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Ask the Angels Column

ask the angelsThis Week's Ask the Angels Column With Sheelagh and Archangel Haniel

Hello  I  am mother of two kids. I would'nt find some happiness en new love for my kids and me, a lover who apriciatte us? Thanks.

Dearest Iris, Haniel is the angel assisting you (and everyone) today she is asking you to look around your life.  Haniel is the angel of the moon and she is the angel who assists us in bringing up our best qualities to help us in our life to help us manifest magic in our life but also to release those fears and beliefs that keep us where we are.  She says that in your life you do have things that you can choose to be happy about.  She says that your health is good and she says that you have a secure home and a feeling of routine within your family.

She says that your focus is not upon the best of what you have and only on those things that feel as though they aret not coming to you she says with love and understanding for how you feel at the moment that this is Why the lover and the greater abundance and joy that you seek is not able to ‘flow in'  She reassures you that you Can have ALL of these things that there is no huge length of time that you have to wait – Haniel asks you why you feel that its never going to happen?

live chatShe says you are a beautiful soul who deserves to be loved and your children are also very special people with limitless potential to experience wonderful love filled lives. She says the root cause of not experiencing what we wish to is not seeing the blessings we already have or deciding that they are not ‘special enough' and that only ‘more' will do.

Right now it is time to understand the Law Of Attraction works perfectly at every level, that what we feel we need or what we feel we Must have or what we feel is missing is the Only thing that can come in to us much more of this – she says if you can start to feel less thwarted or mistreated by life and decide that you Will do what it takes to allow the universe to respond to you differently then THEN you WILL meet a kind man who loves you and accepts your kids for the individuals that they are.  She says that within a year this can all change but the predicting of it wont make it happen but the allowing of it will Has to.  She says that you would benefit from cleansing your aura and chakras (taking sea salt baths with lavender Really helps with this) and also asking Michael to cleanse your home from lower toxins and energies daily as this energy of frustration is all around your home and felt by your children too.

This all lends itself to more of the same -disappointment and a feeling of being ignored by the angels.  Haniel wants you to go outside and look at the sky marvel at how beautiful the world is how kind people can be, how lucky you are in so many ways, make laughter or at least not feeling hard done by the flavour of your day your week your month she says by taking everything so personally the truest soul mate can not come in and she warns that there Is someone who may come in that is not as good for you as he may seem. So right now do the inner work take responsibility for creating a happy haven a sanctuary for you and your children to relax in and show them how to count their many blessings.

Understand that working from the inside out is going to help bring not only the soul mate in but abundance as well. new work is highlighted around you but you are being urged to ‘give something back' because it feels good and it also helps the Universe to see that you are happy when you are needed and want to help others.  Voluntary work of some kind in your community would be a wonderful way of giving positive energy whilst knowing this can only flow back to you in many good ways.  Putting bluntly you can find the right man for you and your family when you become ‘right' for your self in thought word and deed. It really is most simple and she says that this adventure can be one of good times laughter and enjoyment the rest she says is just a matter of time  Happiness comes when it is chosen right here and hearts open and let abundance come also.

Blessings Haniel and Sheelagh

Hello I recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years. we have a deep rooted history and its been difficult. I haven't worked for the last two years as my ex made enough money that I didn't need to so I took care of the kids and house and the litigation with my kids father.I have been in the court system for 8 years with him and I believe that the stress from everything broke down the current relationship. not sure what direction I am to go in some assistance would be appreciated
~Robyn, Edmonton Canada

Dearest Robyn thank you for your question.  Haniel says it is understandable you need advice after all the toing and froing you have been through and she applauds your determination to make a new life for yourself.  She tells me that you have stepped away from your power for some time and this is part of the reason why you are now struggling to take the reigns of your life.  She says whilst it is good that you were provided for it is not the right lesson for any of us to always be provided for when it can lend us to feeling unable  to manifest what we need or want for ourselves.

She says that you designed these circumstances so that although challenging at first you would have to make the decision to connect with your ability to manifest money to live in comfort through your own skill set.  She says the time has come for you to own your life rather than be swept along by it.  She says that the agreement you made prior to life to be provided for was so that you would learn how important it is to know that we are the creators of our own reality. Even if that lesson seems a little harsh (remember we were in europhia when we set it for ourselves) it is still valid, and even though there are many reasons why you should not have to be accountable for your existence there comes a time when we are all asked to step up to the mark dig deep and become independent so that we experience the joy of self confidence and the knowledge that we Do have what it takes on our own.  Then when we are in jubilation in this experience the time can come for someone to join us to make the journey a little less solitary.  You have done this the opposite way round and Haniel suggests it is now time for you to accept your role as creator of your experience.

psychic readingShe says the father of the children is of a much lower and denser vibration than you but he too was part of the agreements that you made, to test your determination and to encourage you not to capitulate.  You Do have what it takes however it cannot be handed to you on a plate any longer – that path does not equip you with the desire to manifest more accurately and more joyfully and also to set an example to your children that this is what they can do for themselves too.  I'm shown a possible relocation around you giving you a sense of  fresh start, in reality the fresh start needs to come from within.  Connecting with accountability means moving away from being or feeling a victim and embracing the role of survivor getting excited at the prospect of what you can create will also help more of the same energy of opportunity flow in.

It seems that this man is not going away completely and the legal system is cranking away in the back ground however your life can and should be lived fully even though there is some time elapsing before you feel content and able to celebrate.  Im shown that upping your vibration is the most crucial ingredient here so that you can move away from frustration that its not being done for you any more and you can start to get to grips with how possible it is for you to create a life beyond anything you can even visage at this point.

Diet is important so eating foods fresh from the ground such as root vegetables and fruit, I'm shown lots of water and fresh air are also important as is getting a good nights sleep lavender oil in your bath or on your pillow will calm you.  I'm shown that you feel resentful that you are in this position and Haniel says that no of course you do not deserve it nobody does she says, however this resentment will only restrict your path further and bring more evidence you don't want your way.

Blessings Haniel and Sheelagh

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Luz says July 6, 2014

Im in the middle of chemo therapy for a breast cancer. How angels say im going to be after this?

Shoneen says July 6, 2014

Hello loved ones!

I am a single mother and I am going through many changes and I am confused who I can trust to assist my son and I on our journey or where I should go to follow my sons best interest as well as my own dreams and pursuits of success. I have talked to my angels quite often but sometimes when you ask about yourself it’s hard to neutralize. Thanks for all your support and love!

Gina says July 6, 2014

I need to know if my life is going to get better , will I get back only feet ?i have a son with autism will I get a job for him so he will be ok
And will Fernando start to goid to me , last thing my baby pearl my English bulldog is in haven is she ok , tell her I love her , that wasy best buddy thank you gina

Jennifer Soran says July 6, 2014

Why is my sister so against me and my brother?

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