is lots of old energy here between you and frustration and a lack of trust that will raise its head if you don't clear it. Im shown that this person feels judged by others including you and is tired of trying to be all things.

I'm shown there are lessons both of you need to learn about responsibility for our projections of feelings towards others, I'm shown you need to really accept your own part in things and resolve to allow your feelings to be released in more constructive ways but I'm also shown what a gentle soul you are. Im shown the fear of conflict is what he is picking up on and im shown that this person has a tendency to direct his anger at other projects and subjects not going well towards you im shown that you need to lovingly but firmly state that you understand his point of view but you are not responsible for certain events and outcomes. Im shown a situation in the past that he felt blamed for and so he takes the high ground quite easily, living in the now moment and not reacting to his fear is a must in order that things begin to settle.

The word communicate is being given to me but im also being told you must not accept blame for things that are not of your making. Im shown you may have to stop and start a few more times to demonstrate that you really are not going to just accept the way that you are sometimes treated allow your partner to come after you and keep moving forward along your own path. Find fulfillment in your own heart rather than fear with his and things will soon settle.

psychic reading~Blessings Raguel and also Sheelagh

I have recently found the person I believe to be my soul mate, my true twin flame. And I feel a deep connection as the archangels are guiding me to him. I see and hear the angels in my dreams and would like to confirmation that I am in fact worthy of the angles love the way I am feeling it and of my soul mate. I have felt a deep routed connection to the angels and the divine creator for many many years. I am a being of love and light and want to only continue in my life what serves me well at this point so I may help others and my soul mate.

From : Amanda, Florida

Dearest Amanda it is Archangel Chamuel who steps forward with a Huge smile on his face to assist you today. he says every man woman child and creature on the earth and every other inhabited planet is deserving of love and also of companionship and also the love of creator as well as the angels. However you have Indeed met your soul mate and this is a cause for celebration (I'm actually crying writing this the angels are flowing So much love through me for you) they tell me you are a special soul and it is imperative you know how much the celestial realms value your input, they want you to have this blessing so that you may now feeling fulfilled go out there and help other people.

You are MORE than worthy and will do great things. Tune into Chamuel and also Michael they both want to work with you. If you want help confirming this then our stand alone courses to help you develop are on the site. Well done go forward and spread this love outward every way that you can. You have a soul path as a light worker and are a healer too but you need to ensure you know when your self you are connected to make sure the advice comes purely from spirit and not from our mind. Congratulations and all is always well they both say with beaming smiles.

~Blessings Sheelagh Chamuel and Michael

What about success in my future regarding a job I love finding a home? Thank you!

From: Janet Rose, Chelan, Wa

Dearest Chelan,
I'm shown that October is a good month for you to manifest a new job – however you must create the energy before it can come to you. Im shown spending some time raising your vibration consistently (and do this because it improves every area of your experience not just your one end goal) so eat beautiful coloured foods listen to gentle music start spending time out in the sun shine follow your heart and do all the activities you would like too and most of all love your self and nurture your self without question Invoke archangel Metatron and ask him to help you manifest these blessings. Im shown the job may not be the level you would ideally love but you must start somewhere from this point all else will come. I am not seeing a new home at this time they want you to do the ground work and promise with time and effort and self love and attention the universe will start to fulfill your requests.

Archangel Metatron says you are a natural angel worker so work with them to manifest these things. You do have some old energy so clearing your aura and chakras and asking for limiting beliefs about how you can manifest for your self will help the universe really is unlimited and if we want these blessings we have to create the energy first you can do it its what your here for he and i believe in you. Now believe in your beautiful self.

~With so much love Sheelagh and Metatron

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Ishita says September 5, 2014

Can u please let me know what angels say about my health and career..?? Thank you

ishita says August 4, 2014

Can u please let me know what angels say about my current relationship and my health..?? Thank you

Courtney says August 3, 2014

Love is very important to me. I have always had much to give but it seems I can’t receive it. There are two men whom I have actually fell in love with but one claims he doesn’t yet he acted as though he did. He seemed lost and confused. I have separated myself from him. I still love him although he caused me so much pain in my heart. I have been confused far too long. Will he and I end up together again or is this where I keep going forward and heal my heart for someone new?

morgan says August 3, 2014

Will I ever become pregnant and have a healthy baby?

Ginny Adams(Virginia is my real name) says August 3, 2014

Am I coming back into the spiritual vortex? I unwittingly pushed myself away because I didn’t want to leave my husband behind, have learned different now, but I am going back to the REAL me that I lost. Much love, light n gentle hugs…Ginny

shan says August 3, 2014

I like to ask the angels if i am going to be in a relationship soon or maybe if my ex is my soul mate?

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