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Question From: Blanca
Will I be in love and marry again ? If the answer is yes when? Soon ?

Dearest Bianca archangel Gabriel is with you and says that you are a loving woman. Yes is the answer to you being loved and loving someone else however ‘soon’ is a question that does not appear to be answered. First of all it is relative, to some 2 years is soon, to some 3 months is not. You have healing to do and the sense of urgency you feel is because of the healing. Its learning to be all that you are and all that you wish to be to others and to feel this entirely for yourself and as you do this you will draw towards those that resonate with your light. I'm shown a need to widen how the Universe can bring people to you I’m also shown some people that are early examples of your vibration in other words they have issues that are similar to your own healing required, accept these as gifts and the Universe showing you are on track but are not ‘there’ yet. We say to you enjoy the journey for it is the point, the real issue is will you be strong enough to love yourself enough to wait and expand enough so that Mr Right can come in for you rather than Mr. Sort of make it fit? But yes is the answer with the work undertaken.
~Blessings Sheelagh and the angels

Question From: Desiree
My fiancé was offered a job far away and will require us to relocate. Will this be a good move for us as a family? Will we benefit from this spiritually ? I know I need a change.

Hi Desiree. Archangel Gabriel who is very direct softens her energy for you now, she says you need nothing more than you are, it’s just that you are not loving what is and this is needed. I’m shown this job is a big jump for him and he may not follow through due to his own fears, they are asking you to be patient with him but even more patient with yourself. they say often action speaks louder than words and so taking action to reaffirm that you are nourishing yourself where you live now will echo out and allow changes to come in where ever you live. Just because you move if your energy changes you just experience the same issues just with a hefty moving bill so do the groundwork she says and encourage him to believe in his ability. I’m shown some fun for you as a couple is a must and I’m shown you need to show him the lighter side of you which is really beautiful it’s like the sun coming out. The lack of fun and play is making everything seem the same and hard when, when we change inside energetically its magical we open up a whole realm of possibilities if only you could see the sparkling colours that surround you. I’m shown you have a gift but need to have fun when developing, we’re encouraging you to get some oracle cards and play with these, your fiance will in the end do what is right for him but you need to start with your own self care and this will filter out. magic is real!
~Blessings Sheelagh and the angels


Question From: Cheryl
What am I supposed to do with my life now that my fiance has passed away last month? I am so very lost

Time out is what Michael says very clearly. You have had a major transition and so has he, he looks on from the spirit world with So much love and pride for you and in you that it seems at first glance as though he hasn't left. I’m shown you poured so much into this that at some level you became ‘the relationship that is beautiful and special however even in a relationship we have our individual paths, and yours has just become more apparent. Your obstacle now is not to identify so much with the relationship (which still exists as love never dies and he is still your fiance and soul mate without a question) that you are unable to see a day ahead for you. Right now its as if time stood still it has in a way its a waiting period and a contemplation a readjustment, in many ways even had this ‘parting’ not happened you were being nudged by your guides to have a good look at your identity as a soulful divine being, it is time to do what is right for you and right now that is reach and allow others to support you, it’s time not to judge what you need or want for the rest of your life your life here right now is the only consideration your pathway will continue and you have many loving spectators cheering you on, I’m seeing future company for you with blessings sent from heaven but right now ask Michael to be with you as you sleep and ask him to soothe your fear and worry, you will be okay and you will live a good peaceful life, right now he says ‘Rest’.
~Archangel Michael and Sheelagh

Question From: Bettie
Will I be completely healed. Mind body and spirit?

Dearest Bettie none of us are ever completely healed because we are on the planet this means that we are in a constant state of growth and evolution but then again none of us is anything but perfect in our imperfection because we are using our free will to make choices about what is right for us. Archangel Raphael says going into judgement of any part of our reality and body if it is a not a gentle supportive one creates resistance and provides more resistance within our emotions and our physicality. I’m shown the more you can relax the more you can not judge where you ‘are’ on your road to wholeness the more healing can flow through. I’m led to a lady who can help you to heal yourself and can also encourage you to explore other methods of healing, this is all coming from an entirely different place that says control is about conflict whereas relaxation and acceptance is about healing, they say that fear is present within your auric fields and please ask archangel Raphael to remove this for you. I;m shown much healing and also laughter in the future but I’m also shown that you need to relax and allow the flow of life to support you and to gently oh so gently not to focus upon what is wrong just on what is presently showing you where more positive focus is needed. think in terms of potential rather than on what’s not fixed.
~Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Raphael

Question From: Lison
Hi, I was wondering how do you know if you are on track when you are trying to get to know and communicate with your guides angels? Don't know if I'm trying to hard or trying a few times and not swing “results” quick enough and giving up? I was told that I have the gifts of mediumship abilities by many readers, I'd like to do this as I feel I'm trying to connect with spirit, but getting nowhere? Or maybe I don't notice the signs?

Dearest Lison,
Not everyone is a spirit medium so the rationale of having to see spirit is not a good ratio when determining how successful you are. Spirit energy is very different to angelic and spirit guide energy I personally tutor messengers who connect with guides, Unicorns (yes they're real) fairies and also Angels Goddess’s etc the angels want you to know that you are judging your gift by the standards of others you Are uber talented but where is the enjoyment? also making sure you are protected every day means when you Do open you are in a place where you have clear space in your aura for the angels to enter in if you aura is packed tight with old energy a conversation is bound to be frazzled. My work as a teacher is all about helping you to know when and how to connect easily and joyfully see our courses here at ask angels. Also remember that your guides energy and g/angels energy is unique to you when I am teaching people I basically only show them the energy of the archangels for 5 weeks only then when they are confident and are picking up energy from names and photographs remotely do I take them on to their spiritual team. It is very easy to say you are gifted for you are, but your gift is unique to you and one size does not fit all. enjoy yourself that is our advice and also ‘sit in bliss’ sit after opening protecting grounding and connecting and just be ‘with ‘them i’d start with Michael and move on to Gabriel Raphael and then Haniel.
~Blessings Sheelagh and the angels

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