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ask the angelsQuestion:
I've been married for almost 15 years and have Teri beautiful children. I know my husband loves us very much as he shows us with loving action. I know in my heart his cares and loves me but I'm always unhappy and in a bad mood around him.I feel incomplete for some reason. I dated someone before him and always wounder if I made the right choice or was that person my soul mate. Yet when I think about not having him(my husband) in my life I can't picture it. Very confusing. Thank you!
~ Norma, Salinas

Dearest Norma,
He is indeed your soul mate and its not really ‘him' that is making you feel incomplete. The angel coming forward is the handsome and beautiful Archangel Michael he says you are feeling the need to reassess your life path and what is coming in for you – which can Only be created by you and the energy you send out. Im shown that you are bored, not sure what you want more of but can see clearly (as can we all) what you would like less of. The previous partner was a Soul Friend this is someone who comes in to keep us company for a time before departing and allowing you to move on to more meaningful pastures. Michael says its time to be clear about what you want he says you want to be seen as Still sensual still attractive still inspirational still clever humorous and still desirable. Your lovely husband has got ‘lost' in day to day living and its up to you to add some va va voom into your own life in order to shift him out of this daydream.

You are able to do this in several ways, you can take up a new hobby, go dancing more often, walk in the sunshine and see how beautiful the world truly is, develop that OBVIOUS gift that you have (yes to talk to ME says Michael with a slow smile) and discover all kinds of new magical possibilities that you cant see from your window right now. You need just a little taste of magic to believe it, we would recommend our Angel Healing reading which not only looks at whats coming up, and answers your questions but also cleanses clears and brings clarity to your life. There are some old cores and beliefs holding you back from the potential that each one of us has, step into today step into who you are love your self enough to put your self First, and then when your husband sees how you shine from the inside he will want a polish as well (!) Michael is in quite a naughty mood as im channelling this but he says your husband is not a well worn pair of shoes and you are not a well work skirt, you are an Outfit designed in heaven worn on earth, time to dance in it now.

~Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael

Hi! Thank you for the love work you are doing channeling the angels and archangels. All my life I believe in them and the power of love and good.. For the past four years I been trying to get back on my feet after having several losses. At this point I feel lost and trying to understand why I can't been able to listen or understand which is the right path for me and my son, since I been trying to do everything the right way. I humblely ask the angels for their advice. Thank you kindly.
~Cali, Arkansas

Dearest Cali,
As I channel this for you I am feeling a huge sense of love coming through the angel coming to your rescue is Raziel the little known Archangel of Spiritual secrets and seeing things as they truly are. He is viewing your life in rather a different way. He tells me yes you have had challenges but you have overcome them and that which you are left with is a strength of character a well of compassion and a surprisingly clear heart space he says you are adept at overcoming obstacles and there is no some work to be done on the energy that you are projecting. It is also important to note that we may be the most positive person in the world but when our world is intertwined with that of others, their choices and their ‘issues' can affect us, it is important to know you are not and are never being punished but a little perspective here is what is needed.

The term ‘coming down to someone's level' is actually energetically correct, you have had those around you that have attracted certain circumstances into their lives or that have had lessons of a certain nature, and Im shown that it has affected your view of what you can expect and what you secretly don't think Can happen or is possible. It is this which is allowing contrast or loopholes in your otherwise very well thought out plan. So heres what he suggests, don't look forward, don't TRY and solve what you cant don't try and be all consumingly positive just ‘be focus your entire being on well BEING doing anything and everything that brings you pure pleasure or a feeling of serenity. Im shown yoga would be wonderful for you and also Lavender oil on your pillow and in a tub if you have one will start to cleanse and clear your aura. Im shown a lot of old energy that needs ‘flushing out' in order for new energy to come in. they are asking you to get hold of a better intention an intention is something which is felt and intended and it is THIS which is louder than any actions you take if it is your unspoken intention for your life to begin opening softening and becoming more flowing it HAS to happen. If it is also your intention that things become easier for you, outcomes show up that are in your favour and you Expect that things will work themselves out but you don't know how, then they will this is the starting point.

You have cords,, other peoples energy and also past life agreements about ‘struggle' and also ‘being responsible' that are preventing true change from coming in. I would personally recommend our Angel Healing Reading to rectify this and to help you to access the next level of energy which once caught hold of brings forward a positive momentum in all areas. Your final message is one of hope and they are saying we are here we love you and we walk with you now is the time to accept responsibility for creating your reality and it starts with intent to move UP not just on but UP ask us to give you healing as you sleep and this we will do.

~Blessings Archangel Raziel and Sheelagh

Which Angels are with me ? and when will they help me ? Love you all..Thanks
~Janet, Alberta Canada

Dearest Janet,
Well you have 2 Guardian Angels one guide and you have Archangel Chamuel the angel of love – in your case self love. He says ‘we really help those who are ready to help themselves' he says you've been doing a lot of waiting he says what about creating instead of waiting. He says that for you you want evidence that its going to change before you change anything and he says this is like putting the cart before the horse. I am shown that you need to let go and allow your self to have fun.

This is a choice that you may think you just ‘cant' make but im also shown that its the way you give permission for the angels to come in and help you he also says carry a rose quartz the angels can use rose quartz to help you connect with their energies in a stronger way. he also suggests some healing on your energies and a reiki practitioner would be a great option.

You have many wonderful outcomes ahead of you but they wish you to create the energy to allow the blockages to life, be playful be all that you are be all that you Wish you were and more much more will come. Blessings chamuel and Sheelagh

The last two years I have been getting ill through stress and anxiety. Had some family and work problems. I seem to be under attack.Do the angels see a way out of this for me? I'm in such a deep dark hole and sometimes it's overwhelming.

~Maria, London

Dearest Maria it is archangel Raphael here with you. he says he understands it feels unfair and like a mountain you just can't climb out of he says however the only way out is to take one step just one step just one tiny step but it must come from you. In predictive terms its important to understand that we can only predict from the energy flowing at this moment so if you change the energy the prediction changes too. I'm shown a lack of self love a lack of gentleness towards your self and also a lack of belief that things ever could be different.

The dilemma you have here is that the Universe is always answering our call the Universe is always responding to our tone so if we are tired and down sad and lonely and keep focusing on this even if it is justified in every way, its the only energy that is able to flow in. Raphael says you do need some motivation you do need to have people around you that are prepared to help motivate you – however Im shown if you don't accept their help and support or open to them then it can't be successful .

There is a desire here for someone to do it for you as if you have run out of steam and enough s enough, again understandable and we have much empathy for you however it won't cant isn't going to change anything. Raphael says you need to take some steps towards allowing healing in, towards the Universe and the angels being able to bring you people that wish to work with you for your highest good. Reiki, someone to talk too, sitting in the sunshine, looking at your blessings, (a challenge but this is where it begins) will begin to get the process going.

Having a clearing would help but it would not cure, you do have lots of old energy in your aura and your chakras that yoga or tai chi would remove, if you struggle to even do this then you must be gentle ask for guidance and ask for the energy to be given to you to see the whole picture and how you can benefit from increasing your flow. Your vibration is what the universe hears, food, alcohol meditation lower grade company or struggling people will all lower your vibration making it harder to climb up the ladder.

Fresh flowers, sunshine, meditating playing with angel cards listening to beautiful music giving back to others in need will all raise your vibration. One step he says is all it takes they are supporting you and encouraging you and they are there but they can't do it For you.
So what will it be? We are sending you prayers of love and healing and gentle encouragement.

~With love Sheelagh and Archangel Rapahel

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Cami says August 21, 2014

Hi, I am so glad to have found this site. I have also been struggling with a situation very similar to Normas(above)except I believe I am in love with someone else, who I can’t have being married. I know I love my husband but I’m not in love with him, yet I don’t have it in me to leave him but yet I am so drawn to this other person I feel like he is my soulmate. Can the angels please help me? I am sad and feel like my life is incomplete without this love. Thank you.

Linzi says August 19, 2014

I do hope the angels will help. My relationship of 7 years is confusing me. I, m shown no physical or words of love of kindness. I have become alien to what is normal and don, t know what to do. I can, t find the strenght to get out esp knowing everything ive ever worked for financially will be gone. I have lost all belief in love and that anyone could ever love or care for me. I feel that I am at the beck and call all the time of others.. I feel like ending it all but its thought of it not working that stops me.
what do the angels say ? If there is any for me.

Cathy Gudenrath says August 17, 2014

I am still searching for my forever job as well as my life purpose. The place where I am doing temporary work has an opening in another department. It would be non stop phone work all day with mandatory overtime 2-3 Saturdays a month. Is this the path I should be taking? Will this type of work lead to my life purpose? Thank you?

Susan says August 17, 2014

After this rocky seperation I’m trying to figure out why I am not moving forward In finding a soulmate any guidance

sylvia says August 17, 2014

Hi I am starting to Volunteer at the hospital to get out and meet new people … since my husband passed … Will I do okay at Volunteering? In Light and Love Thank you… I am short on self confidence…

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