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Ask the Angels Column

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From: Helen
Hi wanted to ask when really myself and my boyfriend would be finally able to move in together as have few obstacles, money being one of them.
Thank you in advance xx

Dearest Helen,
Archangel Gabriel says if this is really what you want then be clear and decide ‘it is what i want’ Im shown he will go along with you and is very comfortable with how things are .

Remember not to rush and to enjoy what is now as this will allow Him to relax and see that he is enough and what you have feels good to you. I'm shown next summer yet Im shown you need to start putting your focus on this already being ‘the plan’ Start mentioning you’d like to save a little money each month so that if you do see something you'd like to put a deposit down on you are some way ready for it, I'm shown your boyfriend is quite fearful about being responsible for you and so would need to feel your vibration as being relaxed so that he can go ‘into this with a smile on his face otherwise more obstacles can rise up due to his fear.

Start looking at small ways of showing your ‘togetherness; such as routine things such as shopping together, paying small bills together focusing on what you can buy ‘together’ as this allows you to ‘know and own’ your relationship as being permanent and the Universe will begin to echo this towards you in your money flows jointly thus allowing the move to flow in quicker and easier. Blessings and enjoy the now.

Sheelagh and Gabriel

From: Estrella

Hi, We are experiencing financial difficulties for the last 17 years. I want to know when are we going to see the light?

Dearest Estrella,
Right now says Gabriel if you wish! She says we can spend a lot of time looking ‘for’ the answer yet when we are given it we still wish someone else was responsible or there was some magic that allowed the emphasis of ‘when’ or a cure to be put on someone else.

The Universe is responding to your thoughts about money all of the time so its vital to understand the fact you are focusing on the harsh times you have had (and so are going to carry on having) is simply bringing more of this, so right now you have the answer the light is simply money is an energy and its important to allow yourself to receive in small ways as well as big. Saying thankyou heartfeltly for everything you eat, wear, do or drink, experience is a wonderful way of upping the tempo of your overall signature.

Start talking about what you have rather than have not, start noting what your money buys you *yes boring things like fuel, water and food start noting that you DO receive a inflow of money you would simply like it to increase but also noticing what you are able to make go further will massively help. Ask for a group of finance angels to come in and help you focus on all the above and not to keep repeating or identifying with how things have been but rather how they are going to be.

Ask the angel Ariel to clear you from all blocks to receiving and notice how your ability to receive in small ways starts to open. Do this now today and enjoy what you have NOW the difficulties are in the past, and don’t want to be in the present yet if you notice them bam they are there. ITs all different now if you choose it to be

Blessings Archangel Gabriel and Sheelagh

From: Melody
My oldest son is going through a bad patch will he find a new partner soon?

Dearest Melody
It is lovely that you wish to assist him so much. However Archangel Michael says that your son is in the middle of learning that he must choose how he wants his life to be, run or controlled by others or himself. When any of us tells ourselves that we will be happy ‘when’ or ‘if; we have this or that we are externalising our power, sure we may be materially or sexually happy on the surface if certain things materialised in the blink of an eye however our fulfillment would be short lived because we would not really have that wonderful feeling of overcoming. Or of earning that which we had.

Your son feels that he is alone and nobody understands him, yet in truth he is quite happy not making any demands of himself, he is telling himself it is because of what someone did and what life has not given him. He has to decide that he really wants a partner, not just a girlfriend. To have a partner means being responsible for our own energy and being willing to embrace new ideas and try new things, to have someone anyone come in right now is only going to bring him someone who wants him to do for them what he craves and yes for a short time it might sit but he unhelpfulness of this would grow and you would see that neither really had the motivation that they needed. Im shown someone around him for a short time, and then im shown a time of independence and this is what he needs, im shown having to decide that he does want to experience life for himself and Im seeing a job or change of job around him. In short it will take time how long is up to him or down to him depending on which way he takes his vibration.

A partner is in line for him when he cares enough for himself to expect the best. Support him in telling him you believe he can do it his way and that is the best for him now. Believe and don’t make excuses to him for his troubles explain that anyone and everyone can struggle but we can also and will also overcome if we choose to and that is the real magic.

Archangel Michael and Sheelagh

From: Jerri
Will I get pregnant in soon? Thank you

Dearest Jerri,
I'm shown that there is actually no rush. they want you to enjoy the anticipation rather than the fear of ‘its not her YET’. Please relax as this tension is making it difficult. They want more joy more laughter and more focus on what you already have as the nervousness of your energy is delaying a match soul level for your baby. Yes you will fall joyfully pregnant and its after Christmas its next year some time and its likely to be a boy. However right now you are delaying the whole situation through your overly focus on timing. Divine timing is just that thine timing is fearful.

Take some time to enjoy your life without a baby to enjoy your freedom. we realise this is something you want very much but your anxiety makes it impossible for it to manifest. Relax learn a new skill enjoy this fall season. Your gift will come in a beautiful way and you will be a beautiful mother.

Blessings Archangel Muriel and Sheelagh

From: Bonnie
I discovered that My husband of 16 years has had an affair with another woman. He tells me that he loves me and wants to be with me yet he continues to be involved with this other woman. He says for buisness only. However his actions towards me don't support the words that come out of his mouth. What am I to believe?

Dearest Bonnie,
It is archangel Metatron the angel of truth and priority who is with you here today. He does love you in his own way yet he also knows you wont leave he feels your fear and realises its easy to play on this.

You know in truth that this has run its course and if you choose to stay the vibrations will stay the same and your experience will only go down in vibration terms. God didn’t make the marriage vows humans did and we want you to know that you are not breaking any law of god but of man, it is our view that when a agreement has begun and growth continues it is wonderful for it to be adhered too, however when their is no joy, no trust and no growth it is more like a sentence of the kind you humans have in prisons and we wonder how this can make you feel you wish to continue.

The choice is yours but the truth is clear and you can look at this any way that you wish too, really it is not your husbands choice but yours he does not have to stop doing anything that the wider world may say he does for this too is his choice, by staying you agree to this. We agree it isnt easy to see how you can move on yet deciding enough is enough is enough for us to begin to help you gather the resources and the ideas to take your leave.

Right now he is saying I love you enough to include you in this dance and I love you for not loving yourself enough to do what is right for yourself and for putting me and my ideas first again, we say to you what do you want for yourself for this is your choice. We wish we could tell you he will change and he may at some point yet right now this is about you not him and what you are frightened of already happened. How long it all carries on dear is your choice. We love you and support you enough to want you to be in the sunlight again.

Blessings Metatron and Sheelagh

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Estrella says October 22, 2014

Dear Sheelagh,

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your heartwarming channeled message from Gabriel. I am a firm believer from the beginning and this makes it even more. Early this year, I started to ask for angel assistance and the very first angel that “came forward” to introduce is Gabriel, it was through the movie “Constantine”. I know that was rather an odd depiction of Gabriel but as you said, they will find a way to get noticed. I then wanted to know who my guardian angels were and three names came to me: Ariel, Samuel and Lemuel.

Thank you Sheelagh for this confirmation. I do wish (and claim) that our finances will improve so I can afford to have a reading with you.

More power.

reshmi says October 20, 2014

need stable n sufficient earning for running home smoothly everymonth and my husbands businessto start

Lisa says October 19, 2014

My husband and I are trying for a baby – will this happen for us? I’m 34 and he’s 37 so time is of essence. We have a loving relationship and a baby would just complete us. Everyone around us is getting pregnant which adds to frustrations.
Best wishes, Lisa

María Gabriela says October 19, 2014

Hello from Venezuela and here is my question:
I have been wondering if I already met my most suitable soul mate if not when or how I’m going to meet it, and which is my mission on earth. Thank you so much

Michelle says October 19, 2014

I have a business and would like to sell it. Can you please tell me when do you see it sold? Thank you

Archie says October 19, 2014

can you please guide me …when will I find the right love and partner. Have been dumped by my boyfriend who promised love and marriage and this is the third time it is happening to me.

Lucia says October 19, 2014

What will my future look like in terms of health?
Thank You.

perrVyyn rooyinton kaVrana says October 19, 2014

my hubby and i have been experiencing a lot of problems … money, health, house, job …. worrisome burdens weigh us down … request angel guidance please. thAnx.

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