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From Leilani
Question: Comment: What does 22 meant in my dream? The skies are dark, it was a nighttime and there was buildings and i was looking up to them and i remember myself saying 22, i'm not sure if i'm saying that i go to the 22nd floor.

Dearest Leilani, It is with absolute pleasure that Archangel Ariel comes to assist you, she says that for a time you have wanted more than you have, you have desired to be in connection with the angelic realm and are also wanting to expand your reality, 22 she says is permission to do this, it is confirmation from your spiritual team that you are meant to expand, first in thought of what is possible, then in word, how you speak to yourself of potential and then of deed of action taken knowing when you have decided ‘what’ the Universe will always provide the ‘when’ – Ariel says you are a highly intuitive lady and have much to offer those around you, she would Love to see you work directly with her and says some angel cards would be a great idea.

I am shown some doubt around career and she turns up here in my room telling you to ‘go for it’ because it’s on your souls path. We love you she says, and I totally concur……

Sheelagh and the beautiful Archangel Ariel

From Pl
Question: Comment: I think I am to be a healer or teacher of healing but I am struggling to find guidance or money to obtain the training I need. Will I find a way?

Dearest PL Yes you are – congratulations on getting and absorbing the message. Now your team want you to know that first to be a teacher we have to learn. You have So much already going for you but a lack of self beliefs says you need ‘proof’ this is it – we get hundreds of questions and I was directed to you! So now what – okay it doesn’t matter to God and the angels if you don’t know ‘what’ to start with what takes your fancy?

I see you as being a wonderful hands on healer but in the end wanting to do more give more than that, because those that truly are ready for healing often turn to someone who has been there before them to guide them (like me and many other angel workers) – you will be triumphant! But first things first what about your gift? Well you are a clairsentient and an empath so you are going to have to shield your energy from working with those that are needy or scared, for it and they will drain you in their worry, ask Michael to protect you.

You will also need to keep reaffirming to yourself that the process takes time and just as a doctor cannot perform brain surgery in med school so too will you have to love the process enough not to be worried about results. Consider trying one of our stand alone development sessions where we teach you to safely open, connect, heal and enjoy, you are Meant to heal you were born to do this and we are So proud of you for stepping up to the mark.

You are LOVED Sheelagh and Ariel

From Maya
Question: I wish my angel would have my roommate fall in love with me?

Dearest Beautiful illuminated Maya, this my dear is what you dearly desire, but have you thought through the reality of it? I am shown that in truth your energy is depleted and what you wish for right now were it to manifest would last only a season, and this would make it untenable to live where you do.

I am shown a beautiful relationship this year with a sensitive and slightly shy person. You need to work on loving you more, and releasing the need for it to be one particular person even though your heart tells you it must be so The right relationship for you is going to feel committed, tender, stable and will help you grow in confidence into the amazing person you truly ‘be’ and right now your roommate has some doubts being worked through, I am actually seeing and moving on around this room mate and they want you to understand in the long term this is for the best.

Work on not needing to ‘make’ anyone do anything but to ‘be’ everything for yourself that you want to receive, the Universe will provide it always does and when it does you will be amazed at how easy it all is. Plus did you know you have a ability to heal animals?

Yes and this is on your life path as well as a beautiful little girl. We are honoured to support you and Ariel says ‘isn’t she lovely’ yes my dear you really are and the one who will also see this is coming….enjoy

From Christina
My previous two relationships did not end so well. I have asked for the assistance of Archangel Michael to sever the ties with either of my exes, but sometimes I don't feel him with me. Apart of me does worry about either of them causing me problems in the future. Can you please tell me what you see/know?

Dearest Christina you are actually a clairvoyant and it so easy to connect with an angel most clairvoyants dont always consciously realise they are doing it. Know this, when you ask an angel to be with you they are without exception, they hear and feel everything you say and feel, the level to which you know they are there is down to your own personal vibration and this is affected heavily by earthly life and the toxic energy that surrounds us.

On the topic of relationships simply asking Michael to cut the cords and return any lower energy to sender with love with always work I would also understand that every relationship runs the course it is supposed too and if you have successfully moved on in the main focusing your attention on what else you want is going to be the best healing you can have. I see you as a lady who really likes to make progress who has a sense of purpose (I’m with you there) but sometimes you believe and identify with a 3d life too much, remember what is and has been is old stuff, what is waiting for you depends – on you. Take some time to nurture your gift ( we now offer stand alone development sessions) and see how this very quickly improves your awareness of angelic presence, also read ‘the lightworkers way’ by Doreen Virtue or ‘ask your guides’ by Sonia Choquette – they will all teach you to ask for, see and accept signs, once you see they Are with you – too many signs for it to be co incidence your sense of magic and entitlement (for you can work with them to manifest the relationship which is right for you) will grow, I do see a healing period, then a ‘getting out there again’ period, a few intros and then drum roll – a wonderfully adventurous guy who has a keen sense of purpose to match yours but a sense of fun which will be Good for you. Want to speed this up -then working with your own intuition is easy.

All our love Ariel and Sheelagh

From Marjorie
Question: Greetings to u I truly need guide and advise to my complete life love,financial,balance and children I feel like I am goin nowhere sometimes my mind is so worried please send me energy for concentration to let go of so many hurt I thank u for hearing me n lots a love to u blessings always

Dearest Marjorie As I write this my heart is so full of love and empathy for you as Ariel stands near you with her long flowing dark hair, she wants you to listen carefully – she says you have had a hard time and yes you need guidance, you also need to be open to a different perspective. She shows me that as an empath you have picked up other peoples fears, wants and needs and felt them as if they were yours, in order for everything you have asked to change it is important to know the Angels cannot do it for you but can guide you on how to do it. it will take time, as these are old patterns and last year you went through many lifetimes worth of challenges.

The way forward won’t always be clear, but you can have everything you have asked for if you allow yourself to be open. Firstly, without judgment, it is time to forgive those that hurt you, and let you down. It is also time to nurture yourself. You have issues of course as do we all however you also have disconnected from your truest ability, which is as a spiritual being above all else. Every thought you have about every subject, goes out into the ether, and returns ‘evidence’ with it, so there is some unpicking to do so that your expectations about what is possible change. Please understand that your expectations is what the Universe thinks you want, and it just replicates thesen Arial asks me to pass on that of course you won’t see ‘how’ or ‘why’ you should do this, and initially it won’t be easy. Start with your blessings, your children, your home the food you have the money coming in, if we focus on what isn’t enough or what is lacking we simply construct our reality more.

Start with living in the day you are in ,and finding ways to calm and quiet your mind. Your mind has been conditioned to fear, and worry, this is causing the compaction of energy. Meditation, walks in nature or even in the community, playing with your children watching other children play, listening to beautiful music when you can and having some quiet ‘me’ time is actually how you change everything else. Slowly, you wkll feel more positive although there will be setbacks. There will be times when you don’t ‘see’ the evidence coming so you will revert to old ways, that is okay and understandable but please give yourself the gift of patience and gratitude for when you do this, the angels can flow new opportunities and resources into your life, we wish to do this but you must ask and allow.

Ask me , Ariel to cleanse and widen your perspective, ask me to guide you towards the people and places that can support you in believing in yourself, ask me to guide you towards the times when you need to be quiet and simply relax. Later this year there are surprises in store where love is concerned, your money will take longer due to old beliefs of lack and need, but again if you invest in yourself with a clearing reading we will be able to speed this up for you.

Ariel recommends that you listen to Abraham Hicks on you tube about the Law Of attraction, you can really move things along quickly without too much effort but initially some re education is needed. We promise you if you commit to your healing and expansion your life and your money, your beliefs and your love life will all grow, nourish and support you, as they were meant to do.

With all of our love, Sheelagh and Archangel Ariel

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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Ariel says February 13, 2015

I feel like my spiritual ability is either waning or really out of control, and I’m not sure how to reign it in and further develop it. Sometimes I feel like it’s not real and I’m just “thinking i have it” but I don’t know how intuitive i am or where this ‘gift’ is supposed to lead me, I feel like my abilities are really limited and I want to see and be more interactive in the spiritual realm, but i feel very isolated and alone. Is there any way I could figure out just to what all i can do, and how to properly develop and nurture the gifts i’ve been given?

Gypsy says January 24, 2015

I keep having this desire to leave the US mainland and live in the Virgin islands or the Florida keys. Is this wishful thinking, a symbol, or real guidance? I live in a city that is very low, vibrationally speaking and its been taking a toll for sometime. Thank you.

sue says January 16, 2015

Will I ever fine love, and someone to spend this last part of my life with?

Michaela says January 15, 2015

I am really wanting to find a better paying job that’s closer to home…will I find something soon?

I Chou says January 15, 2015

Please Angel guide to help me manage my finance. I also feel I am st lost. I feel like my time has come to help and heal others. Please guide me and show me the way. Thank you.

Angel says January 14, 2015

I really need help and some answers. I used to have a relationship made in heaven, everything was perfect except we needed money, my boyfriend got a very good job abroad abroad nd he promised it was for both to have a better life and that as soon as he settled himself there he will make everything for me to go with him. After he left he changed and 2 months after he broke up with me, but he said he still loved me. I have tried to move on but I can’t, there is a strong bond between us but I feel it’s only me who miss him and want him back. I just want to know how to deal with this if I can have faith on us or not, I had prayed to the angels but I feel even them had left me alone I a lo Nelson lost my purpose in life I feel lost.

Buffy Sue Murphy says January 14, 2015

Feel I am suppose to assist ithers in transition
After great loss
Have been told by many it is my calling to life coach ect..
Have been thru so much personally so experience is knowledge
Have prayed talked and planned for this just struggling with confidence? Not sure..maybe approval? Or confirmation is needed.?

Yolande says January 14, 2015

Bonjour, je voudrais savoir si mon ou mes anges m’aident quotidiennement, et si je vais les voir un jour? Merci

Kathy says January 14, 2015

I’m having a hard time moving in from my last relationship, I still love her dearly, however she has entered a new relationship, which I feel is not a good one, I won’t say anything because I will be accused of being jealous…I feel this person is not what he appears to be…I want to know if my ex partner and I will ever be as close as we were last year even though we were broken up for that year…I’m still in love with her, however what I miss most is the friendship we shared that year after we broke up…will it come back to us ? And is this woman she is seeing someone she should be concerned about ??
Thanks so much

Cathy kipps says January 14, 2015

Please could u tell me who is my guarding angel and how can I meet.

Kathryn says January 14, 2015

The angels are clearly sending me messages that’s it’s time to get started – mostly numbers 23 and 58, and thru my daily oracle card pick. I have reached out to a few of the Ascended Masters asking for complete clarity. I feel I am to write, channel angel messages and learn to be a healer, but is there more that I am not focusing on? Is there a better, easier, faster path for me to take that I am just not picking up on? Thank you for your help. 🙂

cindy says January 14, 2015

When will my husband n l find the perfect property that meets our needs n that we adore ?

Maree says January 14, 2015

I always get help when I ask, but can you tel me! Will I move house? And also will I get enployment soon? And will my financial worry get better

Marie says January 14, 2015

Hi! Thank you for your guidance. I am curious about a certain persons intentions with me. We have great communication and seems interested but then I don’t hear from that person for a while. My heart says it works out and would like any input you may have. Thank you!

nghaomi says January 14, 2015

Will the person I have felt a connection with for 7 yrs ever live in the same town as me and will we end up in a romantic relationship.

Raymond Pape says January 14, 2015

I wish for a friend to accept my friend ship. She stopped talking completely since October………..It’s killing me……………..I just want her friendship

MIRELA says January 14, 2015

I would like to know who is ultimately my mission, I think I’m at a crossroads, I would like an opinion guidance….

Christie Abraham says January 14, 2015

I have been asking for a healing miracle. I Have called upon archangel Raphael, God, Jesus, any & all angels. Will I ever get a sign that my healing is in the works?

joy says January 13, 2015

I have been wanting to start my life over for a very long time. I recently met a guy who makes me want to go back to being the ambitious successful person I was meant to be, he makes me believe it is possible. I really want to move to a new town where he lives will I finally get the career in radio and media that I have been praying for? What can I do to connect with this job I have been praying for it for so long what am I missing here?

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